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Eyewitness Reports from The Finale

The Thunder Rolled on Caligos Isle as the Stormlord raised his fury against the usurper, the ancient spirit from the ocean deep, the Deceiver Ghezresh, Manipulator of mortal’s fate. Scattered groups stepped forward to oppose the eel, or not, on Saturday night at the Ebon Gate Finale for the year in this epic confrontation. The excerpts that follow are the reports made to the TownCrier from the different groups.
Note: These events show what happened in Prime only. This does not account for Plat.

The Ocean Parted

Jaysehn and Ineum reported that Matron Omiko parted the waters of the ocean. She led a small group, using Charl-blessed species, to banish the influence of the Eel from underwater standing stones. Ghezresh sent minions to attack the group, but the eels were soundly defeated. The group was hopeful that it resulted in a weakening of the Imposter’s hold upon the Isle.

The Fate of the Infiltrator

Neopuron’s adventure from Saturday night on Caligos was a most interesting one. He infiltrated the Ghezresh group as a follow of Charl, but was finally expelled quickly when he was discovered by a demon in a bottle. He said, “I was almost close enough to thwart them!”

The Reach of the Sea of Fire

An anonymous source close to the Luukos group explained how the priestess accepted the thousands upon thousands of offerings to Luukos. The coils of the eel were weakened and many of his would-be thralls are in their rightful place. “The Sea of Fire neither forgives nor forgets,” was the closing line on that report.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance for Victims of Ghezresh

Leafiara informed us that the group with Veidae, the Gosaena cleric, established a beacon in a secret Gosaena shrine in the Wyrdeep Forest so lost souls would know they could go there to escape Ghezresh’s influence.

Ezreshi Asks it All on Behalf of Ghezresh

Meanwhile, the Ezreshi brought her followers to cleanse the pools of festival litter, where one by one they offered their all to strengthen Ghezresh.

Warden's Efforts at Breaking the Curses

Warden Shaemire’s group entered the wilds of Caligos and cleansed diseased plants and animals, and blessed boulders that were used to block infected air from entering the area. Elysia added that when it was over, the Warden gifted each one who assisted a feather from his eagle companion.

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