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2018 Inventory

a striped plum silk tent, Lich #XXXXX, go tent

[It's All Fun and Games]
Spacious and meticulously clean, the tent is filled with stacks upon stacks of wooden crates filled with straw and various items for entertainment. Displayed prominently in the middle of the tent is a spindly wooden display table and a stack of wooden crates with items for sale. A light breeze filters in through a tent flap leading out.
Obvious exits: a tent flap
You will find all manner of fun items in this shop!  Just try them out and see!
The bladders need to be filled with water and can be thrown!  What fun!!
The balls in the crate are able to be juggled to entertain your friends!
The cup and ball on the table is a fun game and the other items tell your fortune!

On the spindly wooden display table you see:

an opaque glass orb 10000
a dulled obsidian ball on a small wooden base 10000
a milky white crystal sphere 15000
a varnished ebonwood cup and ball 15000

In the stack of wooden crates you see:

a glossy red and black ball 5000
a small green and white striped ball 5000
a vivid purple ball painted with a yellow daisy 5000
an empty black rolton bladder 5000
an empty red rolton bladder 5000