Zul Logoth Chocolate Shop

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Zul Logoth Chocolate Shop is a food shop in Zul Logoth. It is found in the Sapphire Tunnel on the east side of town, just south of the General Store. The shop is accessed through a small brown door.

[Chocolate Shop] RNUM: 9501
A wide, gold-trimmed window looks out into the Sapphire Tunnel. The faces of dwarven children are occasionally pressed against the glass as they admire the wares within. Displayed on a polished granite shelf in the window is a breathtaking assortment of chocolates. A long glaes counter also holds an assortment of mouthwatering delectables. The savory scents of chocolate and other goodies permeates the air. You also see a small brown door.


Welcome to the Zul Logoth Chocolate Shop!

The pudgy clerk offers her catalog to browse.
The pudgy clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. an axe-shaped piece of chocolate     12. a dwarven miner-shaped chocolate
  2. a block of dark chocolate            13. a handful of whiskey drops
  3. a block of white chocolate           14. a tiny chocolate stein
  4. a milk chocolate bar                 15. a tiny chocolate boulder
  5. a piece of chocolate caramel         16. a tiny chocolate ale keg
  6. a chocolate nut cluster              17. a tiny chocolate krynch
  7. a chocolate macadamia nut            18. a white chocolate toadstool
  8. a dark chocolate bar                 19. a dark chocolate toadstool
  9. a handful of ale-flavored gumdrops   20. a nutty beard-shaped chocolate
  10. a chocolate dipped almond           21. a black and white chocolate snail
  11. some dwarven rum crumb cake

  Backroom Catalog
  This shop has a backroom, however, its catalog is empty.


>look at window
Looking out the window you see the traffic steadily moving north, east and southwest through the tunnel junction.  Dwarves, particularly children, move up to press their noses against the window's glass and stare in at the displays.  Then they either happily enter the shop or they move along, usually with a sigh and a wistful expression, and go about their business.


>look on counter
On the glaes counter you see a small gold sign and a large coffee pot.

>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
Please enjoy the coffee from the pot with our compliments.  But buy chocolate!

>get coffee
You pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee.

>drink my coffee
You take a drink from your cup of coffee.  A few bright notes add a lively interest to the coffee.
You have 3 quaffs left.

>drink my coffee
You take a drink from your cup of coffee.  Mellow and smooth, the coffee has a delightful richness.
You have 2 quaffs left.

>drink my coffee
You take a drink from your cup of coffee.
You have one quaff left.

>drink my coffee
You take a drink from your cup of coffee.
That was the last of it!