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Spoken Conversation with Eldrianne Thystledowne at the Gathering on Jirikl's Hilltop whereby a Tale is bartered for an Arisaid

You say, "Good midday to you."
Guarrin says, "Followed by team tug of war and the caber toss."
Speaking softly to Guarrin, Saverik says, "Thanks."
You say, "I did not mean to sleep so long. I suppose the road was longer and I was more tired than I realized."
Fryzel reminds, "Don't forget to bring your herbs and healers for the slalom."
Speaking warmly to you, Rohese greets, "Good afternoon."
Guarrin amusedly says, "Perhaps a cleric as well."
Speaking politely to Rohese, you greet, "Lady."
Speaking happily to Fryzel, Aubriella exclaims, "Thank you so much!"
You say, "Has anyone seen the loremaster?" She cranes her neck to look around those gathered. "I was hoping for a word... In case she has information on some of the names and locations mentioned last evening."
Speaking to Olenor, Vrathos says, "I like that tartan pattern."
You say, "And to barter my brother's next tale for that information."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "She was around earlier, I mentioned your search."
Vrathos says, "Fyg."
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "She seemed inclined to help."
You carefully say, "Abrupt fellow."
You ask, "Truly?"
Speaking tentatively to you, Rohese says, "That would depend on which Loremaster you are looking for."
You ask, "Is there more than one present this festival?"
Whee exclaims, "Thank you, Fryzel!"
Guarrin asks, "Am I up already?"
Speaking to Guarrin, Fryzel says, "We're speedy when inebriated."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese introduces, "Rohese Bayvel Illistim, Loremaster and Affiliate of the Unending Circle, at your service."
Mythlore deeply says, "Quick n' nimble fingers."
You surprisedly say, "Oh."
You say, "Oh, Lady, my apologies. I did not realize."
Speaking to Fryzel, Guarrin says, "I have some stout for you as well if you'd like."
Speaking kindly to you, Rohese says, "Not at all, you weren't to know."
You apologetically offer, "Though, I did mean the loremaster of the T'kirem, though her name escapes me."
You ask, "Are you at all familiar with Giantkin lore?"
Speaking understandingly to you, Rohese says, "Of course."
Fyg exclaims, "Still alive!"
Speaking apologetically to you, Rohese says, "No, that isn't really my area of research."
You say, "Understood."
You ask, "What about legendary artifacts?"
You ask, "In a general sort of fashion?"
Uniana quips, "She knows fashion in the general sort."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese apologizes, "Not really, I'm more ...."
You say, "I fear I am a fair way from fashion needs."
You thoughtfully say, "Though--- some may disagree."
Fyg exclaims, "Thank you ever so much, Mister Vrathos!"
Uniana appreciatively says, "I like your pendant."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Oh, as I was saying the lorekeeper knew of the skald your brother was talking to. A brother and sister."
Fyg exclaims, "And thank you to the kind benefactor!"
You say, "Thank you, Lady."
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "I can make you a nice arisaid. It'll fix you right up."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese compliments, "You look fine to me."
You say, "That is excellent news."
Speaking to Vrathos, you ask, "An arisaid?"
You ask, "Can I fight in it?"
Speaking quietly to you, Brynnhilde says, "I do."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese offers, "I am wearing one, if that helps."
You say, "Most generous."
Speaking to Brynnhilde, Vrathos asks, "Show her yours?"
Speaking softly to you, Rohese says, "Apologies."
You say, "That is a fine weave."
Fyg exclaims, "I hope everyone has a wonderful day!"
You say, "It looks soft.... and warm."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese comments, "That are very comfortable."
Fyg says, "Good luck to the.. slalom participants."
You say, "I would be honored, thank you, kind sir."
Speaking quietly to you, Brynnhilde says, "It is mystically warm in the winter and breathes in the summer."
Speaking to Brynnhilde, you say, "This sounds ideal."
Speaking to Vrathos, you ask, "I fear I have no coin to trade with, but perhaps I could barter a tale from my brother's journal?"
Mythlore deeply says, "Oooh, a tale."
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "I would accept a tale."
You say, "My brother has penned one of the Skald Hrondejar's tales of the Wsalmir clan."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Oh? Those are always fascinating."
You say, "He has no fewer than three chapters on shared time with the skald."
You say, "Which is why I'm looking for him."
You say, "Anyway, let me commence."

You clearly read, "Towards the end of Hrondejar's stay at The Fastness, our discussions tended more towards the topic of an afterlife and whether in fact there is such a thing. As it turns out, the T'Kirem believe that a goodly number of their ancestors' spirits can and have chosen either not to travel on from this world or to return with some frequency, the better to aid their descendants and help ensure the success of their clan. Out of the need to be able to communicate with those spirits, an interesting custom has come into being."
