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Carnival of Freaks - September 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2018

The Freaks
Ziito the Knife Thrower
Grolf the Dog Man
Nimudi the Blind Seer
Ymantha the Lizard Lady
Holtum the Strong Man
Phestor the Leper
Sprague the Human Skeleton
Perdu the Invisible Woman
Moirralynn & Kyrralynn, the Two-headed Woman
Matriarch Upai

The Shops
Knife Meeting You
The Hair of the Dog
Sight Unseen
Tooth and Scale
Spirit Servants
Feets of Strength
Phestor's Phishery
Skinny Sipping
Positively Fletching
All Leathered Up
Weighted Scales

Please note, shops are subject to change.

Read about the storyline.

Shop listing


Posted by GM Netz
With the curtain drawn on the Carnival of Freaks event I'd like to give credit where credit is due. 

The Carnival of Freaks has been brought to you by the 2018 GM class, a super talented and motivated group of people: Qortaz, Serannyse, Lanadriel, Haxus, Quilic, Sotsona, Nizhoni, Naiken, Annanasi, Avaluka, Tivvy, Wraex, and myself.

But we did not do it all alone! We had the support of our very helpful and patient veteran staff members behind us. The event would not have been possible without:

Event QC: Xayle, Flannihan, Isten, Mariath, Avaluka
Support: Isten, Kaikala, Kenstrom, Naionna, Wyrom, Coase, Mestys, Thandiwe

We could not have pulled this off without them!

To conclude I'd like to give credit to the players who participated over the weekend. You all helped point out things that needed to be fixed, kept us on our RP toes, played along with our crazy ideas, and didn't give us too many curve balls at our alteration sessions. ;) You, the players, made it all worth the effort!

Thank you all for all the kind posts and making it a fun weekend!

GMA Netz
Events Team
Congress of Ghosts 5118


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