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This is super rough - work in progress

The First Ring Found!

2/4/03 by GS3-MIGNON

The first of the Platinum rings has been found. Now what?


"Now what?" indeed.

The Second Ring Found!


Parisia brought to our attention a message posted on the boards by Shonison tonight. Apparently another ring was found in Icemule tonight. The person who found it was being chased by hordes of rotting corpses and nightmare steeds... it seems it is not of interest only to the Ithzir. More than that isn't known.

Third Platinum Ring Found Near Ta'Vaalor

posted by Quinstol on 2/12/03 @ 6:47 AM

Last night Quynar posted a message on the forums about an invasion of rotting corpses and shadow steeds (among other things) in the Lunule Weald near Ta'Vaalor.

There was apparently a talkative ogre looking for a box, and Quynar says his friend found an antique brass chest. Once he picked it up, the creatures started attacking. Quynar's friend lost the chest in the attack and rumor has it someone else was able to make off with it, but who has the chest is either not mentioned or not known. All of this more or less follows the same pattern of the two platinum rings that have been discovered thus far.


Mahegh Reveals Some Background for the Platinum Rings Quest posted by Quinstol on 2/13/03 @ 6:21 AM

Today Mahegh posted a message on the boards telling some of the background behind the currently running Platinum Rings Quest.

It turns out that the story is a bit of an alteration on an old COL vs. Phoenix quest called "the onyx rings" started back in 1994.


Shetal Writes · on 3/11/2003 1:28:14 PM 219

Another note from Shetal:

My fellow adventurers, a great setback has occured this past evening. I was tracking the fifth ring and found myself in a tower where a stone mastiff had come in possession of the chest. The Ithzir tracked him there and while he was fleeing, an adventurer arrived, killing the mastiff, but allowing the chest to remain. The Ithzir acolytes arrived, they searched the tower from top to bottom, recovering the chest, then making a hasty retreat, with the protection from a small group of Ithzir adepts.

Alas, the ring is now in the hands of the Ithzir. The current ring holders be forwarned. The Ithzir have one ring, they will come for the others. Take all procautions and may the light guide you.


Fourth Ring Found!


Karamilla Gravenlord reported, stating that she had found a ring in the dark shrine in the Broken Lands where she was fighting lesser vruul. She says that when she first discovered the ring, it was crafted of urnon, but that last night the chest the ring is stored in bounced and shook, and when she looked at the ring again, it was made of drakar. She made her way to the Voln courtyard to warn people, but was swarmed by undead, so she fled.

Ithzir Wolves


Greetings Adventurers,

I have come with some news of the Ithzir. It appears that they have indeed a very good idea where the next ring is. I have been tracking them with earnest, however, I have lost their trail.

Be warned. They will be using their wolves to search caverns, caves, valleys, hills, as well as flatlands. When their wolves think they find something, the others come. If you see the wolves, try to follow them. Try to see where they are searching. The wolves are the key to their failure.

As always, the first three ring holders must be protected at all costs. The first three rings are the key to our success. To find the rest of the rings will allow us to finish their evil and sinister plot against us, and the world at large.

Your Sentinel,


Ninth Ring Discovered, Ithzir attack Solhaven

Greetings from tha haven.

Fer those who missed tha fun in tha haven, tha Ithzir wolves attacked once agin. Although tha name of tha bearer of tha ninth ring is being kept silent in all possibilities, it is quiet obvious thha tha haven tis nae longer as safe as it used ta be. Defenders of tha haven are ta be praised fer their efforts and congratulated fer their victory. Tha ring remains safe and tha haveners will fight.

Also, a slight warnin ta anyone who happens to pass a ring or a has been discovered tha they ken pass through ALL sanctuaries and WIL ta retrieve tha ring. There were many mistakes in this retrieval. Better luck ta all tha bearers...especially those yet ta come.

Ise suppose it outta also be noted tha strange globs of muck be appearin all oer tha haven. Perhaps tha haven is sinkin?

Seaaira DelaPicksies Decendent of tha Ashrim

Shetel Explains

Shetal says, "I am Sentinal Shetal. I am the last of lorekeeper of the rings."

Kilthal raises an eyebrow in Shetal's direction.

Kilthal softly asks, "And what exactly are these rings?"

You slyly ask, "I would gather the other eleven rings belonged to your former associates?"
You peer quizzically at Shetal.