Mythlore deeply says, "My thanks, good merchant."
Speaking to Rohese, you confide, "One of the giantkin informed me last night that a fastness is a type of keep or stronghold in the mountains."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese exclaims, "It is!"
You read, "Among the Wsalamir, a tradition arose ages ago that has since spread throughout the Giantkin clans to varied degrees. This is the use of a ram's horn headdress, known as a "lyturhuurn", to aid the seers in hearing the voices of the spirits who have gone on before. While the surface of the skullcap may be covered by whatever skin, scales, or feathers the particular practitioner or tribe favors, the attachment of a pair of curled ram's horns is considered crucial to the effectiveness of the headgear, and the more extensive the spirals the better. Because of this, a seer's standing can often be recognized simply by the magnificence of the horns upon his or her headdress, although in general both the quality of the skullcap's covering and the length of the headdress's trailer also provide an indication of the medium's relative station."
You ask, "What was the word that was used last night to mean a seer?"
You ask, "Khuz something?"
You slowly say, "Khuzdulym." You say, "Yes, that is it."
You say, "A revered one."
You quickly say, "Let me continue."
You read, "The explanation for the horns' effectiveness as an aid to communing with spirits is based upon two qualities."
You read, "First, as the horns are hollow and the voices of the spirits are ethereal and wisp-like in nature, the horns work to trap the voices and direct them toward the seer's mind. The spiral form of the horns is believed to be important because the spirits' voices tend to take on a spiral form themselves, which is in large part what makes them so hard for the living to hear in the first place."
You read, "Second, the belief that the number of creatures that could provide similar spiral structures with the residual imprints of fewer thoughts would be hard to find. Imprints caused by a being's thoughts are believed to work as impurities or hindrances to hearing the voices of the spirits, so any natural object incorporated into a seer's or shaman's headgear benefits from as great a lack of imprints as possible. This quality could also be attributed to the number and potential interference of the seer's own thoughts and by extension the benefit of a relative lack thereof, but Hrondejar merely mentioned the possibility and chose to end that line of speculation with a wink."
Rohese softly murmurs, "Interesting."
You read, "Once he had provided me with this foundational information, he launched into a rather fanciful, singsong recounting of a renowned seer named "Rahmlytur" who had served Aemarlantea's grandson, Gurnfyr the Vast. While I could attempt to recount the ballad word-for-word, it would lose a great deal due to the lack of Hrondejar's remarkable voice, and a predominantly fanciful rhyme is all that would remain. Hence my prose version which follows:"
You ask, "Does anyone know of this Aemarlantea?"
You ask, "Or Gurnfyr?"
Missoni murmurs, "I do not."
Speaking slowly to herself, Rohese enunciates, "Aemarlantea."
Guarrin admits, "I have not heard of the names."
You quietly comment, "Unfortunate."
Mythlore amazedly asks, "Fascinatin! can ya sing it?"
You carefully say, "I .. can attempt."
Guarrin says, "Hrondejar is t'kirem, or so I was told this morning, but I do not know any song of Aemarlantea. Perhaps they are of another clan."
You read, "One midwinter's evening, towards the end of a particularly long banquet within Gurnfyr's longhouse, an aspiring seer named Fhusmund sat dozing somewhat fitfully at the bottom of the leper's pit; a rather deep hole, customarily maintained within the hall of any clan chieftain who was easily offended by the comments of entertainers, visitors, or aspiring seers; when a loud SLAM!... SLAM!... SLAM!..." She emphasis each 'slam' by pounding her fist on the bench."... set the hall's paired door panels to shivering!"
Missoni sheepishly says, "I have discovered I know precious little of the Kindred clans."
Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "Yes, I believe his Wsalmir."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Ah, that would explain it. Hard to come by their history for me at least."
Speaking to Mythlore, you say, "Probably better if I just read... its hard to piece out the rhyme and tune."
Perigourd says, "They tend to keep heavily to themselves from what I know."
You say, "It makes me wonder if this Fastness is very far north indeed."
You read, "The chieftain's doorguard lifted the oaken bar from its brackets and swung the door open, just enough to peer outside, then leapt aside as a huge, curly-horned mountain sheep plowed into the hall! The self-invited guest dug in its hooves and skidded to a halt just short of the longhall's firepit. A heartbeat later the second doorguard stepped up and ran his spear through the ram's neck, dropping him like a stone. Shouts of consternation mixed with amazement and outrage filled the hall, and Gurnfyr heaved himself to his feet long enough to shout, "Toss him in the pit with the other idiot!" before settling his bulk once more onto its throne."
