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The Crimson Moon was a storyline in the Platinum instance, between 2011 and 2014.

The Crimson Moon

A prophecy has become known to the world, called the Dark Requiem. It dictates that five of the Lornon Arkati have chosen to come together to usurp Liabo's rule over the world. Led by Sheru, they are Luukos, V'tull, Mularos and Ivas. As the Lornon Arkati become more active, their adherents have likewise become bolder in practicing their faith. These cultists seek to bring the prophecy of the Dark Requiem into reality by recruiting converts, invading towns and cities, kidnapping people and enacting sacrifices at shrines erected around the world. Overseeing it all is the moon, stained crimson each night since the troubles began.

The Lornonites' activities are opposed by many different factions. Among them are Liaboites of many affiliations, joined by neutral parties seeking to restore the balance of the world as well as people seeking to protect the towns and people they care for. The opposition is aided by a gnomish seer and a human rumored to be a member of the Warders, a militant and often-reviled sect of the Order of Voln believed long dead.

Chapter 1: When Shadows Bleed

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Provided by Naionna, covering November 2010 to August 2011

Locations: Wehnimers Landing, River's Rest, Solhaven, Icemule Trace, Teras, exteriors of Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Illistim

General Synopsis: Yuratlya, a blind seer, appeared to players in November of 2010 to convey the coming of a Sheruvian prophecy. In December, the Crimson Moon appeared as a normal phenomenon known to happen yearly during the end of the year, but did not end as usual. Beginning in January, several sacrifices started to occur, with the increasing agitation and fear growing amongst the populace of Elanthia due to the constant presence of the Crimson Moon and its effects. Invasions, kidnappings, appearances of altars and Lornon cultists become the normal occurrence.

February, a young girl named Piperel is kidnapped in Solhaven and several adventurers go to her rescue as they are familiar with the family. She is found the next day, but has been through something supernatural in nature and now has visions in the forms of nightmares every time she sleeps. She is deemed the 'Herald' of the prophecy by the seer and deteriorates rapidly due to the effects of her affliction. The seer spends a great deal of time with the child and her father, Erim, documenting her visions and speaking to her about her experiences. She concludes that the prophecy she spoke of in November has now started and is in progress fully.

In March, an attempt is made to release the child from her torment by a cleric of Koar, Sedrygin, in Solhaven at the arch of the Liabo. It fails, and the seer confides in those in attendance of the details she knows of the prophecy and an important tome named the Dark Requiem. She provides them with the information that the tome contains the steps to the prophecy, and is in fact considered by many to be the word of Sheru, written thousands of years ago by a half-elven zealot who claimed he was fed the text by the Lord of Nightmares Himself. Only one copy exists and must be found if those who oppose the prophecy would like to know more of what they face and get a foothold on stopping it. In the same meeting, a man called Hanos appears in the crowd to observe and is named by the seer as a Warder, though he has yet to confirm such a thing. His role is yet unknown other than his opposition to Luukos as a part of his vows being a Master of Voln. Several others, however, are revealed as "Chosen" of the Liabo - a priest by the name of Delcian, a Knight of Ronan and Vaalorian soldier by the name of Taeghan, and a Knight of Ronan by the name of Hubris. These three are named 'Chosen of Ronan' and are tasked with finding the "written word of Ronan" to aid in the process of locating the needed tome. In addition, a sylvan healer by the name of Nilandia is deemed a Keeper of Knowledge due to her devotions to Lumnis and is given an unsual map of the stars that is rumored to detail the numbers on each side of the conflict, ever changing as the roles do.

During an unusual disturbance in Darkstone Castle near Wehnimer's Landing, a phylactery is discovered in a shrine to Sheru within the castle itself. Several adventurers gathered and reported strange whisperings requesting a release of something or someone. One such adventurer, a sorcerer by the name of Caden, spoke the name given to him in said whisperings and released a being named Azorlok. Ancient and of enormous power, Azorlok is said to be the Avatar of Sheru and has come to begin the prophecy in earnest. Shortly afterwards, everyone was expelled from the shrine and the castle was overrun both inside and outside on the grounds by demons and other horrifying creatures. This lasted for several weeks until a way to weaken the magic creating them was found by heroic adventurers.

The months that followed found several attacks upon the cities of Elanthia, with continued sacrifices, kidnappings, and appearances by the Avatar of Sheru. Producing allies, the Avatar has been seen with Naja, Champion of Luukos, and Carhn, Champion of V'Tull. There are rumors of Ivasian influence as well as Mularosian influence with their champions to be seen at some point in the future should the prophecy not be stopped. Though the tome, the Dark Requiem, has now been located and is in the hands of the adventurer's who oppose the prophecy, they have yet to translate its ancient dialect and it is so far, of no use to them.

OOC Note: I'm sure I've left out things, and I don't mean to slight anyone or anything, so if you'd like to add in something please feel free! This was just a general overview of the storyline thusfar and the major parts of its plot movement.