Shetal says, "If one day, they fall into the hands of someone who wishes evil, that would be a very bad thing."

You slyly say, "Since I notice a quite striking ring on your own finger."

Shetal says, "So I was awakend."
Shetal nods to you.

You slyly ask, "Wouldn't it be smart for those who wear rings that could create massive havoc to NOT go to sleep?"

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Shetal smiles.

Seablade starts chuckling at you!

Shetal says, "I was not wearing it in my slumber."

Shetal says, "Many years ago.."

You slyly say, "That's even more unsettling."

Shetal says, "three sorcerers created three very important rings."

Kilthal softly says, "Of course sorcerers would make items that would cause problems down the road."

Shetal says, "These rings were made from Platinum, Veil Iron and Krodera."

Shetal says, "Together, these three rings controlled the flows of essence in our world."

Shetal says, "Our very beings can be obliterated by the power of these three rings."

Shetal says, "eight brave adventurers banded together and created eight rings to fight this evil."

Shetal says, "It took the strength of the eight to defeat the sorcerers."

Shetal says, "Once these eight rings were created.."

Shetal says, "they defeated the sorcerers, then held the three rings in check."

You slyly say, "I heard rumors they are from Old Ta'Faendryl."

You glance at Shetal.
You slyly ask, "Is this true?"

Shetal nods to you.

Seablade glances at you.

Seablade glances at Shetal.

Seablade swears fluidly and vividly.

Shetal says, "They arrived here many years ago from a different plane of existance."

Shetal says, "They now occupy old ta'fendryl."

Shetal says, "Once they determined the power.."

Shetal glances at his ring as it begins to glow with impatience.
Shetal nods to his ring.

Shetal says, "Yes, I know. Some do not take this seriously."

Kilthal raises an eyebrow in Shetal's direction.

The urnon ring begins to glow.

Kilthal softly asks, "The ring speaks tae ye?"

Shetal says, "The ring speaks and is part of the wearer."

Seablade glances at Shetal.

Shetal says, "For centuries, these rings were kept safe."

Shetal says, "Out of the hands of anyone."

Shetal says, "Until the Ithzir found one."

Shetal says, "They followed Celast out and tried to recover it but were defeated."

Shetal says, "She held the first ring."

Shetal says, "I fear, tho, that she handed it to Prospera for safe keeping."

Shetal says, "In any event, the rings started appearing as the Ithzir searched the lands."

Shetal says, "One by one adventurers found these rings."

Shetal says, "Until such time that the Ithzir found and captured the Zorchar ring."

Kilthal frowns.
Kilthal softly asks, "That is a lesser ring?"

Shetal says, "They have one, but more importantly, that is a ring that was a holder, not one of the evil rings."

Shetal leans forward.
Shetal points the ring at Serescion.

You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

You slyly say, "Erm."

You slyly say, "I can't move."

Shetal says, "Perhaps you should just sit there like a nice chap and listen to the ring."
Shetal leans forward.

You slyly say, "When my home gets invaded, and crazy mystics come leaping in from nowhere, I get agitated."

Seablade glances at Shetal.

You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Shetal says, "The ring is important to all adventurers."

Shetal says, "To protect it at all costs."

Kilthal softly says, "Sometimes, one must listen before one can act."

Shetal exclaims, "You would not HAVE a town had the Ithzir recovered the three rings!"

You slyly say, "Alright.... I concede, I will be calm."

Anshef's jaw drops.

Shetal exclaims, "You do no tunderstand!"

Shetal exclaims, "This is important!"

Shetal exclaims, "It can mean your existance!"

Anshef nods to Shetal.

Seaaira fidgets.

You slyly exclaim, "My existence is what *I* make of it!"

Kilthal softly asks, "How was it the Ithzir learned about the rings?"

You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

Seaaira confidently asks, "Will they always search fer tha rings?"

The urnon ring begins to glow brightly, then... stops abruptly.

Shetal says, "They will begin to seek out the owners."

Shetal says, "They will seek you out."

Shetal says, "They will stop at nothing."

Kilthal softly says, "Perhaps the owners of the Three rings should just end the Ithzir then."

Kilthal nods to Shetal.

Shetal says, "You must not let the box out of your sight."

Shetal says, "You must not let anyone cast anything at the box."

