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2018 Inventory

a small maroon tent, Lich #XXXXX, go tent

[It's Just a Formality]
A single, polished teak pole driven straight into the ground supports a thick, stretched canvas tent that encloses this small space. Candles of assorted colors occupy spherical lanterns hanging from strategically placed hooks, their wavering lights casting a pale yellow luminescence upon the goods for sale. Footprints on the ground mark a faint path between the corners of the temporary establishment and the exit.
Obvious exits: out

In the glass display case you see:

a crisp deep red bowtie neck-worn 5000
a gleaming silver crown studded with large opals Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
an ebon velvet choker adorned with an onyx-lacquered wooden flower neck-worn 15000

On the flimsy stand you see:

a bright lavender-hued carnation boutonniere pin-worn 20000
a soft white moonflower corsage trailing green and yellow ribbons wrist-worn 20000
a diminutive striped pin pin-worn 20000
a tiny multicolored pin pin-worn 20000

In the average-sized maoral wardrobe you see:

a stiff formal coat sporting sanded villswood toggles Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
several items
a low-set jade-hued satin shoulder wrap cloak-worn 5000
a side-laced white leather cincher waist-worn 5000
a plush maroon velvet robe Pocketed: Somewhat small (12-15)
any number of items
chest-worn 10000