You slowly comment, "Seems a bit... harsh... who was knocking?"
Rohese sadly comments, "Poor sheep."
Missoni asks, "Was the sheep knocking?"
You say, "Let us find out."
You read, "No sooner was it said than it was done, and Fhusmund found himself sharing the pit with a dead ram of extraordinary dimensions. Now the seer was by no means sober, but even his besotted brain could not deny the presence of the ram's spirit, which paced round and round the walls of the pit almost as soon as its corpse had hit the ground."
Missoni murmurs, "Would they not eat the ram?"
You say, "I suppose not."
Guarrin says, "Odd."
You read, ""Stop that!" implored Fhusmund, "You're making my head ache worse."."
You read, ""I will not!" replied the ram's spirit, its tone laden with indignation and outrage, "I did as they told me to do, and I was killed for it and thrown down here. It's not right!"."
You say, "It seems the sheep agrees with you."
Missoni asks, "They?"
You read, "The seer blinked."
You read, ""Who told you to do what?" he asked."
You say, "It seems old Fhusmund wants to know the same."
You confusedly distract, "Is that a talking potato?"
You quietly observe, "There are all manner of oddities in the north."
You continue, "The sheep responds."
You read, ""I was standing in my pen, munching my own hay, minding my own business, when they started shouting at me! They are shouting at me still! Can't you hear them?"."
You read, ""Can't I hear who?" Fhusmund couldn't help but ask."
You read, ""The voices!" replied the ram's spirit, obviously amazed at the seer's ignorance."
You read, ""What voices!?"."
You say, "That last bit was Fhusmund's response."
You say, "In case anyone has lost the thread."
Rohese sympathetically sighs, "The poor sheep was tormented and then killed."
You say, "This next is the sheep."
You read, ""The voices of the chieftain's sire and grandsire, they ordered me to enter this hall and warn him!"."
You say, "Ah, I guess, this answers that."
Missoni slowly asks, "So the ram could hear the spirits, and the seer could hear the ram?"
You say, "Aemarlantea is the grandsire and the reason you've not heard of him."
You say, "So it would seem."
You read, ""Of course they are," replied the ram, "But their spirits have returned to warn the chieftain, and since there is no seer around to hear them, they ordered me to charge in here and warn him myself."."
You read, ""But I'm a seer," stated Fhusmund indignantly, "and I have been here all evening. Why didn't they just talk to me?"."
You read, ""Well, obviously you can't hear them, can you," stated the ram slowly and clearly, as if instructing a halfwit on how to chew his food."
You ask, "The sheep is a bit cheeky, hmm?"
You read, ""How can you hear them when I can't?" asked the seer, "You're just a sheep!"."
Rohese softly huffs, "Just a sheep."
You read, ""What do you mean...?" began the ram, then paused. "Wait a moment. I will tell you why I can hear them and you can't, but first, you need to let me inhabit your body so I can warn the chieftain. At least that way my spirit will be allowed to rest."."
Vrathos mutters, "They're never just sheep."
You ask, "Truthfully?"
You ask, "Are the sheep up north more mystical than those of the lowlands?"
Vrathos mysteriously says, "Maybe."
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "In stories, I meant."
You say, "Oh.. hmm."
You say, "Ah."
Vrathos says, "In the world, I have not spent a lot of time with them to know."
You read, "Now Fhusmund was no fool, even while drunk, and he knew if he once gave over his body to the ram's spirit he would have no chance of ever getting it back. And so his mind set to work, intent upon outwitting the clever sheep."
Missoni mutters, "Good luck."
You read, ""I propose a contest instead," suggested the seer, "We will each pose a riddle, and the winner gets what they want."."
You say, "This part gets confusing... at least to me."
Rohese excitedly exclaims, "Oh, I love riddles!"
You say, "But I will read on, perhaps it makes more sense to you."
You read, "Realizing that he had the sheep's attention, Fhusmund continued on before the ram could interrupt."
You read, ""Now, if we both fail to answer the riddles, then the second one to fail loses, and if we both answer correctly, then the first to answer correctly wins. If I fail to answer yours but you answer mine, then I will let you inhabit my body long enough to warn the chieftain, but if you fail to answer mine and I answer yours, then you must tell me the secret of how you can hear the spirits better than I."."
You say, "That seems like some convoluted ruling."
You read, "The seer smiled as slyly as he could and concluded, "Now, I will tell you my riddle first and you must answer it, then you will tell me yours."."