Shetal says, "Do not destroy the box."

Shetal says, "The box is its keeper. Its blood, its life force."

You fold your arms over your chest.
You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.

Seablade softly asks, "How are most of us supposed to be able to protect her against the Izthir?"

Shetal smiles at Kilthal.

Shetal says, "If it were so simple."

Kilthal softly says, "The rings were obviously used once before."

Shetal says, "That is easy, Seablade."

Shetal says, "You run."

Seablade softly says, "most of us cannae even defend ourselves against them"

Kilthal softly asks, "Why nae use them again tae stop the Ithzir?"

You slyly ask, "And never stop?"

Shetal says, "To protect the rings at all costs."

Seablade softly says, "hmm I don tend to run very much, only to make a withdrawl to return to fight"

Shetal says, "Here are the names of the others who carry this burden."

Shetal says, "Prospera, Rhiver, Kardgar, Karamilla, Lionardo, myself and Silvermuse."

Shetal says, "Seek out one or all of them."

Anshef asks, "thought there was one more?"

Shetal says, "They will help you cope."

Kilthal softly says, "So nine rings have been found then."

Shetal says, "The Ithzir have captured one."

Kilthal softly says, "The original Three, and Six of the Lesser ring, one of which the Ithzir have."

Shetal says, "I doubt they will be of help."

Seablade softly says, "hmm"

Shetal chuckles.

Shetal says, "When the time is right.."

Seablade softly says, "There is no point in running ifn you will be running for the rest of yer life"

Shetal says, "We will attack their stronghold."

Shetal says, "Distract them long enough to grab the ring they hold."

Kilthal glances at Shetal.

Kilthal softly asks, "Old Ta'Faendryl?"

Shetal says, "At which point, we will control them all again."

Shetal smiles at Kilthal.

Shetal says, "That is not their stronghold."

Seablade softly asks, "Then where is it?"

Shetal says, "Its location will surprise you."

Kilthal softly asks, "Ye going tae go intae their own bloody plane of existance?"

Kilthal softly says, "That isnae exactly better than Old Ta'Faendryl."

Shetal says, "We will use the eight rings to once and for all, eliminate the three rings, just as our fathers before us did."

Shetal says, "No, it is here."
Shetal grins.

Kilthal raises an eyebrow in Shetal's direction.

Kilthal softly asks, "Ye said the Three Ring were eliminated before?"

Shetal says, "No, they were merely deactivated."

Shetal says, "We will take the power and destroy it."

Shetal says, "So never again will we have this problem."

You slyly say, "You are the last, you said."

Shetal says, "I am."

You slyly ask, "Will you guide the others to use their rings in the destruction of the Three?"

Shetal says, "I am the last lorekeeper."

Shetal nods to you.

Shetal says, "Of course."

You slyly ask, "And it requires no special knowledge, just the ring and your teaching?"

You peer quizzically at Shetal.

Shetal says, "However, I dont have time to teach them all about the rings. We dont have ten thousand years."

You blink.

You slyly say, "Wonderful. We're doomed."

Shetal smiles.

Seablade softly asks, "What will become of the eight if the three are destroyed?"

Shetal stands up.

Shetal says, "Good question. I wonder if we'll even be alive to tell what happens to them."

You scowl at Shetal.

Shetal rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Shetal says, "I will need to test this more."

Shetal glances at an urnon ring.

Seablade softly says, "You are not encouraging me much"

Shetal says, "You are not the ring holder."

Shetal says, "I do not need to encourage you."

Shetal smiles smugly.

Shetal bows.

Shetal suddenly fades out of sight.

You hear the voice of Shetal say, "Be careful."

Another Ring Found, Maybe?

I found a box · 5/11/2003 11:38:06 AM 413

I hab found a heaby platinum chest, wiff an ora ring inside. I dunno wot tew dew wiff it, an hab nae meet dis Shetal person yet. Any guidance be helpful. I will be head'n tew da isle earwy dis week... sew much gew'n on!

Tayvin (He has a mullet)

Actually, its really simple ta figure dis out. If Ithzir wolves kem after ya found it theres one possiblity...howe'er I think tha most have been found in stuff like ancient silver-trimmed chests, or stuff of tha sort...nuthin heaby ta mi knowledge.

