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2018 Inventory

a diminutive black willow wagon, Lich #XXXXX, go wagon

[Alluring Accessories, Showroom]
Thick swathes of obsidian velvet enclose the walls of the small shop, the fabric held aloft by hooks carved from pale jade and onyx. A lace-covered dark faenor rack lays against the furthest wall, the container flanked by a pair of alabaster statues caught in dance-like poses.
Obvious exits: out
My shop provides only quality stockings crafted for your fashion-forward events.
I will be visiting to unlock and alter these fine pieces throughout the carnival, although I have granted permission for others to do so as well.


The ombre silk stockings can be altered with a long description OR a show description.  Please keep in mind that these are meant to be knee-high stockings with some sort of bow or adornment along the edge!

These are currently off-the-shelf and support the verbs WEAR, REMOVE, PULL, and PINCH.

On the lace-covered dark faenor rack you see:

some ombre silk stockings covered with a scatter of silver beads layerable 15000
some quilted wine-dark wool stockings layerable 15000
some cobalt cotton stockings dotted in vibrant red layerable 15000
some bronze silk stockings with a border of peacock feathers layerable 15000
some iridescent snowflake lace stockings layerable 15000
some pale silk stockings painted with vibrant flora layerable 15000
some jet silk stockings caught with velvety black bows layerable 15000
some pastel-dyed wool stockings with alabaster beading layerable 15000
some navy wool stockings caught with bow-tied ruffles layerable 15000
some layered emerald lace stockings cross-strapped in leather layerable 15000
some cable-knit saffron paeline stockings layerable 15000
some garnet silk stockings with jet-beaded lace appliques layerable 15000
some ivory cotton stockings striped in dark ecru layerable 15000
some onyx paeline stockings trimmed in eyelet lace layerable 15000
some opaque pale grey wool stockings layerable 15000