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Origami System Overview

ORIGAMI is a new verb that will tell you all about the new origami system. You will need to unlock the skill with an origami master, currently found in The Folded Lotus at Rumor Woods. At that point, you will be unskilled in origami. You can purchase patterns from the same master, and practice!

At first, your designs may not be as recognizable as you desire, but as you get some practice under your vatanura, you'll be able to visit the master and become more skilled.

Origami Skill Levels

There are multiple skill levels, and each one will require some practice with origami before the origami master will let you move up.

Skill Level Information

Skill Level # Skill Level Name Skill Cost Pattern Cost Total # of Folds Required
Raikhen/Soul Shards Bloodscrip/Raikhen/Soul Shards
1 Unskilled 2,000 20 0
2 Basic 100 30 50
3 Proficient 150 40 150
4 Advanced 200 50 350
5 Skilled 250 60 850
6 Adept 300 100 2,850
7 Expert 350 120 5,850
8 Artist 400 150 11,000

Origami Patterns

There will be several patterns for each skill level. While most are purchased, there may be other ways to obtain patterns, too.

Origami Items

Xynwen's General Guide to Origami

Written 2022-06-23
Please feel free to update or create better guides on a sub-page and link here as you learn more about it.

  1. Visit the origami master NPC in The Folded Lotus at Rumor Woods
  2. ASK MASTER ABOUT LEARN to unlock the origami skill
    • Note: You can purchase instructions for patterns and skill unlocks as physical items to be used later, so you can use them after the event (or so you can gift them to people). However, you must personally unlock the skill with the RW master.
    • While paper and different patterns may be available outside of Rumor Woods, training in the skill is currently limited to Rumor Woods & Ebon Gate
  3. ASK MASTER ABOUT PATTERN to get the syntax for the various ways to display patterns for sale by that NPC
  4. Buy at least 1 pattern at the unskilled level from the master
  5. Buy some paper in the store and PLUCK one sheet off to use
  6. Type ORIGAMI by itself for info on the verb
  7. ORIGAMI FOLD {PATTERN MNEMONIC} will fold your sheet of paper
    • Example: ORIGAMI FOLD MOUSE will fold your paper into an origami mouse
  8. ORIGAMI UNFOLD will unfold the origami object in your hand and revert it back to paper so you can fold again
    • Remember: each sheet of origami paper can be folded and unfolded 5 times before it is unusable for origami
  9. When ready to train, visit the master again and ASK MASTER ABOUT ADVANCE
    • Make sure you have at least one pattern for that skill level so your folding counts toward training up

Other Notes:

  • If you go too fast, you may get some paper cuts
  • After awhile, you may get tired if you try to do too many in a day
  • If you want your paper to be "zestier" so you can do more fluff verb actions with it, you can get an origami kit and unlock it


  • Elysani: ideas, patterns, messaging, and overall awesomeness
  • Haliste: all the hard coding credit goes to Haliste and her amazing skills! In addition, she feature creeped the system a lot to make it even better than originally planned.
  • Xynwen: original system layout and concept, patterns, ideas, and minor coding (paper and kit)!


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