Missoni says, "The rules themselves are like a riddle, truly."
You read, ""Wait a moment!" said the ram. "Why do you get to go first?"."
Rohese softly says, "I'm still trying to unriddle them."
You read, ""Because I came up with the idea and the rules," answered Fhusmund. "It's only fair."."
You say, "This does not seem fair to me."
You say, "Perhaps roshambo would have been a touch fairer.. but I suppose difficult on account of the hooves."
You ask, "Would he always have been rock?"
You read, ""This will never do," countered the ram. "I won't agree to the contest unless I get to tell mine first."."
Vrathos says, "Split hooves. Scissors."
You say, "Good call."
You read, "The seer frowned and cast sidelong glances at the ram for several long moments."
You read, ""You had best hurry," said the ram, "if I do not warn the chieftain quickly enough I may have no reason to agree to anything with you."."
Rohese softly exclaims, "Good for you, sheep!"
You read, "Fhusmund sighed, plainly giving in against his better judgement, "Alright, you tell me your riddle first."."
Mythlore deeply says, "The ram who stood their ground."
You say, "Ah, the ram gets his way."
You read, "The ram's spirit cleared its ethereal throat and recited:"
You recite:

   "Ivory curls, thick and soft,
Mounted slopes, quickly conquered.
Wind-scenting, blood-boiling,
Turf-cutting, head-butting,
Victor's spoil."

Rohese softly exclaims, "Oh!"
Missoni confusedly says, "It sounds like a goat."
You offer, "I can wait if you wish to attempt it on your own..." Glancing at the pages. "The choice is yours..."
Giogionni says, "Ya had me at mounted slopes."
Missoni asks, "Or some sort of flower, perhaps?"
You carefully ask, "Shall I continue?"
You read, "Fhusmund decided the answer was really quite simple, although it was a bit embarrassing that the sheep had gotten a couple of the phrases wrong. "It's, uh, you," he muttered, deciding against suggesting any particular corrections."
You read, "The ram's spirit blinked, then snorted in frustration."
You read, ""You fooled me," accused the ram, "you don't look like a ram or a shepherd."."
You read, "The seer frowned for a moment, then shrugged."
You recite:

   "Alright, I guessed yours, now here's my riddle:
Why do you fear me so?
What have I done to warrant such aversion?
Why does the common numerator, the common ruminator frighten so?
Why is the seat of fear a source of fear?"

You say, "There's more."
You recite:

   "Bastion of precious thoughts from dawn 'til death, what have I done to deserve such dread?
Cradle of vision, hinge pin of discourse.
Were I lacking, mirrors would be counted as a curse.
A calcified casement for your consciousness.
Why do you loathe my nakedness, and play at appending crossbones?""

Giogionni says, "Now ya had me at nakedness."
Rivienne asks, "A skull?"
You say, "Yes, I read that correctly."
You read, "The ram's spirit paced slowly around the pit three times before saying a word."
You read, ""That really is a rather long riddle," he said accusingly. "Perhaps you are counting on a mere sheep not being able to remember it all...?"."
You read, "Fhusmund thought it best to not say a word."
You read, ""I was never good with fractions," the dead ram admitted, "Is the numerator the number on top or the one on the bottom?"."
You read, ""It's the one on the top," replied the seer, feeling generous."
Rohese playfully exclaims, "Where's the Magister when you need her!"
You ask, "Oh, there is a magister around these parts?"
Speaking carefully to you, Rohese explains, "I'm not sure she's present at the games."
Guarrin says, "Usually one ore two in the north."
You read, ""And when you say 'common ruminator' do you consider my kind to be common, or do you consider roltons or cattle to be common?"."
You read, ""Ruminator doesn't mean 'one who chews things' in this case," corrected Fhusmund, beginning to feel a bit exasperated, "it means 'one who reflects upon things.'"."
You read, ""And you don't think sheep, roltons, or cattle reflect upon things?" asked the ram, sounding mildly offended."
You read, ""That's not what I meant," said the seer."
Rohese softly echoes, "Clever sheep!"
Vrathos says, "Never underestimate sheep."
Speaking to Rohese, Missoni says, "He is going to get the seer to give away the puzzle."
You read, ""Fine," replied the ram's spirit, "and what is a mirror?"."
Mythlore deeply says, "There's more'n fluff between that one's ears."
Speaking to Vrathos, Giogionni says, "And never estimate under sheep."
You read, ""It is a piece of metal that is polished so you can see your reflection, like looking into a puddle or a pond," answered Fhusmund. "Do you know what crossbones are?"."