Update: The copy of the Dark Requiem has been delivered to Yuratlya, who has begun working on translating it with the assistance of various adventurers. Pip, the Herald of the prophecy, has succumbed to her torments and died.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Crimson Moon Memorial

05/13/2013 07:49 PM CDT

A memorial glade is being developed for release in the environs of Wehnimer's Landing as citizens all across Elanthia begin to recover from the saga of the Crimson Moon. With the induction of the new Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing, things are picking up rather quickly and an invitation has been given to all citizens of Elanthia's many cities to send memorials of their own to place in the glade. Representatives from every city have been given leave to deliver their local citizen's additions to the glade as everyone has suffered a great loss under the horrible strain of the Lornon uprising. The release of the glade is scheduled for the beginning of Lumnea, giving plenty of time for those mementos to be placed within the area for viewing. Further details will be upcoming by Mayor Hraus of Wehnimer's Landing as he announces the opening ceremonies.

Memorial Dedication

06/02/2013 01:19 AM CDT

Please join the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing as a memorial area is released in dedication to those lost to the recent war that has ravaged Elanthia during the saga of the Crimson Moon. A guide will be present in the small park around half past the third hour of the afternoon on this coming Feastday, the 8th day of Lumnea, to take those interested to the dedication site. The unveiling of the memorial sites donated by various citizens of the cities of Elanthia will take place, as well as a small ceremony at the site to honor a few special adventurers whose help was essential to the defeat of the rise of Lornon - appropriate dress and behavior is requested.

Epilogue - The Dark Exodus

02/26/2014 10:18 PM CST

The Snake and Jackal were cast away. Where would they go? How would they rise? Were they being hunted? No time to look back. Forward... Forward... Keep pushing forward. The river was ahead. Their artifacts were destroyed. They needed to make it. Surviving was essential. They could hide within the Light. For no one would find the Dark there. Who would look for the Dark in the Light? Snake and Jackal... Jackal and Snake.

Epilogue - Clutched

02/27/2014 02:05 PM CST

Kuligar Gardane was a member of the merchant council of Talador, his family was once influential and powerful advisers to the original Baron family of Talador, before the Jantalar occupation. It was rumored that Kuligar's father might have turned traitor, and helped the Jantalar invaders in knowing key opponents and movements to help overthrow Talador. But that is neither here nor there. Kuligar wasn't to know what would fall into his lap this evening, but the events would be a whirlwind for the lord.

While riding through the countryside, Kuligar spotted something on the horizon. He was greatly piqued with interest, so he directed his horse to gallop onward, toward whatever it was he saw. As he got closer and closer, he realized what he had found. He slung his bow from his shoulder and nocked an arrow. He'd have to keep his aim true, he'd only have one chance.

And with it, the arrow soared through the air. Cutting through the darkness. He galloped hard to catch up with his target.

Epilogue - A Hero's Reception

02/27/2014 03:45 PM CST

Talador was cold in Eorgaen, but that didn't stop Earl Jovery giving Kuligar Gardane a warm reception. It was announced, after the capture of the Jackal, that Kuligar would be appointed as the new Baron of Talador. It was time to rejoice. The baronial coronation would be held in Charlatos.

But Kuligar still had something dwelling in the back of his mind. That spring when he found the Jackal. There was another with him. A Snake. Oh how power corrupts man. What pact did Kuligar strike to single-handedly capture the Avatar of Sheru. But it was hard to detach himself from revelry that surrounded him. The old mines held the only secret that he did not share. But he would be ruler of this land. He would rise again from where his bloodline failed. And he would deal with the Snake on his own.

The north suffered a long while during the Crimson Moon, and Grand Magister Pylasar of the Hall of Mages in Chastonia would see that the adventurers join them. It had been a long while since those outside the Turamzzyrian Empire were invited to Doggoroth Keep. But it was only proper.

Epilogue - Speechless

02/27/2014 09:18 PM CST

Kuligar's long wait would be over soon. Fashanos proved to nearly come and go. Kuligar was always known to be a charmer, but he changed since last year. He stood up straighter. He walked... He walked like a Baron. Rumors spread that Kuligar was seen taking late night trips to the old mines. Some say he wore a talisman made of a forked tongue. But of course Kuligar would have those that didn't wish him to be Potentate of Talador.

The coming of Charlatos would mean the showing of the Sheruvian. The one they locked into an iron maiden deep inside the keep. They say he's skin and bones now. Kuligar wished it for his Baronial Coronation.

Important People and Terms

Information partly supplied by Naionna.


