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Gender male
Race human
Affiliation(s) V'tull

V'Tullian monk who arrived in Icemule Trace on September 28th, 2016


You see Brother Civinch.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height and appears to be very young. He has bright amber eyes and pale skin. He has cropped, amber hair swept back from the temples. He has a long face, a long nose and heavy jowls.
He has a blood red teardrop tattoo on his neck.
He has some minor cuts and bruises on his right hand, a bruised left eye, and minor bruises about the head.
He has old battle scars on his right hand.
He is holding a piece of white stationery in his right hand and a slender blue feather quill in his left hand.
He is wearing a pale scarlet cambric robe, a small leather pouch, and some hide-wrapped sandals.