Chaoswynd (prime)

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Chaoswynd "Cay"
Cay final SSD.jpg
Cay by Stormyrain
Race Half-elf
Culture Unknown
Profession Ranger
Religion None
Affiliation(s) None
Disposition Keenly observant, and very curious
Demeanor Warm and easily approachable
Hobbies Observing the world as it turns, reading, and occasionally playing music
Likes Good humor, good company, dancing
Dislikes Being told what to do
Loyalties Deeply loyal to his friends, and loved ones

Chaoswynd, or Cay as he is affectionately known by his friends, is a Half-Elf Ranger hailing from parts unknown. While he has been seen wandering the regions surrounding Wehnimer's Landing for a little over a century, he has also been known to roam far and wide for indeterminate lengths of time. He has taken up residence within the Landing since the middle of 5116.


Very little is known of Cay's personal history, aside from the few brief pieces that he has mentioned from time to time. It is known that he was present within the Landing during both the first, and second Griffin Sword War, though no one knows whether or not he chose to align with any side during either conflict, and he rarely ever speaks of it in anything more than a passing sense. Nearing the end of the second war, he departed to regions unknown for a twelve year period, returning around the middle of the year 5116. Aside from what little he has mentioned to his closest companions, he also appears to be quite skilled in the language of the sylvisterai, often reverting to an older, and more formal dialect.


You see Chaoswynd.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He is taller than average and has a broad-shouldered slender frame. He appears to be in the spring of life. He has brooding hazel eyes and pale tan sand-hued skin. He has mid back-length, silky bourbon brown hair with his bangs gathered to the right temple and woven into a single five-plait braid adorned with twin red falcon remiges. He has an unshaven face, a prominent nose and tiny laugh lines radiating from the outer corners of his eyes.
He has a tattoo of twining briar and rose thorn knotwork forming the four moons on the inside of his left forearm, an enruned moonstone half-ring in the upper ridge of his left ear, a veniom-swept moonstone shard in his right eyebrow, and a tiny citrine firefly tattoo on his neck.
He is wearing a tiny glowbark acorn seed nestled in the jaws of a carved modwir wolf's head.


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