You read, ""Don't you," countered the ram."
You read, "Fhusmund sighed. "Do you give up?"."
You read, ""Give up?" asked the sheep, "We're standing in a pit with my corpse lying here staring up at us, and you think I can't solve this riddle? I am hovering here close enough to touch my own skull!"."
Speaking to Rivinne, you say, "Well puzzled."
You read, "The seer blinked and cleared his throat."
You read, ""Uh, well, since you put it that way, fine." conceded Fhusmund. "So we both guessed right. Now, according to the rules, because my correct guess happened before yours, you need to tell me why you can hear the spirits more easily than I can."."
Rivienne says, "But.."
You say, "Oh, yes... huh..."
You say, "I uh... suppose that was part of those convoluted rules."
You read, "Now it was the ram's turn to blink, and if spirits could blush he would have."
You read, ""It is the horns," he admitted with a sigh. "My magnificent horns not only help me to win the most ewes, but they also trap the spirits' voices and gather them to my mind so I can hear them. In fact, it works so well that sometimes it is almost maddening! Like tonight!"."
Rohese amusedly murmurs, "Modest sheep."
You say, "Oh dear."
You read, ""So, if I take your horns and wear them on my head I will be able to hear the spirit of the chieftain's sire?" asked the seer."
You read, ""And his grandsire's," amended the ram."
Speaking to Rohese, you say, "Lady, you may wish to block your ears for this next part."
You read, "Anxious to test the ram's claim, Fhusmund drew out his knife and began sawing through the dead ram's neck."
You read, ""Do you mind!?" the ram's spirit demanded."
Speaking vaguely to you, Rohese asks, "Can I listen again now?"
You read, ""What?" replied the seer, not pausing from his task, "It's not like you can feel it. And you have no more use for it, but I do."."
You read, ""You are barbaric," admonished the ram, "I am no longer surprised that you were able to answer my riddle."."
You read, "Within a matter of minutes, Fhusmund had managed to sever the ram's head and crush all of the poor beast's skull except for the piece that spanned between the two massive horns. Cutting everything else away he settled the bloody, makeshift headdress onto his head and jammed the horns down until they were both seated snugly against his own skull."
Speaking to Rohese, Giogionni exclaims, "He cut the ram's head off!"
You say, "It is safe now, we have saved you frrom the passage but--"
Speaking slowly to Giogionni, you say, "How.. uncouth..."
Speaking to Giogionni, Vrathos says, "Rather rude, really."
Speaking tearfully to Giogionni, Rohese says, "Why would you do that."
You comfortingly offer, "At least he was dead?"
Giogionni slowly whispers aloud, "She needs to know."
Speaking to Rohese, Vrathos assures, "I am sure he will get what is owed to him."
You slowly ask, "Shall I... continue?"
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "Please, go on."
You read, "He had barely cleared his own mind of thoughts and assumed his best "listen to the spirits" posture, when a pair of voices seemed to rush at him out of the distance, demanding action and shouting of Gurnfyr's imminent death! He was forced to wrench the horns from his head just so he could hear his own thoughts."
You read, ""See," said the ram. "Now, let me inhabit your body long enough to warn the chieftain. You know I am telling the truth about the threat, and we have an agreement. I have kept my part of it."."
You read, ""Not so fast," replied the seer. "I know what will happen once you have my body. You might warn the chieftain just fine, but you won't give it back to me when you're done, and I will spend the rest of my days running up and down the mountainside, butting heads and chasing ewes. Everyone will think I've gone mad! And I would have to be mad to even think of giving you control."."
You say, "That does seem a rather funny thought..."
Mythlore deeply says, "He's prolly right."
You read, "The ram's spirit positively glared at Fhusmund. "If you don't keep your end of the bargain, I shall haunt you until the day you die!" proclaimed the ram."
You read, ""Better that than a lifetime of madness and chasing ewes!" replied the seer, and he began shouting to Gurnfyr and his guards."
Speaking to Giogionni, Vrathos whispers aloud, "You could try apologizing."
You read, "In short order, Fhusmund managed to convince the chieftain of the impending danger, and after donning his makeshift headgear a couple more times to obtain details from the two dead chieftains' spirits he was able to identify the would-be assassins. Within minutes Fhusmund was transformed from an occupant of the leper's pit to an honored seer seated at Gurnfyr's right hand."
Speaking tightly to Giogionni, Rohese says, "Be careful you don't get haunted."
