Clan Snar

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Clan Snar is a Meeting Hall Organization near Wehnimer's Landing.

Current Officers

Chief Elder Adyr
Asst. Chief Elder Keyoke
CSAA Director Jadiana
Mistress of Mischief Demietria
Justicar Pandoriah
Clan Mage Aurla
Huntmaster Briarleaf


Who Are Clan Snar?
We stand together. We hunt together. We protect the innocent. We are one. We are family.

The fundamental mission of our clan is to offer aid to all, regardless of race, politics or prejudice, through the sharing of talent, trade or knowledge - and we do it all without gain and with tons of fun. Clan Snar members are distinguished, upstanding citizens of all walks of life, who proudly count mentors among our past and present family. We are always accepting new members with such qualities as those afore mentioned, leading to a better life for all of Wehnimer’s Landings citizens.

Adoption Agency

The adoption agency was founded in 5098 (1998), the agency is operated and staffed by members of Clan Snar.

The adoption agency is a nonprofit organization. The purpose of the adoption agency is to unite people in the lands and help form loving and caring families. We are looking for parent(s) and children that would enjoy sharing adventures, family gatherings, and learning from one another.

If you would like more information about how to adopt, or to become involved in the adoption process, please leave a message in the Clan Snar Discussion with your CHARACTER name, TOWN most likely found in, and/or escroll for communication purpose.


  • Mondays at 9pm - Helping Paws - free spells, picking, healing, and any other kind of help we can offer.

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