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Enchanting potions, pure potions, blue/black/white crystals, ruby amulets, heavy quartz orbs, small statues, gold rings, etc. Any magical item that is commonly available through a shop or the treasure system. Not items created with 420 or 325, really. Those would be better served in a general Magical Items category. Anshou 10:46, 12 January 2006 (CST)

Oh I get it, you want a "common magical items" and "magic items" category. So be it. ULTHRIPE 10:50, 12 January 2006 (CST)

This is a continuation from the thoughts I started over in Category talk:Uncommon Magical Items. A bit disjointed, but it fits better like this. Things like imbedables of particular spells would not be considered common, since they don't show up in the exact same form with the exact same properties. In the same vein, scrolls are a common class of magical items. I'd categorize them above the other entries so it's a bit more clear that 'scroll' isn't a specific magical item. The same goes for things like runestones and runestaves, I'll change their categories. Other articles, about PARTICULAR common magical items, such as blue/black/white crystals, ruby amulets, small statues, etc should be added to the category normally. I'd probably include verlok feathers here too, since they have very specific properties, even if they vary cosmetically slightly. They're common enough. I think I got my idea across... - Oliver (User | Talk) 08:46, 12 February 2006 (PST)

I was just trying to adhere to the definition of the category which you had provided. Simple enough to undo ;)
You haven't commented on my addition of category:Common Magical Items to category:Magic, as a subcategory. I'll assume you're ok with it.
Also, would the same type of organization you've suggested above apply to all categories? For instance, check out category:Demons. I put two articles which I though were definitive of the category at the top, but I could easily put all the explanative articles at the top with the [[category:Demons| ]] cheat, leaving the remaining articles on specific demons to be organized alphabetically. To me, it makes perfect sense for the category to display only a list of the articles which fit, with related informative/definitive articles on the same page, but offset from the alphabetized list. *SammichKing*..who?..wha? 23:54, 12 February 2006 (PST)