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Spoken Conversation with Eldrianne Thystledowne at the Gathering on Jirikl's Hilltop

12.2.2023 Speaking to a dilapidated building, you say, "Battering is not getting drunk."
You ask, "I don't suppose you all would barter, a tale for information?"
Mongonator asks, "Barter what exactly?"
You say, "I've traveled a long way, and I'm not about to trade drinks for information."
Amminar asks, "What sort of tale?"
Guarrin adds, "And what sort of information?"
Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "I will share a tale, and you will give me information in exchange."
Mauss hesitantly asks, "...does it hafta be umm... printable?"
You say, "I'm looking for someone."
Perigourd asks, "Not Jasper De Rayne, I hope?"
Missoni curiously asks, "Who do you seek?"
You say, "I have no idea who that is."
Kalise says, "Found an assortment of someones."
Missoni mutters, "He is dead."
You say, "I'm looking for my brother."
Speaking to Missoni, Perigourd says, "Back at peace, I believe."
Mongonator asks, "Does your brother have a name?"
You ask, "How can you say that?"
You ask, "Do you know him?"
Speaking quickly to you, Missoni says, "Jesper, not your brother."
You say, "Ah."
Speaking to you, Kalise says, "Where did you misplace him? That's oft a good point of starting."
Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "Yes, Sir Norallen."
Missoni clarifies, "I do not know your brother, I am sorry to say."
You say, "It wasn't that kind of misplacing."
Speaking apologetically to you, Mauss says, "Mebbe start at da beginning? Some o' us had a drink er five."
You say, "Yes, I can see that it is a happy pass time."
Guarrin says, "I have not heard the name, although I am curious where you hail from and if he belongs to an Order."
Missoni surprisedly asks, "Sir?"
You say, "Yes, he is a knight with the Order of the Golvern Star, though he has been a way for some time and is now missing."
Speaking to you, Mauss asks, "Where was 'e last dat you know of?"
You say, "I was given that he went to the landing some few years back, but the trail went cold in the lower Dragonspine."
Missoni says, "Well, that is troubling."
You say, "I had a bit of a turn of luck recently."
Speaking to Missoni, Perigourd says, "Especially considering those of the order are quite capable."
Kalise asks, "Landing eats up and spits out the unwary. Was he unwary?"
You say, "And I thought I would share one of his tales, maybe the telling will remind someone of him."
Eralice says, "Ah."
Speaking to Kalise, you say, "He was a knight, madam."
Speaking to you, Kalise exclaims, "I hear that's even more worrying these days!"
Eralice asks, "What did we miss?"
Guarrin says, "The Golvern Star does not often send members that far north."
You ask, "Is there somewhere to sit that isn't ale sodden?"
Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "I don't know that they sent him."
You say, "He had some notions."
Mauss hesitantly says, "I ain' even 'ad much time ta walk around yet, ceptin' throwing hammers."
You say, "My brother made it is lifes work to find legendary artifacts in hopes of bringing them to the Wall."
Mongonator says, "Hmmm not sure if there is a quiet place to sit that isnt covered in ale."
Dwi heartily asks, "How yer toes doin?"
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "There are some benches in the gathering place in the center of the grounds, if you do not mind being outside."
Kalise says, "There's a tavern as well."
Speaking to Dwi, Mauss says, "Hangin' in there."
Kyaloria says, "There's an inn or something like it nearby, I think. With a bar. If you wanted to be inside."
You say, "Then let us head there and I will give my part of the bargin."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "There are several known to be in that region."
You ask, "I only just arrived and you are trust me to find a bench?"
Speaking to Guarrin, Perigourd says, "Knowing which may have piqued his interest may help in searching for him."
Dwi heartily says, "Der's some benches ober der."
Mongonator says, "You dont look threatening to me."
You say, "I wasn't trying to be threatening."
Speaking to you, Missoni offers, "Oh, I could show you, if it is helpful."
Mauss scoffs, "Like I'm supposed ta trust myself ta find a bench here?"
Kalise says, "I recommend the tavern, the business there has been quiet, this might turn his profits around."
You say, "I'd rather not go back in."
Missoni asks, "Would anyon else like to join us?"
You say, "I was thrown out for not wanting to take part in their drinking games."