Also, tha locks from wha I been told seem ta be extremely hard ta hard tha its hard ta find pickers able ta go up in tha range...I think most of dem are barely picked wit a buch of luck. Im jus glad tha so far dem thins aint had a trap on em ::shivers:: or at least ta mi knwoledge.

Simple solution: If ya ken get tha ring from tha box, its nae a platinum ring. Quite simple, we kent touch them...nae one ken ta mi knowledge...they be "too powerful" for us people ta handle, so tha gods forbid us touchin em.

Come tha think about it...itd be a bit cruel of tha gods ta put a hard trap on a box few people ken pick wit such delicate thins inside ::chuckles::

Der be er tests!


Remaining Rings

Re: Remaining Rings · on 5/20/2003 9:58:12 PM 422

6. How many rings have been recovered?/Who among them is willing to have their names known?

Of the 3 rings

Prospera / Xeniphite

Of the 8 rings

One unnamed
Another unnamed (and I believe it has been confirmed and silenced)
Ithzir (1)
And possibly another (although it is odd thah tha wolves and Shetal didn come)

Although I am skeptical as to the new ring and the lack of Shetal, tha voice in tha shadows may be explaind if Shetal no longer is found... which is a downer but a possiblity. Howeer Im still hopin tha mayhaps this new ring is a fluke and sumthin else's desire... after all, tha wolves were nae seen. Ive got too many questions fer tha only one wit explainations ta nae longer come, such as tha origin of tha voice itself.

So thad leave one left if Im nae mistaken. Tell mi ifn Im wrong


Descendant of tha Ashrim

Re: Remaining Rings · on 5/21/2003 6:48:38 AM 423

Shetal holds one ring, so it appears all are accounted for. Before us lies the task of recovering the one from the Ithzir. All holders need to return to the Landing area as soon as possible and seek each other out.


Ring Count

5/22/2003 Eleven rings in total including the Urnon ring(which Shetal holds)

Priestess, another ring, and Shetal

on 5/28/2003 1:53:57 AM 436

Report from Kriztian:

Responding to Allequerie's call on the Voln net, myself and Metadi showed up at Hearthstone court to see that an Ithzir priestess, looking very cautious indeed, was conversing with Ally. The Ithzir priestess seemed very anxious to find some way to guard her package, which she claimed held 'the eleventh ring.' But before any more conversation took place, the priestess ran for cover...heralding the arrival of a few ithzir adepts. Not surprisingly, we could do nothing against them as the priestess screamed 'Kill them! Kill them!' After the adepts injured a few bystanders and killed a few more, Lochraven and Starsnuffer happened by (not sure how they heard what was going on, but apparently someone informed them) and finished off the adepts quickly. The priestess seemed temporarily relieved, and informed us, 'They are coming for me.'

Interestingly, when asked how these Ithzir got out from beyond the barrier, she responded, "The barrier is but a lark...they can come and go as they please." The priestess then warned us we should also expect two Ithzir seers, as they had been stalking her all the way across the Dragonspine (she started her journey in Ta'Vaalor). When asked why they were chasing her, the priestess informed us "I stole this (the ring) from is the eleventh ring." She said she ran to the Landing because she was informed there were other ringbearers in and around the Landing. She decided finding someone to guard it would be best, and wondered, "Who would they not suspect?" Volunteers included: Starsnuffer (surprise, surprise); Devilslove, Lexara, and Allequerie herself.

Two seers then showed up and were rather rapidly torn up. The priestess finally decided that she would choose someone who is '...brave, but not so known.' She also informed us that she '...killed several of my own people to capture this.' In return, she expected to be killed. Just as she seemed to be on the verge of making a decision, she ran for cover again, signalling the arrival of more Ithzir enemies, this time three adepts and two seers.

Starsnuffer, brilliant tactician and leader that he is, cone of lightning'ed the enemies, killing the priestess in the process. The package she held in her hands dropped to the ground. Selania picked up the package and later handed it off to Devilslove (who now possesses it).

Sentinal Shetal Fogmor arrived almost immediately thereafter (which I found most interesting). Here is his description:

>You see Sentinal Shetal Fogmor.
He appears to be an Elf.
He appears to be very young. He has almond-shaped amber eyes and alabaster skin. He has a bald head. He has an aquiline nose.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an urnon ring, some flowing robes, a leather pouch, and a large sack.

