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Mini-event storyline to launch the Forgotten Vineyard area for Level 58-62 shan involving the merchant Duvernith. This storyline was conducted by GM Meraki and GM Lydil.

The 5001 Vornavian Red wine


Duvernith Assaulted!


Be Seeing You

Category: Towns, Cities and Outposts
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3335
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 05/26/2022 11:13 AM CDT
Subject: Be Seeing You on

Duvernith walked into his office inside the Mercantylers' Guild and found an envelope sitting on his desk. It was sealed with unadorned wax and only had his name on the front, written in a handwriting he had seen once before. He broken the wax with his thumb and pulled the letter out that was folded inside:

Master Duvernith,

It is always a pleasure to find someone who does not disappoint and lives up to their reputation. You have done then and then some. Someone who can get a job done, regardless of the circumstances that crop up to it. Someone who faced severe adversity and did not back down. Someone who can understand the long view about the work they do. I wonder if those who currently employ you understand the asset they have on their hands. Should you ever grow weary of your current circumstances, know that other opportunities will avail themselves.

While you may have viewed your recent endeavor as a failure, you should know that it was not. Two unsavory, untrustworthy individuals, the kind who would turn upon their own to advance themselves and not care who was hurt in the process, have been given their just due. Additionally, your efforts to see the 5001 Vornavian Red located were not for naught. While it did not end up in your hands, it did end up in where it belonged in the end. Perhaps one day you can enjoy a glass of it yourself.

Regardless of your feeling, remember these words and they may prove advantageous in the future. Until then continue to not disappoint.

Be Seeing You.

The letter was left unsigned and without any flourish. Duvernith placed it down on his desk, and just looked at it for several moments in thought. Stepping back outside his office, he asked those around if anyone had seen someone in his office but none had. Returning to his office Duvernith took the letter back up to examine it another time. As he looked over the parchment, he found it completely blank, all traces of the words were gone.

New Hunting Area Near Solhaven

Discord Message Link: Official GemStone IV Discord, #general-announcements channel
Author: GM Meraki
Date: 21 May 2022, 11:20pm

Hey Everyone, a previously unannounced permanent hunting ground known as the Forgotten Vineyard opened in Solhaven tonight in the Prime instance. You will find a variety of Shan in the roughly late 50s to mid 60s level range. I have fond memories of hunting Shan and wanted to bring another midrange hunting ground to the Solhaven area.

You can expect the local adventure’s guild to begin assigning tasks for the new area in the not too distant future (probably tomorrow). The hunting ground will be made available on shattered/test also at that time. (Stay tuned for release information for Platinum).

Special thanks to GM Quilic and GM Lydil for bringing the hunting ground to life with their imagery. Thank you GM Lydil for running the Shanked storyline with Duvernith as the release event. Additional thanks to the other members of Dev team for their endless knowledge about critters and to GM Tivvy for her inspiration and motivation.

Update: Mechanical discussions regarding the new hunting ground can be directed to the thread Forgotten Vineyard in mechanics


Category: Towns, Cities and Outposts
Topic: Solhaven
Message #: 3336
Author: GS4-LYDIL
Date: 05/26/2022 11:17 AM CDT
Subject: Re: Be Seeing You on

Thank you to everyone who took part in the storyline, Shanked, to help release the new hunting area the Forgotten Vineyard. The post preceding this marks the final coda for this mini storyline. I hope you all enjoyed it, whether you were there for the entire thing or only parts of it.

For those trying out the Vineyard I hope you find it interesting and challenging. If you have tried it and out have feedback about the mechanical aspects, please consider the discussion thread on Discord for it: For other discussion about it, here or the Solhaven channel also work.


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