You read, "The only drawback was that the dead ram's spirit appeared to be as good as his word. From the moment Fhusmund warned the chieftain, the ram never left the seer's side and repeatedly shouted a rather short list of derogatory names. Even without wearing the ramshorns, Fhusmund had to make an effort to carry on a conversation over the spirit's constant tirade. In fact, before the evening's end, the seer's ever-present distraction led Gurnfyr to re-christen him "He Who Listens to a Rutting Sheep", and so Rahmlytur became his name from that day onward."
Speaking to Rohese, Giogionni mouths, "I'm sorry."
Speaking appreciatively to Giogionni, Rohese mouths, "Thank you."
You say, "I suppose the sheep won in the end."
Missoni laughingly says, "A clever sheep."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese says, "What a clever sheep."
Speaking to Vrathos, you ask, "Has this tale been enough of a trade for your offer of an Arisaid, fine merchant?"
Mythlore deeply laughs, "Rutting sheep."
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "It has."
Rivienne says, "And here I thought the seer didn't technically answer correctly."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese commends, "A wonderful tale, beautifully told."
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "Thank you for sharing the tale with all of us."
You say, "Thank you."
You say, "Hopefully, the other loremaster can find that lead for me."
You say, "There are new faces here, though."
Speaking to you, Vrathos asks, "What are you looking for a lead on?"
Speaking to Vrathos, you say, "My brother, Norallen."
Speaking sympathetically to you, Rohese asks, "You've lost your brother?"
You slowly say, "Lost is an operative word."
You say, "I didn't misplace him."
You say, "He has wandered off in search of legendary artifacts."
You ask, "What did Lord Amos call him last night?"
You ask, "The knight without a sword?"
Missoni says, "The bladeless knight."
You say, "Yes, that was it."
Vrathos says, "That is typically an epic journey. It's unsurprising he's not returned yet."
You say, "Its been some time..."
Speaking sincerely to you, Rohese says, "Then I hope you find the leads you are looking for."
Kyaloria says, "One can wander nearly anywhere looking for the legandary."
You say, "Thank you."
Speaking deeply to Vrathos, Mythlore says, "I recommend tomato red as a color for the arisaid. Just sayin."
Speaking to you, Vrathos asks, "If legendary artifacts were easy to find, there'd be nothing left for people to search for, would there?"
You say, "I suppose not."
Speaking to Mythlore, Vrathos says, "I was going to gift her one from my clan."
Speaking deeply to Vrathos, Mythlore says, "Oh well, that's nice too."
Speaking slowly to Mythlore, you say, "I thought perhaps you were trying to imply I needed it because my telling was so poorly done people were going to throw tomatoes at me and the color would let it blend."
Speaking politely to Vrathos, Rohese inquires, "And which is your clan, good sir?"
Kyaloria says, "Though, I suppose one could argue that artifacts are only legendary once they have been found and a legend created about them."
Mythlore deeply says, "Oh nawww, nawww, your story is great. I just think you might want to share my fashion sense."
Speaking to Kyaloria, you say, "I think he is seeking the legend first."
Speaking to Rohese, Vrathos says, "Issimir Ogre Clan."
Guarrin casually admits, "Amos made an interesting point about the weapons only becoming legendary because of who wielded them."
You say, "Admittedly, I should probably have searched his room for maps, but when I heard that the games were happening and I was only a days travel away... it might be better to get here fast."
Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "True.... Norallen wanted desperately to be one of those people. It was his quest, you might say."
Speaking graciously to you, Rohese says, "I'm so happy you did or I wouldn't have had the chance to meet you."
You say, "Which is why he was given leave from the Wall, though I think they did not anticipate it being for so long."
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "I will return shortly."
Guarrin adds, "The golvern star are not reknown for their vast supply of artifacts though."
Kyaloria asks, "Then perhaps finding the storytellers, keepers of legends, would be more effective than looking for your brother?"
Speaking hopefully to Rohese, you say, "Perhaps his journey will bring me to your homeland...."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese says, "You would be most welcome in the Shining City."
Missoni says, "Her brother did find a storyteller. Perhaps the skald told him of a weapon."
You ask, "Oh, you are from the Shining City?"
Speaking proudly to you, Rohese says, "I am."
You ask, "Have you...." She quickly opens the book and rummages through the pages. "... ever heard it called..." She scans the pages quickly, her finger landing on a phrase. "The city of gems?"
Rohese slowly repeats, "The city of gems."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Also, the wyvern tower may be worth mentioning to our elven friends."
Mythlore wonderingly asks, "Gems?"
You say, "Oh, yes."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese posits, "That could refer to our love of glimaerstones."
You thoughtfully say, "Perhaps."
You say, "Let me find the passage..."
