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Celiel was a Great Elemental of air thought to exist near the DragonSpine Mountains.

Celiel, sometimes referred to as The Watcher by those who honor her power as they would an Arkati, is a very mysterious Great Elemental. Her exact domain is not known, but it appears to be somewhere near the DragonSpine Mountains. She has not manifested for several centuries, but when she has, it has been a very impressive sight for any fortunate enough to witness it. Her face is a mask of expressionless and ethereal beauty, and the way in which she moves is the epitome of grace.

When she has been seen, she has never been directly acting against or for anything. She has simply drifted carelessly by, often with an entourage of other air elementals. At other times her face has been seen gazing down at the ground, which has earned her the aforementioned title. Scattered villages situated at the feet of the DragonSpine have taken to honoring her regularly as they would an Arkati.

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