Mauss says, "Ah."
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "They were fun games, but probably not so much when you are searching for someone."
Missoni says, "We shall walk."
Dwi whispers to the group, "Dat rules Mauss's pants out."
Speaking wryly to you, Neithan notes, "I didn't even make it to the drinking games because the Tug of War took all night."
You ask, "Congratulations?"
You say, "My understanding is that the Whetter does it non stop."
Speaking heartily to Perigourd, Dwi exclaims, "Duck!"
Mongonator says, "Hope this bench can sat all of us."
Missoni asks, "This will do, I hope?"
You say, "Yes, thank you."
You say, "It was a long walk."
You say, "I feel like all I've done is walk from one place to the next chasing his vague leads."
Eralice says, "Big bench."
Maylan says, "Not big enough."
Mongonator asks, "And your leads led you here?"
You say, "Though, I probably should have grabbed a map before leaving his rooms."
Speaking to you, Mauss asks, "Did 'e send letters or any such?"
You ask, "I hope so?"
Mongonator says, "Wonder what he may have sought here."
You say, "Not for some time."
Speaking heartily to her nautical chart, Dwi says, "Dis prolley wont help."
You say, "I'm looking for a Skald."
You say, "My brother mentions him in his journal."
Mongonator asks, "Arnt those on Teras?"
Kalise says, "Sometimes it's just good to let brothers fly away and go about your life without them. I recommend just relaxing and enjoying this here festival."
You say, "If only that were the case."
Mauss says, "Not fer five years."
Desorceri asks, "If he seeks legendary items... perhaps a lyturhuum might peek his interest?"
You say, "His order does not take kindly to those leaving post."
You say, "You know, it is funny you mention that, sir."
You say, "He does have a tale in here."
Xanlin cheekily asks, "Not a fan of mail, eh?"
Desorceri says, "No a skald is a type of bard."
Kalise says, "Well get them to march off and go a'look'n."
Mongonator says, "Im a bard."
You say, "It was not the one I was going to trade."
Speaking to Kalise, you say, "That's why I'm here, they are a bit occupied."
You say, "You know, defending the Demonwall..."
You say, "Just a small task."
Desorceri says, "Could prove useful perhaps."
Speaking to you, Perigourd asks, "What was the name of this skald?"
Kalise says, "Hmm, should hire more of us folks to help with the wall."
You say, "Hrondejar, he is from a Fastness up in the north."
You say, "Unfortunately, there wasn't a map."
Maylan says, "Mayhaps he met a lady."
Speaking to Kalise, Mauss says, "Dey'd need help around da clock though. thass not somethin' we're good at."
Guarrin says, "Sounds like a kindred name."
You say, "However, I have this tale and perhaps you all know the locations."
You say, "Indeed, which is why I find myself here."
Mongonator says, "Lets hear this tale."
You say, "His journal starts like so..."
You read, "A giantkin skald has arrived at the Fastness. He was greeted with familiarity by every one of the Folk whom I saw him encounter, and though they spoke to him in their own tongue and by a name in that language, they introduced him to me as Gustwyr of the Harp. The very evening after his arrival, he was mid-performance when I chanced to enter the gatherhall, and I was hard put to draw quill and parchment quickly enough to take down its ending."
Speaking heartily to Mongonator, Dwi says, "Aint no talk o' goin deef frem a, it aint ye."
You say, "I will do my best to sing the song Norallen has penned, it is only the end that he has provided."
You sing: <log2>

   "...and in the wilds of Asharikan,
    Where wondrous creatures roam,
    Where broken towers claw the sky,
    And dead make their wretched home."

</log2> Kalise says, "Sometimes the worst singing is the most memorable and the best just sounds like all those others who practiced a lot."
You sing:

   "'Tis often there, near Johlku's Birth,
    Right close by Horngel's Heart,
    Yarili danced 'round ebon flames,
    And laud the waxing dark."

</log2> You sing: <log2>

   "And nestled safe 'hind runic ward,
    The Ravager basks sublime,
    Upon his mounds of gore-drenched loot,
    Unscathed by blade and time."

</log2> You say, "Norallen continues...."
