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War Cry Rank
CRY 50

War Cries are the skill of projecting a Warrior's voice to rally his party or cow his enemies. War Cries are one of the six skills that can be studied at the Warrior Guild.

Using War Cries

War cries are activated using WARCRY. Abilities that prevent speaking and spell-casting, such as Silence, Cutthroat, and Throatchop also affect war cries. War cries fall into two categories: offensive war cries that inflict negative effects on a foe, and supporting war cries that strengthen the warrior and his party. The Griffin's Voice Martial Stance gives the user more endurance and versatility in their war cries.

Performing a war cry takes 3 seconds of roundtime if the cry is performed successfully (regardless of whether it has any effect) and 5 seconds if the cry is performed incorrectly.

Offensive War Cries

An offensive war cry takes two skill rolls: the first decides if the warrior performed the cry successfully, and the second determines how strongly the cry affects the target (if at all). Offensive war cries inflict status effects, not damage. They do not affect the undead unless the warrior is in the Griffin's Voice stance and has trained that stance to the second or third rank.

Single Target

Offensive war cries can be used on a single target via WARCRY [cry] [target]. Creatures or players can be targeted, but bear in mind your guild oath before using them on player characters (or friendly NPCs).

Open Crying

Offensive war cries can also be directed at all creatures in the room (player-friendly) with WARCRY [cry] ALL. This will affect hiding creatures, for better and for worse. Open war cries are more stressful on a warrior's vocal cords than single-target cries.


If invoked without a target (WARCRY [cry]), the warrior will demonstrate the war cry, but no targets will be affected. This style is expected when training offensive war cries with another warrior (skilled master or player character).

Supporting War Cries

All supporting war cries are invoked without a target (WARCRY [cry]), and most require a group to have any effect. Only the final cry, Horland's Holler, will have an effect for a solo warrior. Supporting war cries require a hidden skill roll to ensure the cry is preformed successfully. Like offensive war cries, the group-only supporting war cries can be used without a group, but will have no effect. The duration for these war cries appears to be:

2 × (War Cry Ranks + Level / 4) seconds

Vocal Cord Stress

Unlike most skills learned at the Warrior Guild, war cries do not use the warrior's Stamina as a power source. Instead, the war cries take a toll on the warrior's vocal cords. The later a war cry is learned, the more stress it places on the vocal cords. If a warrior uses war cries too often, her vocal cords will be strained, and she will be unable to use the skill for a few minutes. Assuming the Griffin's Voice stance decreases the strain on the warrior's vocal chords by a factor of 2 or 3.

Over time, the vocal cords slowly recover; this process can be accelerated using items from special merchants, such as the throat balm available at the Adventurer's Guild. At any time, a warrior can check the level of stress on her vocal cords with WARCRY.

War Cries

Bertrandt's Bellow

Bertrandt's Bellow is the first war cry a warrior learns. It is an offensive war cry that must be targeted at a foe. A successful use of bellow puts the target in up to 20 seconds of roundtime.

Bertrant's Bellow is learned at Rank 1, and becomes the cry used for field reps at Rank 10.

Yertie's Yowlp

Yertie's Yowlp is a supporting war cry. Yowlp bolsters the warrior's party's defense against offensive war cries and similar attacks, such as a griffin's screech or a bear's roar.

Yertie's Yowlp is learned at Rank 20.
In the past, Yertie's Yowlp boosted a party's AS by 5, but its under-use lead to a redesign.

Gerrelle's Growl

Gerrelle's Growl is an offensive war cry that enrages a target. Foes affected by growl are forced into offensive stance similar to Frenzy (216).

Gerrelle's Growl is learned at Rank 30 and becomes the cry used for field reps at Rank 35.

Seanette's Shout

Seanette's Shout is a supporting war cry that invigorates the warrior's party and encourages them to strengthen their efforts. All party members get a bonus of 15 to all AS attacks.

For many group hunters, Seanette's Shout is the preferred war cry, balancing moderate vocal stress, moderate difficulty, and a significant AS boost.

Seanette's Shout is learned at Rank 40.

Carn's Cry

The final offensive war cry, Carn's Cry attempts to terrify a creature into inaction. Mechanically, Carn's Cry tries to immobilize the foe, and like much like Empathy (1108), it has multiple outcomes depending on the level of success. A mild success will cause the target to flee to another room and suffer a short period of immobilization, while a large success causes the enemy to become immobilized in place for a longer duration. Unlike Empathy, Carn's Cry cannot earn a "kill" by causing a target to drop its treasure and permanently flee the area.

A successful open Cry will knock hidden creatures out of hiding. Many creatures that do not stun are vulnerable to Carn's Cry, making it occasionally useful to set up a Coup de Grace.

>warcry cry all
You let loose an eerie, modulating cry! 
A bandit is forced from hiding!
A bandit looks at you in utter terror! 
The bandit convulses with terrified shivers!

Roundtime: 3 sec.
Carn's Cry is learned at Rank 50, becomes the cry used for field reps at Rank 55, and remains that way for the duration of the warrior's study of War Cries.

Horland's Holler

Horland's Holler is a supporting war cry, and the final of six war cries learned. It instills a heroic fervor in the warrior and his party (if any), boosting their attack strength by 20. Holler is the only supporting war cry that will affect a groupless warrior. Even for a master, however, it can be a difficult war cry to perform successfully.

Horland's Holler is learned at Rank 60.

Tasks Assigned

All tasks are assigned from Rank 1 except for critter tasks. It is recommended that a warrior learn and use at least the first rank of Griffin's Voice when working on the skill, especially for critter reps.


Ask a fellow warrior to teach you. The teacher must either have more ranks than the student, or have an equal number of ranks but be a higher level. To teach someone type WARCRY TEACH <person>

This task is worth 12 points.

Skilled Masters

Ask a skilled master to teach you.

This task is worth 8? points.


Use the most recent War Cry against a challenging critter. Starts at rank 10, and the cry used changes 5 ranks after learning a new offensive cry. A critter task with Carn's Cry can be one of the more annoying guild tasks.

This task is worth 15 points.


Rake leaves

Simply proceed to the tool rack, retrieve a rake and bag, and return to the yard. In areas with scattered leaves, PULL RAKE to gather the leaves into a pile and then GET PILE to gather the leaves into your bag. When the bag is full, return to the tool rack and EMPTY BAG IN BIN to complete the rep.
This task is worth 5 points.

Polish armor

Proceed to the tool rack, retrieve an oiled rag, and find the suits of armor scattered throughout the guild hall and RUB ARMOR to polish them. Return the rag when you are finished. Each suit of armor can only be polished once every 10 minutes.
This task is worth 5 points.

Prune shrubs

Again, go to the tool rack and retrieve pruning shears. Then, at each bush, hedge, or shrub, PRUNE it. Return the shears to the rack when finished. Each shrub can only be pruned once every 10 minutes.
This task is worth 5 points.

Scrub floors

Go to the tool rack and retrieve a scrub brush, then on your hands and knees, CLEAN the floor of inside rooms. Like polishing armor and pruning scrubs, one cannot repeatedly scrub the same floor for reps.
This task is worth 5 points.

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