Without nary a greeting or explanation of who he was, his business, or anything else, Shetal quipped: "Perhaps you should join me, all those who wish to know what the rings represent and what needs to be done." Reluctantly, I followed, perhaps more curious than wise. Before I list what Shetal revealed, here is a look at Devilslove, the latest ring-holder:

You see Devilslove Ariatt.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She appears to be in the prime of life and tall. She has piercing crystal blue eyes and milky white skin. She has shoulder length, tousled blue-black hair. She has a delicate face, a small nose and a narrow waist.
She has a cracked black heart tattoo on her ankle, and a black rose tattoo on her neck. She is in good shape. (she wears a lot of stuff, no need to list all of it here).

Shetal claimed, first off, that we were 'safe' because the Ithzir would never attack in his presence. His demeanor was arrogant and trite, not especially intelligent or well-mannered at all (surprising for an elf), in fact rather brash and monosyllabic. Here is what he said:

Shetal says, "The rings were forged many years ago."
Shetal says, "They created the first three rings as a means to control the flows."
Shetal says, "These rings were collectively the most powerful magical items in the world."
Shetal says, "They have a newer fancier name now."
Shetal says, "They have a newer fancier name now."
Shetal says, "For example.."
Shetal says, "One may bring the wind."
Shetal says, "Another something else."
Shetal says, "But together.."
Shetal says, "they form a huge amount of power."
Shetal says, "About the time that these rings were being completed.."
Shetal says, "Eight great adventurers.."
Shetal says, "banded together to make 8 of their own rings."
Shetal says, "Not quite as powerful as the three, but collectively, they used great powers to finally defeat the three wizards who created the first three rings."
Shetal says, "Hence, the eleven rings."
Shetal says, "I am a decendant of these great eight."
Shetal says, "The eight formed a union called the Sentinal Lorekeepers."
Shetal says, "Then the eight pressed forward and defeated the three sorcerers."
Shetal says, "We just keep the rings safe."
Shetal says, "One day, about oh, eight months ago.."
Shetal says, "One of the rings surfaced after being hidden for thousands of years."
Shetal says, "We found out that a former sentinal, named Qinton.."
Shetal says, "Told, sold or otherwise let the Ithzir in on the secret of the rings."
Shetal says, "He is a scoundrel."
Shetal says, "A thief."
Shetal says, "He told several people where to find the one ring he was in charge of keeping safe."
Shetal says, "All for silvers."
Shetal says, "When the Ithzir found the ring.."
Shetal says, "Lucky for us adventurers, Celast recovered it."
Shetal says, "She in turn gave it to Prospera."
Shetal says, "For safe keeping."
Shetal says, "So now we have eleven rings."
Shetal says, "Ten of which we control."
Shetal says, "We have the last ring, one that the Ithzir did capture."
Shetal says, "And now, we must launch an attack on their hiding place."
Shetal says, "Ahh, it is not in old ta'fendryl as many surmise."
Shetal says, "It is in a place that many people would be surprised."
Shetal says, "Once we get our forces in order."
Shetal says, "I will lead the charge."
Shetal says, "Devilslove, I need you to contact the others."
Shetal says, "You must let them know that we all must meet."
You deeply ask, "gotta time?"
You cock your head at Shetal.
Shetal says, "We have 6 days left."
Shetal says, "They will launch the most massive attack on this town the world has ever seen in order to chase down the rings."
Shetal says, "We must grab the seventh ring before that occurs."
Shetal says, "The ithzir have the one ring."
Shetal says, "We have control of ten."
Shetal says, "These are the people that control a ring."
Shetal recites:

 "Kardgar Rhiver Karamilla Prospera Silvermuse Lionardo Seaaira Rogad"

Shetal says, "You are number 8."
Shetal says, "err nine."
Shetal points at Devilslove.
Shetal taps an urnon ring.
Shetal says, "I am number ten."
Shetal says, "Let me know when we all can meet."
Shetal says, "But we have 6 days left."
Shetal stands up.
Devilslove asks, "How do I contact ye?"
Shetal says, "Leave a message for me on the tree."
Shetal says, "I will find it."
Shetal suddenly fades out of sight.

Be advised. Things could get very interesting in the days to come. If you know of any folks on the list, please pass on this message or tell them in person.

~Kriztian. Member, Silver Gryphons. Captain, Protectors of the Citadel.