You read, "The ending of his song seemed abrupt to me, yet the entire audience at once broke out in a chorus of praise and a great thumping of steins on tables. And so, it was not long before he began another tale, this one at too quick a tempo for my inexpert talents to record apace, and so I made notes from which I have reconstructed the following summary."
Guarrin says, "Kilanirij."
You ask, "You know this place?"
Desorceri asks, "A dragon?"
Guarrin says, "The mountain you mentioned is near there."
Speaking heartily to Mongonator, Dwi says, "Always end onna drum solo."
You say, "Ah."
You say, "I will make a note."
You say, "You may know more of these places...."
You say, "Let me read on."
You read, "He sang of the Wyvern's Tower and of its naming as Khazamdul-kutolk - Geldehaar's Tomb - for she had never returned from that place. And he sang also of Zohrin's journey to that place before her, of how the talons in the Hand of Vengeance had drawn him, for they were cut from the edge of the Well of Souls, and how Zohrin had returned and passed on to meet his fate in the City of Gems, but he had left Kledmondrym, the Belt of Forging, to await his return in the Wyvern's Tower."
You read, "He spoke of Geldehaar's resolve to retrieve Kledmondrym from the tower, and to deliver it to the City of Gems to place it at Zohrin's side, so it would be at hand when he returned. But Morgat frowned upon her enterprise, and took her unawares, and she never returned from that place."
You say, "These places mean nothing to me, nor do the name."
You say, "I have no had time to research them."
You say, "Perhaps you know this next word in the passage."
You read, "Then up started the Khuzdulym, the Revered among the Folk, and she broke in upon the skald's song for the Sight had taken her, and she spoke these words..."
You ask, "What is a Khuzdulym?"
Dwi heartily says, "Bad pernouncinations."
You say, "What is the correct pronounciation? I mean no disrespect."
Mongonator says, "A seer I think."
Speaking to you, Missoni asks, "Is that not... a seer? Or a sort?"
Guarrin says, "That was correct."
You say, "Ah. That would make sense."
Dwi heartily says, "I aint fallin inna no traps."
You say, "He has recorded what the seer said."
(OOC) Dwi's player whispers to the group, "Sounds likka Khazad sumpthin."
Mauss asks, "Does 'e leave any clues to where ta find this seer?"
You recite:

   ""Fear the red metal gem! Fear the black sapphire band! Fear it as the Well of Souls!
    Blessed Gift of the Ancients, take not what you were meant to keep...!""

</log2> Speaking to Mauss, you say, "Up at this fastness, I suppose."
Mauss says, "I ain' from 'ere... mebbe we sould be askin' thems that are."
Speaking to himself, Guarrin grumbles, "Seers."
You say, "Yes, if you see them before I do, please do."
You say, "I will gladly accept all and any information."
You say, "Something has to lead to his whereabouts."
You ask, "Shall I continue with his writings?"
Missoni admits, "The maps I studied as a child were not labeled in such a way."
Missoni says, "Please."
Maylan says, "Once we find where the bouts are, it should be easy from then on."
You read, "And with that, she fainted, and in her collapse was her goblet overturned, and the wine spread as blood across the table even to the skald. And a dour mood took him and he would speak no more." You read, "Fifteen days have passed since the skald's interrupted performance of the Wyvern's Tower, and the mood that has settled upon the Folk in the Fastness is so morose that my only recourse has been to seek the company of the giantkin himself."
You ask, "What is a fastness?"
Kalise says, "If I ever had lessons in geography and history, they have faded from my mind, so these places mean little. Still say forget the man and come to the taven. Maybe the tavern is where he went all along."
Eralice asks, "A hold, or castle?"
You ask, "Is it?"
Perigourd says, "Like a fortress."
Dwi heartily says, "Opposite o' a slowness."
Mauss says, "Like a stockade mebbe? is what it sounds like."
Speaking curiously to you, Xanlin inquires, "Anything else about that loot ya mentioned earlier?"
You ask, "You mean the artifacts he was after?"
You say, "Let me read on... there is a bit in two paragraphs."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "There are many places in the mountains that are used as defensive holding points."
Speaking heartily to Mauss, Dwi says, "Is more likely a thing built outta da way...hard to gits to."
Speaking to Guarrin, Missoni asks, "Sort of natural fortifications?"
