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Determine Status and Difficulty Aug 2017

Category: Wizards
Topic: Major Elemental Circle
Message #: 2723
Author: GS4-VIDUUS
Date: 08/09/2017 12:21 AM EDT
Subject: 520 (Mage Armor) and 517 (Charge Item)

Both of these spells have had minor tweaks.

Mage Armor has had it's messaging updated to help the caster determine which aspect is currently active and to be more interesting.

Charge item can now be cast at magic items to allow the caster to determine if an item is mage rechargeable, and to allow the mage to determine chances of success in successfully charging the item. Special note: charge status is only relevant to magic items, not gems.


Various Magic Item Updates (9/2018)

Category: Wizards
Topic: Magic Item System
Message #: 3159
Author: GS4-VIDUUS
Date: 09/12/2018 07:14 PM PDT
Subject: Charge Item (517) and Elemental Detection (405)

The magic item system (and supporting spells) has had a few updates.

Magic Item Updates - A new type of magic item has been created and will begin showing up in the treasure system. These magic items are called mage empowerables. They are designed to allow mages to add charges beyond the traditional 40 maximum and provide more overall utility to the magic item charging process. These items also use a less restrictive spell list than traditional rechargeables.

405 updates -Merchant rechargeable text has been updated to clarify that an item is merchant rechargeable and not player rechargeable -With enough MIU training and minor elemental ranks a caster will be able to tell both the spell name in an item, and the amount of charges it contains (The above means someone with 202 MIU ranks and 100 MnE Ranks would be able to identify most any spell and charges in a magic item without actually knowing the spell.) -Wizards with knowledge of 517 can also use this spell to determine if a magic item is a mage rechargeable, a mage empowerable, it’s total charge capacity, and their chances of success with 517. This information was previously available by casting 517 at an item, but has been moved here for consistency in spell detection design.

517 updates -Catastrophic item failure has been removed from this spell. This type of failure will now be covered under the blanket “greening” failure. -The severity of penalties for ”Greening” an item have been reduced. This failure will no longer mark the item as unsellable and drain all charges. Charges will remain at whatever they were before the failure and the item will simply convert to non-rechargeable. -Mage rechargeable detection messaging when casting this spell at an item has been moved to 405. -A new channel ability has been added to this spell. Channeling this spell at a rechargeable item will instantly green the item, but give the mage a chance to instantly add up to 5 charges to that item. This is intended to allow a little extra utility from this spell while in the field without the full commitment of a charging session. This ability may require more mana than traditional charging. -Using pure gems with this spell will now help reduce mana costs when adding charges to items. The higher the value the gem, the better the bonus.

Guild Shop Item Addition -A new guild shop item “a pure grot t'kel shard“ will be added to wizard guild shops shortly. This item acts like a low-quality prepared gem and will work for charging items in a charge session. This item does not carry the pure gem bonus for reducing mana costs in charging and carries an additional penalty to the charging process. An additional penalty of 1% chance to green per orb per item will be applied when using this item to add charges. These items are intended to allow adding charges to low value items, but not intended to completely replace pure gems in the charging process. They are not recommended for use with highly prized rechargeable items.