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This is a storyline that took place in the Platinum Instance during 2016 - 2017 and was masterminded by GM Skhorne. Official title is unknown at this time.

Chayka’s Story

Chayka is a young half-elven boy that appeared one day in Wehnimer’s Landing. At first he appears to be a bit of a miscreant due to his sticky fingers and penchant for causing trouble. Various adventurers take a liking to the boy and try to look after him as best they can; teaching him skills and providing him with food and clothing. The adventurers arrange for the Wehnimer’s Landing Orphanage to care for him as well.

In time, a young woman named Seika comes looking for Chayka and she has a tale of sorrow to share. Chayka is actually her brother and not to long ago they lived together with their father, Jeofrey, in a remote village near the town of Icemule Trace. Their father was a bit of an alchemist with some skill and was also researching necromancy. The villagers learned of his studies and decided to drive the family out of town due to their mistrust of science and magic. Seika was killed and Jeofrey was killed and dismembered so he could not be returned to life. Chayka managed to escape from the mob of angry villagers.

But if Seika was killed, how then was she alive today to speak with those gathered? Jeofrey had been successful in creating homunculus. Before his death, Jeofrey had created a total of twenty Seikas and had successfully created Chayka as well. Upon Jeofrey’s death, 8 of the Seikas awakened and began to search for Chayka and the various pieces of Jeofrey’s body. A ninth Evil Seika was also awakened at this time, but she sought to absorb the other 8 awakened Seikas and Chayka.

Seika enlists the help of adventurers in tracking down the parts of Jeofrey’s body and in helping to defend Chaya from the Evil Seika. The adventurers employ a number of means including magical scrying to track down all of the parts of Jeofrey’s body but manage to reassemble it, save for one missing eye. The missing eye is actually being used by the Evil Seika to amplify her powers, allowing her to use it as a conduit to magically assault anyone nearby without her actually being present (Very similar to the way sorcerer’s use the evil eye spell, but far more powerful). A number of Seika’s are killed and absorbed by the Evil Seika as they assist the adventurers in tracking down the parts of Jeofrey’s body and in defending Chayka from the Evil Seika over a period of several months.

After Jeofrey’s body is reassembled, he is made into a lich by the remaining Seikas. Jeofrey demands the adventurers protecting Chayka hand him over because he wants to infuse his soul into Chayka since the boy was originally created for this purpose. Adventurers adamantly refuse to allow Jeofrey to do this and vow to destroy Jeofrey should he attempt to harm Chayka in any way. Jeofrey agrees to leave Chayka alone, but asks for the help of the adventurers in creating him a new golem body to dwell within instead. Evil Seika also makes attempts to kill and absorb Jeofrey as she wants to learn the secret to creating a homunculus.

Due to absorbing the other Seikas and the manipulation of Jeofrey’s eye, Evil Seika becomes a lich as well. Evil Seika eventually forces a direct confrontation and appears in person to kill Jeofrey and Chayka. The last remaining Seikas are killed and absorbed in this battle. Despite her power, Evil Seika is overwhelmed by the combined might of the assembled adventurers and destroyed. However, Evil Seika’s lich phylactery is never found and destroyed. Unbeknownst to the adventurers, Evil Seika manages to secret herself in Qualeric’s mind while she regains enough power to manifest herself again.

In the end, Chayka is adopted by the Lady Issalya and goes to live with her in Ta’Illistim at her residence there. He has continued to appear from time to time at various events and festivals. The adventurers also succeeded in creating a new golem body for Jeofrey, but the new form greatly diminished his magical powers. Jeofrey agreed to deactivate the remaining 11 Seika Homunculi as well; his current whereabouts are unknown. Of Evil Seika… only time will tell if she manages to regain enough power to manifest herself again.