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Category: Wizards
Topic: Wizard Spells
Message #: 1481
Author: GS4-FINROS
Date: 01/15/2016 02:52 PM EST
Subject: Celerity (506)

A new spell, Celerity, has been implemented in spell slot 506. This replaces the old Haste spell.

Celerity reduces the stamina cost, possibly to zero, for all Quickstrike actions that reduce combat RoundTimes (see QUICKSTRIKE HELP for a full listing). It has a non-stackable 60 second duration. If not natively self-cast, there is a four minute period starting at the time of first application during which Celerity may not be re-applied to the same target. There is no such delay when the spell is natively self-cast. At 50 ranks of Elemental Lore: Air training, the caster may EVOKE a group version of the spell.

The stamina cost for Quickstrike actions is modified to use the following formula: (((original_cost - 30 - (1 per rank of Elemental Lore: Air)) * percentage_reduction) / 100), where percentage_reduction = (50 - (0.5 per known Major Elemental spell)) and has a lower bound of 20. Spell rank benefits are capped at level. The caster's Elemental Lore: Air ranks and known Major Elemental spells are used in this calculation even when cast on a third party.

All offensive combat actions automatically apply the lowest RoundTime possible whether or not the Quickstrike ability is explicitly invoked. Users of Celerity need not use Quickstrike to gain the maximum zero-stamina RoundTime reduction, or may use Quickstrike to gain additional RoundTime reduction at a lesser stamina cost than would otherwise be the case.

Celerity also reduces the RoundTime of the following utility actions: DISARM (traps), FORAGE, HIDE, PICKLOCK, SEARCH, TEND. The cost per second of RoundTime reduction is calculated as (10 + action_speed), and the total amount of RoundTime removal is calculated by ((30 + (1 per rank of Elemental Lore: Air)) / cost_per_second). Action speeds are: 20 (HIDE), 15 (SEARCH, FORAGE), 10 (DISARM, PICKLOCK), 5 (TEND).

Category: Wizards
Topic: Wizard Spells
Message #: 1485
Author: GS4-FINROS
Date: 01/15/2016 02:57 PM EST
Subject: Re: Celerity (506)

And as a followup to the official announcement, I'll provide some example numbers.

Consider a broadsword at speed 5. Quickstrikes with a broadsword cost 15 stamina at -1RT, 30 (-2 RT), 45 (-3RT), 60 (-4RT), and so on. This base cost gets plugged into the Celerity reduction formula, along with the Wizard's own numbers. (See the followup post here: http://forums.play.net/forums/GemStone%20IV/Hunting%20and%20Combat/General%20Discussion%20about%20H&C/view/812 for more examples on Quickstrike).

Again, the formula is: (((original_cost - 30 - (1 per rank of Elemental Lore: Air)) * percentage_reduction) / 100), where percentage_reduction = (50 - (0.5 per known Major Elemental spell)) and has a lower bound of 20. Spell rank benefits are capped at level.

Assume that a level 10 Wizard at 1x MjE and EL:A training (e.g., 11 ranks of each) wants to reduce their roundtime with a broadsword by 4 seconds. We make the following calculation:

percentage_reduction = (50 - (0.5 per known Major Elemental spell))
percentage_reduction = (50 - (0.5 * 10)) = 45
stamina_cost = (((original_cost - 30 - (1 per rank of Elemental Lore: Air)) * percentage_reduction) / 100)
stamina_cost = (((60 - 30 - (1 * 11)) * 45) / 100) = 8.55 => 8

So, the wizard can swing at -4RT for 8 stamina. Swinging at -3RT would cost: (((45 - 30 - 11) * 45) / 100) = 1.8 => 1 stamina. Swinging at -2RT would be free.

Assuming 1x training in both MjE and EL:A, a wizard would hit the zero-stamina point at the following levels for various amounts of RT reduction with select weapons.

Broadswords (speed 5): -1RT at L0; -2RT at L0; -3RT at L12; -4RT at L27
Claidhmores (speed 8 * 1.5 = 12): -1RT at L0, -2RT at L11; -3RT at L33; -4RT at L53.
Longbows (speed 4 * 2.5 = 10): -1RT at L0; -2RT at L7; -3RT at L27; -4RT at L46.

Note that you can push your EL:A training above 1x if you want to see greater RT reductions at lower levels. If you're willing to dedicate yourself, you can reduce claidhmore swing times by -4 seconds at level 27 with 56 EL:A ranks and 6 MjE spells.

As a further example: if you want to swing that claidhmore at -4RT at level 33 as a 1x trained wizard, you'll be paying 8 stamina per swing. By level 45 (to randomly pick a level out of a hat), the stamina cost will be down to 3 per swing. Incremental training continues to give advantages with each rank.

If you're willing to pay stamina for swings, remember that quickstrike does not let your stamina go negative. Continuing the L45 claidhmore example, you can spam "quickstrike -4 attack kobold" to get -4RT reductions at 3 stamina per swing until you run out of stamina, and then keep spamming it to get -3RT reductions at no stamina cost until you get another stamina pulse, at which point you return to the -4RT reductions at 3 stamina per swing until running out again and so forth. If you don't want to pay stamina, simply "attack kobold" as normal, and you'll get the maximum zero-stamina RT reduction possible with your current spell strength.

Hopefully these examples will help everyone understand how the spell works. I can work through additional examples if somebody is considering a specific scenario and can't figure out what the costs or zero-stamina breakpoints are.

Category: Wizards
Topic: Wizard Spells
Message #: 1504
Author: GS4-FINROS
Date: 01/15/2016 05:35 PM EST
Subject: Re: Celerity (506)

>Warmages took a defensive hit from the Haste change due to that 40% floor on RT reduction. For big RT calculations, they will be in RT for many seconds longer.

This may not have been clear from the wording in my original post. That 40% floor is the minimum portion of the original RT, not the maximum reduction to the original RT.

Or to put it another way: If you're at that 40% floor and get a 10 second imposed RT, your assessed RT will be 4 seconds (40% of 10), not 6 seconds (which would be a 40% reduction from 10).

The percentage reduction of the original Haste/506 spell was 50%. Haste/535 is 10% better.

>Does new haste work on my gem chisel?

New Haste/535 works on every RT that is not covered by Celerity/506.

>Question for GMs: Does the 4 minute reapplication penalty apply to those using the spell from outside sources such as Magic Items, Scrolls, Spell Steal, etc?

Yes. But if you get the spell via a scroll or by someone else casting it on you, and then natively cast it yourself, the cooldown doesn't impact your own self-cast version.

Category: Wizards
Topic: Wizard Spells
Message #: 2310
Author: GS4-FINROS
Date: 02/14/2016 02:49 PM EST
Subject: Re: Celerity (506)

Oops. The original +10 added to the cost_per_second was a mistake, both in my announcement and in the original implementation. (A bit too much copy-paste in the code, and then I wrote the announcement from the code without remembering that the original design didn't include it). I corrected it in the code almost immediately, but apparently I didn't make it clear that it was mistaken in the announcement as well.

In other words, cost_per_second = action_speed. For searching, 5 seconds of reduction comes at 45 ranks of EL:A; the next second off will come at 60.