Charming halfling hostess

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A charming halfling hostess is an NPC who runs the Nightowl Pub in Icemule Trace. Though she has a name (Sarathine), it's not generally known.


You see Sarathine the Hostess.
She appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
She appears to be rather young for a halfling.  She has sultry green eyes and pale skin.  Her silky dark red hair is worn braided down her back.  She has a narrow face, freckles and a charming smile.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a low-cut black bodice over a long sleeved crimson silk blouse, a flowing red skirt and a pair of black suede boots.  A feathered cloak with a red ruby clasp is thrown over her shoulders.


The halfling hostess sashays her way over to you and says, "Hello madam, I'm Sarathine, the Nightowl Hostess."  She then continues, "Drinks are available here in the entryway and the tables are just up the stairs."

ask hostess about menu

The hostess says, "Yes, we have a menu of drinks. Just take a look and order."  She taps the menu with her fingertip and winks at you.

ask hostess about drinks

The hostess nods to you and says, "We serve a fine selection of exotic drinks here."  She then continues, "We do serve other drinks, but only to our special patrons."

ask hostess about food

The hostess politely explains, "I'm sorry madam, but we only serve the foods that are on the menu."

ask hostess about tips

The hostess pulls you aside and quietly whispers, "I live for tips!  They don't pay me enough to work here, if you catch my drift."

ask hostess about nightowl

The hostess flashes you a bright smile and states, "We pride ourselves on being one of Icemule's finer establishments."

ask hostess about adventurers

The hostess beams and kindly exclaims, "They're the most kind and generous people I know!  Why, they're even known to tip a hardworking lass now and again!"