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Storyline Witchful Thinking
Gender male
Race half-elf
Status alive

Cayde is a self-proclaimed businessman who arrived in Wehnimer's Landing with a statue crafted of bleakstone. The statue is in the likeness of the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing, Lylia Rashere. The statue was installed outside of Moot Hall in the Summer of 5119.


You see Lord Cayde.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He is shorter than average.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has pale spring-green eyes and dusky skin.  He has short, curly white-blonde hair.  He has a classical nose and small pointed ears.  A thin scar mars his left eyebrow, ending just above the faint creases at the corners of his eyes.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a black leather pack, a burgundy and black doublet, a curved bleakstone ring, an old grey pouch, an oiled dark leather scabbard, a rune-etched mithril case, a pair of soft black leather trousers, and some black pebbled leather boots.