Cleric Guild (Kharam Dzu)

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The Kharam Dzu Cleric Guild is located through a dark stone gate on Rolaren Street just east of the bank.

Cleric Guild shop

The Kharam Dzu Cleric Guild shop is located in a small shop just east of the entrance gate.

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a gauzy crimson tablet 18750 <2
a thin mottled black tablet 18750 <2
an emerald-set dark bronze tablet 18750 <2
a violet-chased incarnadine tablet 18750 <2
a silver-edged mottled black tablet 18750 <2
a mottled black crimson-chased tablet 18750 <2
a note-etched pale blue tablet 18750 <2
a faceted deep red ruby chalice 43750 <2
a slender black skull-set chalice 43750 <2
a dark-stemmed incarnadine chalice 43750 <2
a dark bronze sinuous-stemmed chalice 43750 <2
a deep black crimson-lipped chalice 43750 <2
an anvil-etched lustrous golden chalice 43750 <2
an note-edged blue crystal chalice 43750 <2
a small black leather prayerbook 25000 VSA <2
a thin red wisp-etched prayerbook 25000 VSA <2
a snake-incised dark bronze prayerbook 25000 VSA <2
a red-flecked deep black prayerbook 25000 VSA <2
an anvil-traced lustrous golden prayerbook 25000 VSA <2
a hand-incised incarnadine prayerbook 25000 VSA <2
a note-incised pale cerulean prayerbook 25000 VSA <2
some spherical matte black prayerbeads 3125 neck <2
some vivid crimson ruby prayerbeads 3125 neck <2
some dark incarnadine prayerbeads 3125 neck <2
some sinuous emerald prayerbeads 3125 neck <2
some golden anvil-shaped prayerbeads 3125 neck <2
some yellow note-etched prayerbeads 3125 neck <2
some deep black crimson-shot prayerbeads 3125 neck <2
an ora-twined soulstone pin 625 pin <2
Item Description Price Type Enchant Weight Special Abilities
a deeply hooded matte black cassock 37500 Robe Armor ~8
a hazy red wispy silk cassock 37500 Robe Armor ~8
a dark russet green-traced cassock 37500 Robe Armor ~8
a violet-edged incarnadine cassock 37500 Robe Armor ~8
a note-stitched dark blue cassock 37500 Robe Armor ~8
a crimson-edged deep black cassock 37500 Robe Armor ~8
a gold-chased dark russet cassock 37500 Robe Armor ~8
Note: All prices were gathered by a Human Cleric. Actual prices may vary.


Guild Master

Kordrum is the Guild Master of the Kharam Dzu Cleric Guild.

Master Kordrum looks from afar like a typical grouchy dwarf. Up close, however, you can see the crow's feet around near his eyes and the lines in his face from years of patient smiling. Kordrum wears a simple white robe cinched tightly with a grey leather belt and a simple pair of sandals. His dark eyes seem to look right into your soul, though he makes no judgement, leaving that to the gods.

Training Administrator

Wittina is the Training Administrator of the Kharam Dzu Cleric Guild.

Training Masters

The names of the Master Hierophants of the Kharam Dzu Cleric Guild are Menco, Kigraiths, Eucedah, Trinella and Poainica.


Kharam Dzu Cleric Guild Map