Rohese curiously repeats, "Wyvern tower?"
You say, "The full passage."
You say, "Here it is..."
You read, "He sang of the Wyvern's Tower and of its naming as Khazamdul-kutolk - Geldehaar's Tomb - for she had never returned from that place. And he sang also of Zohrin's journey to that place before her, of how the talons in the Hand of Vengeance had drawn him, for they were cut from the edge of the Well of Souls, and how Zohrin had returned and passed on to meet his fate in the City of Gems, but he had left Kledmondrym, the Belt of Forging, to await his return in the Wyvern's Tower."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese says, "It's like another riddle."
Mythlore deeply murmurs, "Well of souls."
You say, "The sir..."
Speaking to you, Guarrin introduces, "Guarrin."
Rohese thoughtfully murmurs, "Maaghara's Tower?"
You say, "Yes, sir Guarrin."
Kyaloria asks, "Could that be Zul Logoth?"
Speaking softly to Kyaloria, Rohese says, "That crossed my mind too."
You ask, "He mentioned that Geldehar's Tomb was near Kalanijir?"
Vrathos says, "I assume the Belt of Forging is."
You say, "That gives me two locations at the least."
You say, "Though very opposing directions."
Rohese softly offers, "We do have several towers around the walls of our city."
Vrathos says, "Ta'Vaalor does, too."
Rohese softly says, "But none known as Wyvern Tower ..."
Rohese softly says, "Which would make more sense for the fortress."
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "For your tale."
You say, "Oh, thank you."
Rohese softly praises, "Oh, how lovely!"
Mythlore deeply says, "Coinage, wow."
Rivienne says, "Wyverns make me think of Koar."
Speaking to you, Vrathos says, "It is the pattern of my clan."
You say, "I shall change into it."
Missoni exclaims, "Beautiful!"
Guarrin says, "Fine gift."
You say, "The yellow will off-set my skin nicely."
You say, "Thank you."
Rohese softly exclaims, "Open it up so we can admire the weave!"
Rohese approvingly sighs, "Lovely!"
Brynnhilde quietly says, "It is lovely."
Mythlore deeply says, "Gotta approve of that yellow."
Kyaloria approves, "Beautiful."
Vrathos says, "The yellow represents hearth. May you and your brother find your way safely home after your respective journeys."
Speaking gratefully to Vrathos, you say, "Thank you."
You say, "Truly."
You say, "This has been far more pleasant than the journey to get here."
You say, "And the first visit to the Whetter."
You say, "That was.. less so pleasant."
Vrathos says, "I will see you all at the games."
Rohese softly says, "And if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask."
You say, "Yes, of course. Thank you."
You say, "The first task is finding the Skald."
Guarrin says, "Hopefully the lorekeeper will have news."
Missoni says, "Hopefully our host has see them."
You say, "The folk here are more colorful than those back at home. We are usually awash of dull colors, except at court and then it's all paint and falseness."
Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "I mean the smiles that... are not very ... real."
Mythlore deeply says, "We like to be flashy around here."
You say, "Court handles things fine."
You say, "But it isn't the common everyday folk."
Guarrin says, "I am sorry to hear it is so in the south."
You say, "For the most part we are drab."
Speaking lightly to you, Rohese comments, "Court can be rather ...."
Missoni asks, "Is yours not an open court?"
You say, "I think that is why we cling to our purple."
You ask, "Open court?"
You say, "Rarely."
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "One in which anyone can attend."
Missoni murmurs, "Odd."
You say, "Honestly, there isn't much to handle more than in the quarters of the seasons."
Rohese softly exclaims, "I should go and find some more hot chocolate before the races start!"
Giogionni exclaims, "I need an empath!"
Giogionni says, "Wait...."
Giogionni exclaims, "I am an empath!"
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "If you find yourself traveling the north long, perhaps you will visit us in Vornavis."
You ask, "Isn't that south of here?"
Missoni says, "Well, yes."
Speaking softly to Giogionni, Rohese chastises, "Don't make me cross with you again."
Missoni says, "But is is north by the Empire's standards."
You say, "Perhaps if I have to go to Kilanjir...."
Speaking to Rohese, Giogionni says, "I always bear a cross for ya."
You say, "I can pass through that way.... probably best to sail from there to Brisker's Cove and then Behizet...."
Guarrin says, "It seems you have clues that may take you in several directions, unfortunately."
You say, "Indeed."
You say, "I was hoping to handle those up in the north before having to head south."
Missoni says, "We can find you passage easily, I am sure. The Sentinel Fleet sails out of Solhaven."