You say, "Maybe something in this writing will pin point one."
You read, "Not surprisingly, his mood has not lasted as long as that weighing upon the Fastness's inhabitants, and after three days he ceased scowling into his stein and began drinking as avidly as he had before. Indeed, he is an amiable fellow, as one might expect of a practitioner of the bardic arts, whatever the race, and he says his name is Hrondejar, which means "Walks on Clouds" in his clan's language."
Speaking to Missoni, Guarrin says, "Some, many are reinforced."
Mongonator says, "Hmm."
You read, "In the warmth of the gatherhall's blaze we have passed the hours trading tales of our homelands, although his recountings are undeniably more artful and a pleasure to witness. With very little coaxing, he launched into songs about Yunnag-sihr, the "Stormthrower" of the T'Kirem and of Yintorath, the enchanted case from which he drew his javelins of lightning. The tale was not new, but he performed it with an energy that brought it to life as I had never heard it before. He also sang of Muryn-na, Yunnag's wife and Priestess of Uhlgheer, the She-bear. Evidently, Uhlgheer gifted Muryn-na with Her shed bearskin, claws intact, and when worn by the priestess, her attacks with the oversized claws clove through bones like butter and rent her foes into pieces more quickly than could a mountain troll."
You ask, "Yunnag-sihr? Is that a weapon, yes?"
Speaking in Dwarven, Dwi heartily says something you don't understand.
You ask, "Or perhaps Yintoraht is?"
Mauss says, "Nothin' I evva heard of."
Speaking in Dwarven, Dwi quietly says something you don't understand.
Kalise says, "Don't know much about all that."
You say, "I think Yunnag-sihr must be a man."
Guarrin says, "Yunnag is a person."
Guarrin says, "Or was."
Mongonator says, "That bearskin sounds impressive."
Missoni asks, "Yes, who had javelins of lightning?"
You say, "Indeed."
You say, "These two may be things he was interested in."
Missoni says, "That does sound impressive."
You say, "Let me continue."
You read, "I confess to never having had a great interest in the Giantkin culture, although I have trained and fought beside several in Honneland's defense. So my understanding of their beliefs is greatly increased by the content of Hrondejar's tales and our conversations over the uncounted tankards of brew which we drank, bathed in the warmth of the gatherhall's hearth."
You say, "You see, my brother and I were part of the guard back home, but he left for the Demonwall. Some sense of duty, I suppose."
You say, "I remained behind."
Mongonator says, "I met someone tonight from this T'kirem clan, perhapsh she knows of this Yunnag-sihr."
Missoni says, "I am told it is a great honor to serve on the Wall."
Mauss asks, "Was he re-assigned? Or took off on his own?"
Speaking to Missoni, Maylan says, "Doesn't sound like a very fun place to be."
Guarrin asks, "Silver shields?"
Speaking to Mauss, you say, "I believe he was given leave. I am uncertain."
Speaking to Maylan, Missoni agrees, "Not at all."
Speaking heartily to Mongonator, Dwi says, "I neber ask'd wot's yer clan call."
Speaking heartily to Mongonator, Dwi asks, "Da louds?"
Mauss says, "Hmm."
Maylan says, "Still sounds like he met a lady."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Our comrade's father served amongst them as well."
Speaking to Maylan, Missoni says, "I doubt it. That would be quite a grave shirking of duty."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Sir Cryheart Thaxin's father."
You say, "Perhaps he knows of him."
You ask, "Will you ask?"
Speaking to Missoni, Maylan says, "Maybe she was a real purdy lady."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Of your brother? It has been some time since he was in Honneland."
Guarrin says, "But I will ask."
Speaking to Maylan, Mauss says, "Mebbe she had big ol' ...curves."
You say, "That would be enough."
You say, "Let me continue."
Speaking to you, Mongonator says, "Have you met Lyudmila? She seems to be in charge of the festivities here, and she is from this T'kirem clan as well, she may know more then some of us."
