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An Allergy to Rose-Marrow: A River's Rest Tale

Vespienne was sent from Fairport at the request of the River's Rest Empath Guild to solve a problem. The old elf who ran the herbalist shop categorically refused to sell any healing herbs or potions for minor head injuries, claiming they all had trace amounts of rose-marrow in them and he was allergic. For years, the guild let this lie, but finally, they decided it was time to insist. Hearing of an alchemy master's skill with potent potables with purpose, they reached out to the Fairport guild and requested her presence.

At the mandatory encouragement of her guild masters, Vespienne boarded a boat and sailed to River's Rest. On board, she met the Lady Kynsella, who introduced her to the townsfolk before heading off to New Ta'Faendryl for the Palestra Trials. Vespienne solicited numerous ideas from the adventurers, and she took those back to her alchemy lab to try them out. Her first several attempts resulted in a variety of mishaps, and her fellow guild members refused to be her test subjects any longer.

River's Rest being as it is, the adventurers were more than happy to allow her to hit them on the head with her pestle and then drink her concoctions. It took several days and multiple attempts, including some inadvertent poisonings, but at long last, Vespienne was able to find the pefect combination of ingredients.

A local cleric, Conlin, suggested hints of waters from Aeia's garden, and others suggested her skills with winterberry may not be on par with the masters about the town. With this in mind, she had local brewmasters create a new winterberry brew, and as a final step, she added in trace amounts of the holy water.

Prior to sampling, an invocation and offering was made to Aeia by Missoni. While it may have been a trick of the light, it appears the offering was accepted, and indeed, when the final keg was carried in, the brew possessed not only a fine taste, but the healing properties akin to rose-marrow potion. The final hurdle was easily conquered when the adventurers and Vespienne brought the fine-tasting potion to the old elf. He ordered more on the spot and promised to stock it forthwith.

Vespienne stated she would be staying around for awhile and has hinted that perhaps her other brews may be de-poisoned (or in one case, de-bee'd) and sold some day.

OOC Note:
Many thanks to everyone who supported my very mini-"storyline" to introduce a level 1 head injury potion to the RR herbalist shop. I wanted to give you something to a) explain why you didn't have it, and b) justify why it was being put in now, in an IC fashion, and I wanted to make it a RR-special sort of item. As such, this is a healing potion, but it is also an ale, with food taste messaging and some kick to it.

While the mini-storyline only happened in Prime, the updates are in all instances.


  • The room text has been updated slightly
  • The elf is now an NPC with lazies and some ASKs
  • The winterberry brew is now stocked under ORDER
  • The room where the herbalist is now has a special RR feature -- you may, very rarely, find yourself tripping as you go down the trail and hitting your head on the sign.

Run by: GM Xynwen Dates: 11 September 2022 - 18 September 2022

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