Yuratlya - first appeared 11/2010 in WL, formerly blind gnomish seer, claims not to work for any side in the conflict
Hanos - first appeared 03/2011 in SH, rumored to be a Warder
Sedrygin - first appeared 03/2011 in SH, cleric of Koar, name unknown in game
Aldrik - priest of Lorminstra, name unknown in game
Pyali - priest of Lorminstra, name unknown in game
Erim - NPC from previous storyline in 2008, father of Piperel
Piperel - also called Pip, NPC from previous storyline in 2008, daughter of Erim, known as the "Herald," deceased
Ydos - first appeared 05/2011 in TI, liaison for Scribners, name unknown in game
Ningrint - first appeared 05/2011 in TI, Scribner, keeper of ancient artifacts and knowledge, lich, claims Ronanite sympathies, name unknown in game
Carhn - Champion of V'Tull
Naja - Champion of Luukos
Azorlok - Avatar of Sheru
Isium - Author of the Dark Requiem thousands of years ago
Arcathis - Luukosian cultist
Shezzaka - Sheruvian cultist, name unknown in game
Abran - Luukosian cultist, name unknown in game
Aibri - Luukosian cultist, name unknown in game
Deirhge - Luukosian cultist, name unknown in game

Player Characters

Delcian - human priest of Ronan, named a Chosen of Ronan, torture victim
Taeghan - Squire Legionnaire of Ta'Vaalor and paladin of Ronan, named a Chosen of Ronan, husband of Myriamie
Myriamie - Nalfein with no known religious affiliation, wife of Taeghan, sacrificial victim
Hubris - giantman knight of Ronan, named a Chosen of Ronan
Nilandia - sylvan mentalist and telepath, named a Chosen of Lumnis and the Keeper of Knowledge
Myke - giantman paladin of Voln, claims affiliation with the Warders, strongly urged by Hanos to become a leader of those opposing the Lornonites
Jaired - Tehir, Lord Marshal of the Militia, close friend of Pip, currently missing
Isanae - sylvan empath, sacrificial victim
Caden - Dhe'nar sorcerer, ally of the Lornonites, released Azorlok from his imprisonment


Dark Requiem - prophecy written by Isium, zealot of Sheru, which contains a chain of events that results in the rule of Lornon, currently being translated
Warders - militant sect of the Order of Voln, said by some to be heretical, believes in killing the people who use or create undead as well as releasing undead
Elanthian Inquisitor - in-game newspaper, periodically publishes issues with information on the current events


I'd like to give out the credits for those staff members who helped during these last 3 years, because if not for them, the story would never have been possible. Several GMs put time and effort into the creation of the many shrines, dungeons, temples, altars, props and NPCs ran during this saga. Many more were responsible for QC, approvals, and brainstorming. If I miss someone, I apologize deeply!

I'd especially like to thank the players, however, who put up with the huge delay in finishing the story, and who gave me such energy and emotion during the unfolding of the events that I was staggered. It is always a pleasure to see the characters change, react, and create the vivid world of Elanthia when given the opportunity.



Luukosian Champion, Naja - GM Ovellia
V'tullian Champion, Cahrn - SGM Wyrom
Mularosian Champion - GM Marstreforn
Sheruvian Avatar, Azorlok - GM Naionna
Voln/Warder Champion, Hanos - GM Bravura

Luukosian Cultist, Arcathis - GM Bravura
Various Lornon Cultists - Prime GameHosts

Spider Handler - GM Naionna
Scribner and waif - GM Naionna
Gnome Seer, Yuratlya - GM Naionna
Prophecy Vessel, Pip - GM Naionna and GM Itzel
Pip's Father, Erim - GM Naionna
Koar Cleric, Pip's Ceremony - GM Thandiwe
Wehnimer's Landing, Mayor Stennis - GM Kenstrom
Wehnimer's Landing, Town Official Izzar - GM Naionna
Wehnimer's Landing, orphans - GM Naionna and GM Ovellia
Ta'Illistim, Argent Mirror - GM Valyrka
Ta'Vaalor, King Tyrnian - GM Mazreth
Ta'Vaalor, Villian - GM Mazreth

Technical and Creations

Approvals - APM Sirina, GM Kaikala, SGM Wyrom, GM Aylias, SGM Izzea, GM Galene, SGM Mestys, SGM Isten
QC - SGM Isten, GM Xayle, GM Kaikala, GM Aulis, GM Tamuz
Dungeon/shrine/temple creation - GM Ovellia, SGM Wyrom, GM Naionna, GM Zoet, GM Kaikala
Messaging/invasions - GM Aulis, GM Lydil, GM Sherlise, GM Naionna, GM Bravura, SGM Wyrom, GM Ovellia
Spider mountain - GM Naionna
Lornon Sanctuary - Gm Naionna
Liabo Sanctuary - Gm Naionna
Dreamscape - GM Naionna
Azorlok's tunnel - GM Naionna
Scribner's Lair - GM Naionna
Ronan's Embrace - GM Naionna
Yuratlya's Cottage - GM Naionna
Farmer's land w/shack - GM Naionna
Props for rebuilding of Landing - GM Naionna
Props for Blight - GM Naionna
Elanthian Inquisitor - GM Naionna
Sheruvian Tome, the Dark Requim - GM Bravura

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