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Use Ranged, Arrows,
Shields, Staves
Bonus +6
ST/DU +5/+20
Rarity Uncommon
Primary Color Unknown

There exist certain groups of trees that have always been revered. Superstitions surround them, that their branches, for example, should never be lopped or pruned. The carmiln is such a tree, almost always found in groups, or groves, and usually situated near a spring. Carmiln is a hard-wooded tree, with oblong leaves bearing deeply incised edges, and bunches of finely scented white flowers in spring. Because of its density and durability it is considered to be a fine wood for a variety of uses. However, the myths of bad luck following indiscriminate cutting of it often accounts for a variation on the cost of the milled lumber. Those limbs harvested within the stricture of the ancient laws governing what time of day, month and season it is done are usually more difficult to find as well as preferred for use, especially in the creation of magical items