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This category contains articles about festivals, which, for clarity's sake, are free multi-day events run by GameMasters. For events requiring additional payment over a subscription, see Pay Events.

Service Restrictions

Services offered at free festivals are not intended to upgrade an item to uber status. Those are reserved for pay events. Services offered will often have restrictions such as refusing to work on items past a maximum enchant level, having flares, or if the item has a functional script. The variety of properties possible on any item makes it difficult to automatically discount any specific item with concrete written rules, and different services will have different restrictions on items. Generally speaking, if an item has been created or improved at a high-end pay event such as Cessation of Coraesine Field, or at the high end scrip shop of Duskruin Arena, the chances of improving it further at a free event are pretty low.

The following guidelines were provided by GM Mazreth for adding the Voln armor script at Festival of the Fallen 2017:

  • Anything with padding must be in hand for an accurate quote.
Enchant Abilities Allowed
8x none Y
8x common flares N
7x common flares Y
7x uncommon flares N
6x uncommon flares Y