Shetel writes


Greetings Adventurers.

There appears to be something foul afoot with respect to the rings. I was able to verify the current ring holders as I was able to follow each of the rings to the holders hands. There appears to be 2 white-ora rings. We must verify the two of them and figure out which one is the obvious forgery. Qinton has been known to play tricks on people. This smells of one of his tricks.

I will be in the landing on Restday. I do not know what time, as it is a long journey visting all the realms, making sure the Ithzir do not move the ring from its current position.

We will strike out at the Ithzir in a wave of fury. Catch them off guard, then a small party will be led in by me to re-capture the missing ring.

Since Tayvin AND Devilslove both have found a white ora ring, the one which is deemed a forgery, will then come in charge of the ring we recover from the Ithzir.

Once we have all the rings, we can then go forth and destroy the three rings that have caused all this mayhem. Then, we all can return to our normal lives once more.

Once again, this Restday (Sunday) I will arrive in the Landing. Probably in the afternoon. Everyone must be there. If you do not come, or cannot come, give your chest to someone you trust and let them come in your stead. It is imperative that all are there, if not, the rings you carry will be in jeopardy.

Good evening to you all.

The Final Ring

Quest comes to an end · on 6/1/2003 9:08:28 PM 453

Well the last ring hidden by the ithzir was in the krolvin mines... everyone found it and dug up the chest... Shetal took us to Lake Eonak and there the rings were disenchanted to the point of being useless to the Ithzir.... Shetal called the ringbearers heroes and heroines and collected them to be put into a collection and shown around the Museums of the lands... What a long wait and a trying time it was... and to think if I hadn't been out testing a new blade and killed a bear that happened by I'd have never found the ring... it was interesting to watch things develop... still wish I hadn't lost hold of that sword... ahh well maybe I'll find another like it some day... I wonder if the museum's got some kris blades stashed somewhere... at any rate the Ithzir's plot for the rings has been failed, the rings are of no use to them now and I can walk the lands without fear of wolves chasing me down... I hope.

Silvermuse Bendamian,

Sylvankind Songsmith of the Lassaran D'ahranal of the Order of Voln

Mahegh's Thanks and Credits

Thank you. on 6/1/2003 9:53:37 PM GS3-Mahegh

I would like to take a little time out here to thank all of those that chose to participate in the Quest of the Platinum Rings.

This story had its twists, spins, turns and hysteria. All the participant should be given a golden kobold award for their abilities in the Role Playing arena.

My hat goes off to those RPers who recognized the importance of their finds, and selflessly passing off the rings to those who COULD participate, since they were not able to.

Finally, to the players who gathered together at the appointed hour, and gave their all to the story's finish.

In case someone missed the ending, the rings will be placed into a display case, and this case will in turn end up in all of the towns beginning with Wehnimer's Landing. There will be a workable book that will allow those who wish to read about the history of the rings, the daring escapades of those adventurers who used their wits to recover the rings, right down to the final ceremony where the eight rings were used to deactivate the three evil rings.

Each ring bearer will receive an exact replica of the ring along with an inscription, that they were in care of during this quest.

Once again, thank you all for participating. This was a wonderful group of players that I had the privilege of interacting with.



Shetal came last night, and gave rings to the ring bearers (and bait) that were there. There is a cabinet in the museum with all the rings in it, if you want to look at them. Very neat stuff, was good to see Shetal again. He said he would be looking for the other ring bearers.

He told us to not take the rings from our bodies, and to watch them, that they might do something. My ring is below

a zorchar ring Etched inside the band of the ring are eight distinct ancient runic letters and inset into the top are eight grey thunderstone chips. There appears to be something written on it.

It reads: This ring has been presented to Tayvin for meritorious service to the Sentinel Order of the Lorekeepers of the Platinum Rings. Together we stood face to face with evil itself and defeated it together, as a family.

My ring does a few things that I've seen...

The ring shines a light back at you in greeting.

As you begin to pull your ring, you realize, that perhaps you should push it!

As you push on your ring, you begin to realize that perhaps you should pull it.

You begin to polish your ring returning the shine to its original luster.

Turning the ring, you realize that it just tickles a little and give off a chuckle.

Each tap of your finger causes the ring to begin to glow and then it fades.

As you attempt to pinch your ring, it dawns on you that it might be a bad idea.

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