You read, "So it is that I was surprised to learn that the T'Kirem men revere a deity they call "Mountain Father" above all others, a being that sounds like a mixture of Koar and Eonak of the Arkati. In contrast, the women of the T'Kirem hold Uhlgheer, "Bear Mother," in the highest regard, because she embodies motherhood, nurturing, and a Giantkin virtue which Hrondejar called "harethgraad." He explained that his understanding of Common would render it as "protective ferocity," but that its employment always embodied a familial connotation, whether literally or figuratively. Among the Arkati it seems to me that Uhlgheer most closely embodies Imaeran qualities, however, I was unable to comfortably reconcile Uhlgheer's "harethgraad" aspect with any particular deity."
Speaking to Mauss, Maylan says, "Maybe she has huge tracts of land."
You read, "He also spoke of his older sister, a renowned skald in her own right, whose footsteps he chose to follow. Among his own people he is most often called Hrondejar Yomnisbrudar, such is her fame, and her abilities are as well-known as her beauty. When I commented that the life of such a skald as Yomni must be filled with the incessant harrying of unwanted "suitors," to my surprise, his reply was that to the contrary, since she wore an uhl-claw ring she rarely had to do more than flash it at an uninvited admirer and the problem was solved."
Mauss asks, "So's a T'Kirem Mama Bear?"
Speaking to Mauss, you say, "I ... think that is probably an misrepresenation of their belief."
You say, "Or an over simplifaction."
Speaking heartily to Mauss, Dwi says, "Kinda like I aint gonna be all da ferocious pertectin ye...."
Speaking to you, Mauss says, "Prolly. Mebbe."
You say, "After having traveled alone for as many days as I have, I may have to invest in an uhl-claw, if I can find one."
You say, "They sound handy."
Missoni says, "I saw them in one of the tents here."
You say, "Excellent."
Guarrin says, "Aye they can be found here."
Kalise says, "I just kill unwanted suitors."
Speaking amusedly to you, Xanlin asks, "Just fightin' off suitors, eh?"
Speaking to Xanlin, you say, "I don't know if suitors is the word I'd use."
You read, "Seeing my puzzlement and obvious ignorance, he smiled and explained that among the T'kirem men and women who wish to deter unwanted admirers, they will wear either a ring, pin, or pendant fashioned in the likeness of a bear's claw. Crafted of silver, and purportedly resembling Uhlgheer's own paw, the surface of the piece just above the claws is polished to a fine sheen and endowed with a small enchantment. Adorned with a tiny crimson droplet aligned with each claw, when tilted in the direction of an uninvited fancier the argent piece will precisely reflect the image of the fancier's own face suitably decorated with parallel gashes, each ending at a drop of blood. He assured me that the message is unfailingly received in every instance and the problem is solved before it can begin."
You read, "He told me the uhl-claw jewelry is worn not only by members of his clan but is commonly employed to similar effect by any and all Giantkin and is even worn by those of other races who desire the same efficacity. Considering the extent of my travels and the number of giantkin I have encountered, the fact that I was totally ignorant of the effect which an uhl-claw ring or pendant might produce seemed to impress the skald. I think that from then on when I chanced to speak of my striving to honor any and all of the fairer sex, it no longer drew that knowing smile with the touch of smugness from him that it had prior." Mauss playfully asks, "Whass they do about narcissists then?"
Speaking heartily to Mauss, Dwi says, "Make em mayer."
Saesyra says, "Might be worth having two of those."
You say, "There, the journal pauses for many days."
You ask, "Do any of these locations mean anything to you?"
Missoni asks, "The Vaalorians have towers in the mountains. Perhaps the Wyvern's Tower is one of theirs?"
Mauss confesses, "I been lost fer a hot minute."
Desorceri asks, "Could the City of Gems be Ta'Illistim or some Giantkin city perhaps?"
Guarrin says, "Quite possible."
Speaking to Desorceri, Missoni says, "Ah, yes, Shining City, City of Gems..."
You say, "Perhaps."
Speaking to Missoni, Kalise says, "Agreed, I spent time over there, so that wrang a bell, but I don't remember a particular tower of theirs."
Desorceri says, "I was thinking Ta'Vaalor when I heard wyvern for sure."
Kalise says, "Of course, I don't remember a lot of things."
You say, "I should like to find this Hrondejar to ask."
Mauss recalls, "Dere was a lotta gems outside ta'Illi's gate when I went last."
Dwi heartily says, "Der was one place dat was alla bout shiney rocks...but doubt any da biggums aroun is ol' nuff to know where it was."