You say, "It would be good to hear from someone that has spoken to him."
You ask, "The Sentinnel Fleet?"
Guarrin says, "Aye, I remain hopeful for the lorekeeper."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese says, "If you ever make it to Ta'Illistim just ask for me by name. My home is yours."
You ask, "I have not heard of them, whose colors do they fly?"
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "The colors of Voln, I suppose."
Speaking quietly to Rohese, you say, "I will take you up on that, Lady."
Missoni says, "The Commodore is very dedicated to the cause."
You say, "Ah, that is good then."
Rohese softly exclaims, "He is!"
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Their colors are sable, I believe the charge is white."
Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "Thank you. I will keep a weather eye for them."
Speaking to you, Rivienne says, "Thank you again for your story."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Should you come to solhaven, you will likely see their ships."
You say, "If my feet go that way, I will look for them."
You say, "Apologies, There are some of you that I have not introduced myself to..."
You say, "I am Eldrianne Thystledowne of Honneland."
You say, "Sister to Sir Norallen."
Rohese graciously greets, "Well met, Eldrianne Thystledowne."
You ask, "The Lorekeeper and Sir have introduced themselves, but you all are?"
Speaking sincerely to you, Rohese wishes, "Good luck in your search."
Speaking gratefully to Rohese, you say, "Thank you."
You say, "I feel bouyed by recent talks."
Speaking to you, Missoni introduces, "Missoni Sabretache Faendryl."
Brynnhilde quietly says, "I supposee I ought to go prepare for the slalom."
You greedily say, "Well met."
Speaking softly to Brynnhilde, Rohese says, "Good luck."
Speaking cheerfully to you, Missoni says, "Likewise."
Speaking to Brynnhilde, you say, "Good luck."
Brynnhilde quietly says, "My thanks."
Kyaloria says, "Kyaloria, miss. Pleased to meet you."
Speaking deeply to you, Mythlore says, "Thanks for telling us the story, really was inneresting."
Rohese apologetically says, "Do excuse me, I wish to find a good seat to watch the races."
You say, "Good to meet you."
You say, "Yes, of course, I will not keep you all."
You say, "Enjoy."
Missoni says, "Ah, the slalom! I did want to wath."
Missoni says, "And watch."
Speaking to Perigourd, you say, "I fear I did not get your name."
Missoni says, "Oh, how rude of me."
Speaking to you, Perigourd says, "Perigourd Sabretache, a pleasure."
Speaking carefully to Missoni, you ask, "Related?"
Speaking to you, Missoni says, "Married."
You happily say, "Congratulations."
Missoni cheerfully says, "Thank you."
You say, "Things are very different this area of the world. It is something worth getting used to."
Phanna warmly greets, "Good afternoon."
You say, "I do not wish to keep anyone from the sleds."
Speaking to Phanna, Guarrin greets, "Prentice Mavwyr."
Speaking to Perigourd, Missoni asks, "Were you planning on competing?"
Guarrin says, "Oh, I do not compete in the sleds."
You say, "Well met, Prentice Mavwyr."
Speaking to Missoni, Perigourd says, "It seemed an interesting challenge."
Missoni says, "We had better make haste, then."
Missoni wishes, "Fair afternoon."
Phanna says, "I heard that the slalom races were starting soon. I imagine they'll be quite the show to watch."
Speaking curiously to Phanna, Guarrin asks, "Have you met Eldrianne?"
You say, "Yes, and I will distract no further."
You say, "I hope to catch the Lorekeeper."
You say, "Eldrianne Thystledown."
Speaking to you, Kyaloria says, "Be well, and best of luck."
Guarrin says, "Good luck."
Speaking to you, Phanna says, "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Phanna Green."
You say, "Well met indeed."
You say, "Now, off with you all to the races."
You say, "Perhaps we will met again before the event has ended."
Phanna says, "I will look forward to it."
Guarrin says, "I hope so. If not, you know how to find us."
Phanna says, "Until then, pleasant afternoon."
Guarrin says, "Until later everyone."
You ask, "Do i?"
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Well, yes. In court in Vornavis. You are welcome in our Holding should you be in the Landing."
You say, "Oh."
You say, "I did not realize you were a knight of that court."
You say, "My apologize."
You say, "I should pay better attention to the rolls."
Guarrin says, "Ah, I have not introduced myself properly. Apologies."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "I am in service to House Malwind, yes, and Kyaloria here is a Hospitaller in the Order of the Swan."
You say, "I find myself in good company indeed."
You say, "Be merry and well. Enjoy the races. And thank you for your offers of aid."
Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Kind of you to say so."