Chandrellia (prime)

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Chandrellia KoraFest
A person's scars show what they have survived.
Race Sylvan
Culture Lassaran D'ahranal
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Empath
Profession Healer
Religion Voaris
Affiliation(s) The Council of Dark Elves, TownCrier, Order of Voln, Twilight Hall
In-a-Word Bubbly, maternal
Disposition Flirty, outgoing, social butterfly, hesitant to trust new people
Demeanor Friendly, accepting
Primary Trait Curvaceous
Flaw Puppy love, romantic sailing
Greatest Strength Her healing talents, standing up for what she believes
Greatest Weakness Not a quick thinker
Habits Speaking before thinking (bad), helping younger adventurers (good)
Hobbies Scrying, collecting clothes, collecting spirit beasts
Soft Spots Animals, children, less fortunate
Likes Clothes, nature, the sea, animals of all kinds, more clothes
Dislikes Arrogance, ego, bullies
Fears Being left on her own by her friends
Loyalties Family, Friends, Landing
Best Friend Asben, Pietra, Leafiara, Fahlo, Pukk, too many to name
Loved One Balley (mother)

Chandrellia was announced as a candidate for Wehnimer's Landing Town Council on Leyan, the 9th day of Lumnea in the year 5121.


You see Lady in Waiting Chandrellia KoraFest the Incantress.

She appears to be a Sylvankind of the Lassaran D'ahranal.

She is taller than average and has a voluptuous body.  She appears to be in the bloom of youth.  She has voluminously lashed emerald green eyes and soft, creamy white skin.  She has waist length, cascading cranberry red hair woven into a wrist-thick herringbone braid that is bound with an orange and red sunstone band.  She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a pert, daintily upturned nose and ample hips.  She has a platinum clockwork owl perched on her shoulder.

She has a filigreed dark bloodjewel half-ring in her right eyebrow, a rune-etched bloodjewel stud in her left nostril, an unfurling white and blush rose tattoo on her leg, a labyrinthine knotwork tattoo comprised of the elements on her wrist, and a gold-veined glass spike in her left eyebrow.
Sanguine arcane sigils glow in front of her.

She is holding an ornate floral-motif rose gold mirror inset with tiny white moonstone dew drops in her right hand.

She is wearing some polished mother-of-pearl earrings, some dangly scintillating ruby earrings, a small silver talisman, a braided silken ribbon choker, a tall-collared black leather jacket, an opalescent white leather shoulder bag with a tidal pearl clasp, a dusky leather bodice, a pair of umber suede gloves, a pale water sapphire and silver-linked waistchain, a silver-beaded supple black leather purse, a brushed leather riding skirt with umber embroidery, and a pair of thigh high dark silk stockings, and a pair of brushed suede riding boots with plaited silk laces.