Missoni says, "There was one in the mountains north of Icemule near where the Ravager lays buried."
Desorceri says, "The Fastness must be a giantkin refuge."
Missoni says, "Which I believe was mentioned, also."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "None of that would put him in the direction of the Landing though."
Guarrin says, "Kilanirij. Illistim, if it is the city of gems. Wyvern tower."
Speaking to you, Perigourd says, "Khazamdul-kutolk sounds dwarvish to me."
You say, "Truth, but the last letters, according to his comrades, were from that area."
Speaking to you, Missoni asks, "Before he wrote this journal?"
Speaking heartily to Perigourd, Dwi says, "Takin like almos means "Keep da flies outta da budder churn"."
You say, "Unfortunately, in his infinite wisdom, he did not keep dates."
Dwi heartily says, "Yeah..."
Dwi heartily says, "Lost in."
You say, "I only came here because I thought such a large gathering of giantkin would be a good place to start."
Kalise says, "I have not spent much time around the Landing to know if much of that fits."
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "Did his comrades mention any details from the letters? Perhaps they kept the stamps or something identifying..."
You say, "Surely someone must know of the skald."
Guarrin says, "Someone here might, certainly."
Maylan says, "I know a lot of bardly folk with their heads in the clouds. Not so sure about the feet."
You say, "You mentioned a Lyturhuum and he does have something in here."
You say, "But it is a long tale."
You say, "And I am fresh from the road."
Alosaka asks, "A... Lyturhuum?"
Speaking to you, Mauss asks, "Was meanin' ta ask... how'd and where'd ya git the journal?"
Missoni asks, "Perhaps that is the skald from that traveling village?"
Alosaka asks, "A giantkin term?"
Mongonator asks, "Is this Skald's name Kritael?"
Speaking to Alosaka, Guarrin says, "A helm of sorts."
Speaking to Mauss, you say, "In a secreted room I managed to track down at a distant in."
You heavily say, "One of many."
Speaking heartily to Alosaka, Dwi says, "Biggums haff borrow lotta words frem us."
Speaking to Alosaka, Guarrin says, "If you are skilled with the runes and Ikarrak, one may find use for such an item."
Mauss says, "Hmm."
Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "No, it was Hrondejar."
Dwi heartily says, "Anna bicey bercey."
Mongonator says, "Ahh."
Mongonator says, "Aopologies."
Speaking to Perigourd, Missoni says, "You know the one. We sometimes stumble upon it."
Speaking to Missoni, Perigourd says, "It's been some time."
You say, "I apologize if I was waspish earlier."
You say, "I just didn't have the patience to trade information for a drinking game."
Speaking regretfully to you, Missoni says, "I am sorry we do not have more definitive answers for you."
Speaking to you, Mauss says, "I think ya oughta show dat book ta some smart-like Giant-kin. They could prolly help."
You say, "That is a fast way to get into compromised situtations."
Mongonator says, "No need to apologize, you should meet people around Whenimehr's Landing."
Mauss admits, "I been lost fer a while now, like I said."
You say, "I was hoping to avoid the Frontier Town, I have heard Imperials are not wanted there."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Our Holding is nearby, you would be welcome there."
Mongonator says, "I meant that in jest, my lady."
Alosaka says, "It depends on your business in town."
You say, "That is kind of you."
Speaking to you, Maylan says, "Some folk would say that, not all of us."
Amos says, "Yes, it certainly depends on your business."
Missoni says, "It is not all that bad. One just must keep one's wits."
Speaking to you, Maylan says, "You'd find welcome round Shanty Town any time you care to."
Speaking heartily to Maylan, Dwi says, "No...she's rite."
Desorceri says, "Perhaps better answers can be found tomorrow afternoon. Some giantkin..."
Speaking to Amos, Guarrin greets, "Cousin."
Speaking slowly to Amos, Alosaka greets, "Lord Amos."
Speaking to Dwi, Mongonator says, "Guard Eldrianne."
Amos says, "Good evening."
Speaking to Guarrin, you mouth, "Lord of what?"
Amos asks, "I trust you are all enjoying the games?"
Speaking carefully to you, Alosaka says, "Lord Amos is one of the Landing's leading citizens."
