Carnival of Freaks

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Carnival of Freaks - September 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2018

The Freaks
Ziito the Knife Thrower
Grolf the Dog Man
Nimudi the Blind Seer
Ymantha the Lizard Lady
Holtum the Strong Man
Phestor the Leper
Sprague the Human Skeleton
Perdu the Invisible Woman
Moirralynn & Kyrralynn, the Two-headed Woman
Matriarch Upai

The Shops
Knife Meeting You
The Hair of the Dog
Sight Unseen
Tooth and Scale
Spirit Servants
Feets of Strength
Phestor's Phishery
Skinny Sipping
Positively Fletching
All Leathered Up
Weighted Scales

Please note, shops are subject to change.

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