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You met, fell in love and you finally decided to get married. Let's suppose you accept — Hey! You can always say no! ;) — and you plan to get married. What to do now?

Everything you ever wanted to know about weddings!

Wedding Staff

Your wedding staff will include a Wedding Negotiator, who is your primary contact about your wedding. They will answer your questions, review your items, coordinate the rest of your Wedding Team, and if needed, check in from time to time to make sure everything is moving along smoothly. They are generally assigned upon receipt of your list.

Once your list has been received, your Wedding Negotiator will be in touch with you about any suggestions or comments regarding your items. They will also be able to answer questions you might have about your wedding and your assigned wedding staff.

Your Wedding Builder and Wedding QC person work hand-in-hand to guarantee that your wedding items are made correctly and meet our alteration guidelines. You will probably not have any contact with them. If they have questions about your items, they will work with your Wedding Negotiator, who will consult you should any issues arise. NOTE: QC will ALWAYS have the last say about your items and if any changes need to be made so that they fit into our guidelines. This entire process can take as long as 8 weeks to complete, which is why we sell tickets two months in advance.

Your Wedding Coordinator (assigned when you pick a date) works with you to create your special effects messaging, based on your own suggestions and ideas. They meet with you prior to the wedding to discuss the logistics of your wedding ceremony -- the order in which the wedding party enters the celebration area, where and when to meet to get changed, and help deliver some last minute invitations.

Wedding List Items

The first thing you need to do is send your list of items to When you mail the items list, remember to put the name of the bride and groom on the subject line. (It is easier to look for "Uglydwarf's and Prettyelf's" wedding items, than to have to sort through a bunch of "Wedding Items" letters). Please don't send attached files -- sometimes we can't read them.

For your items, you are allows 18 items of your choice, 2 wedding rings, and 2 ring boxes, for a total of 22 items. Please check the ALTER verb in game for up-to-date information on alteration guidelines. Keep in mind, we will pocket things that are normally pocketed (cloaks, satchels, pouches) AND you can also get two other items pocketed that do not normally have pockets (trousers, boots, bodices, etc).

Please be sure to look over the guidelines provided on the Simutronics web site Wedding page, as well as the in-game verb ALTER, and feel free to ask your Negotiator for clarification of any questions you might have. You might also wish to view PREMIUM 4 and 8 when in the game for additional hints about how item alteration works.

We DO follow the alteration guidelines, so just because a merchant may have created a particular item is in no way a guarantee that we will do so. If we consider the item out-of-genre (OOG) or inappropriate/not wedding-related, we reserve the right to change or refuse a request on any item. Purchase of a wedding ticket should in no way be interpreted as a chance to get items that violate the guidelines, or repeat the past mistakes of a merchant.

These items should be designed to make your wedding event special. We will work to craft the items as close as we can to your specifications, but understand that these items are intended to enrich your wedding, and are not specifically intended to be part of your everyday wear, although certainly you can design them as such.

We will not make OOC/OOG items. Nor will we use very rare materials and non-existent materials -- like shadowsilk, moonlight, stardust, etc. Rare metals will need to be supplied in appropriate quantity.

Setting a Date

You cannot choose a wedding date until your item list has been fully negotiated and has been sent off to the builder. The reason for this is to avoid not having your items ready when your wedding date rolls around! Once you and your Negotiator are done with your list, the Negotiator will "release" your wedding and explain to you how to choose a date! Once you have chosen a date, you will be contacted by your Wedding Coordinator, usually a GameHost, who will help you make your ceremony as special as possible!

Wedding Mood Messaging

Mood messaging can really add that extra flare to your wedding and make it even more special. You and your wedding coordinator will work together to create appropriate mood messaging that can enhance your ceremony. The ceremony is yours to plan, we just add little highlights to make it more unique than if you were to do the wedding yourself, using the SMILE and ACT verbs. You are certainly free to work with your friends however, to create something a little more involved, if you wish, and the Wedding Coordinator will work with your plans.

Your Wedding Day: What to Expect

Your Wedding Coordinator will plan on meeting you and the rest of your party about 60 minutes or so before your wedding. That will give you lots of time to get ready. Make sure you have invitations for yourself, your future spouse, and all of your wedding party, as you will need them to get into the wedding tent at the Wedding Glade. Bring any extras you might have, someone always drops or forgets theirs. Keep one or two spares handy, since you can "wave" your invitation at a disruptive person in attendance at your wedding, and they will be removed.

Come as "naked" as possible, since you will be brought to a dressing area to don your wedding clothes. Bring along an empty backpack or other container to carry any wedding gifts you might receive from your friends, as well.

After the ceremony, and before the reception really gets started, your Wedding Coordinator will be taking you back to the dressing rooms to pick up anything you have left up there. That way you won't be constrained by their schedule and can enjoy your reception as long as you like, though there is a 4 hour limit. When in the dressing rooms, type FLAG MARRIED to access your new verbs as a married couple. We could tell you what they all are but trust me in this... it is more fun to discover them yourselves.

The Wedding Coordinator will let you know which Honeymoon Cottage you are scheduled to use in the resort area. You can access that area by entering the Moss Covered Gate next to the wedding tent you entered to get to your wedding... you can't miss it! The doors to your cottage are keyed to the two of you, so you can both lock and unlock the door. You will have this cottage for 4 nights and 5 days, including your wedding day.

Engraving Your Rings

You will both be able to inscribe your spouse's wedding ring, this is how to do it.

Swap rings in a quiet location... I recommend the honeymoon cottage myself. You should already have the other's ring when you are in your waiting room before the wedding, if you wish to do it then. Then type:


Next you will have to RECITE what you want to inscribe. Be careful about capitalization and punctuation, check it over carefully before you recite. Keep it short, remember it is an inscription inside a tiny ring! Then you will have to type ENGRAVE MY RING again. You can now swap rings back, (or give it to your spouse during your ceremony) so that each of you has your own ring again. At that point you will have to wait for the Wedding Guru or your Negotiator to approve your new inscriptions, which should happen very quickly... usually a couple of days. If there is a problem with your inscription, we will get back to you on it.