Speaking to Amos, Guarrin notes, "You missed some of them."
You say, "Ah."
Speaking cheerfully to Amos, Missoni says, "They have been great fun."
Amos says, "At least, these games, the ones so easily seen and made clear. Unlike the games of court and politics and silver."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "He runs a consortium."
You say, "Perhaps, his lordship has heard of my brother in passing."
Speaking to Amos, Perigourd says, "One does prefer a straightforward set of rules."
Speaking to Amos, Mauss exclaims, "I almost threw a hammer three brace hunnerd feet!"
Speaking heartily to Perigourd, Dwi says, "Oh...I think maybe it coulda been translated as Lord o' da flies in da budder churn."
Amos says, "A feat indeed."
Speaking to Dwi, Perigourd says, "That may be a bit messy to clean."
Speaking heartily to Perigourd, Dwi says, "Yeah...but budder was inbolbed."
Neithan notes, "Someone at the Tug of War fell in Rolton Dung."
You confess, "I fear I did not make it in time for the games, though perhaps I ought to compete in hopes of gaining the local attention."
Speaking to Amos, Desorceri asks, "Do you know of Sir Norallen?"
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Amos here may know your brother. He has many ears about town."
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "There will be more feats of strength tomorrow, I hear."
Speaking to you, Mauss says, "No, they don' charge ta arm-wrestle me."
Mauss demurs, "But then, I might be asleep."
You hesitantly ask, "Is that a euphemism?"
Speaking to you, Desorceri says, "Perhaps some of our kind hosts will have answers. The next game is scheduled for 3 hours past midday."
Neithan casually mentions, "Colloquialism."
Mauss asks, " it supposed ta be?"
Speaking to Desorceri, you say, "I will make an effort to be present."
Amos says, "Sir Norallen...."
Dwi heartily says, "Arm wrasslin Mauss is wot we call a haff off sale at Gutstorm's shop."
Speaking sourly to Dwi, Mauss says, "...Hmmph."
Amos asks, "The bladeless knight?"
Amos says, "At least in some circles, I mean no offense from me."
You say, "He was looking for a legendary weapon."
You say, "Nothing to offend."
You say, "I was unclear on why he took up the search."
Amos says, "I presume by your presence here, he was not successful in his hunt? At least not yet."
You say, "Well, he's gone missing, sir."
You say, "Apologies.."
You say, "My name is Eldrianne Thystledown, I'm his sister."
Amos says, "I am sorry to hear that. Of his missing."
You gratefully say, "Thank you."
Amos says, "Perhaps there is hope, and that his quest has taken him to farther lands, with little means to communicate."
You uncertainly say, "Perhaps."
You say, "But enough time has passed that I've been tasked with trying to find him."
Amos says, "Often, when a man has set his eyes on a true prize, there is little to stop them. Even death."
You begrudgingly say, "Indeed."
Kalise says, "Women are smart enough to stop before death."
Guarrin muses, "Or he ran into someone else in the dragonsclaw that does possess an artifact or two."
Missoni reassuringly says, "He has found a friend in this skald, at least. Perhaps they are traveling together."
You say, "Perhaps."
Mauss says, "Seems like... ta find him, we gots ta find this fastness. So's we got to find a smart Kin folk. Or someone thass seen him."
You say, "Perhaps I should get some sleep."
You say, "It has been a long walk."
Neithan softly admits, "It is getting late."
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "We shall keep our eyes open."
You say, "Tomorrow, I will shaer the tale of Rhalmytur and the Lyturhuum in hopes that triggers something else with you."
Speaking warmly to you, Neithan assures, "I appreciate all the information you've taken the time to share tonight."
Speaking to you, Mauss asks, "Needin' a nightcap ma'am?"
Kalise says, "I still say he'll just turn up eventually, relax and enjoy the festival."
Speaking to Mauss, you say, "I think just a bed."
You say, "I do not want for alcohol as some do."
Maylan says, "Oh boy, more story time."
Maylan says, "I look forward to it."
Dwi heartily says, "Hair trigger stories."
You ask, "There is an Inn, yes?"
Speaking to you, Mauss exclaims, "Thass beyond me power I'm afraid, but I'll wish ya good night!"
Maylan says, "Good night."
You say, "Good night."