Cleric Guild (Solhaven)

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The Solhaven Cleric Guild is located through an arched gate at the west end of Bayside Road.

Cleric Guild shop

The Cleric Guild shop is run by Brother Wulfred.

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a wave-incised cerulean tablet 15675 <2 Scripted
a grey-swirled deep black tablet 15675 <2 Scripted
an ivory-inlaid deep green tablet 15675 <2 Scripted
a flawless black obsidian tablet 15675 <2 Prayer to Ronan
a despanal-set dark onyx tablet 15675 <2 Prayer to Eorgina
a pale white ivory tablet 15675 <2 Scripted
a silvery moonstone tablet 15675 <2 Scripted
a slender silver moon-set chalice 36575 <2
an ivory-lipped mottled crimson chalice 36575 <2
a faceted deep blue sapphire chalice 36575 <2
a silver-chased deep black chalice 36575 <2
a whorled murky black chalice 36575 <2
an emerald-set pale ivory chalice 36575 <2
some onyx despanal-inset prayerbeads 2612 neck <2
some silvery moonstone prayerbeads 2612 neck <2
some onyx dagger-shaped prayerbeads 2612 neck <2
some lustrous blue sapphire prayerbeads 2612 neck <2
some twisted mottled black prayerbeads 2612 neck <2
some silver-set deep black prayerbeads 2612 neck <2
some deep green ivory-chased prayerbeads 2612 neck <2
an ora-twined soulstone pin 2612 neck <2
a despanal-set dark grey prayerbook 20900 VSA <2
a crescent-set starry black prayerbook 20900 VSA <2
a stylized pale ivory prayerbook 20900 VSA <2
Item Description Price Type Enchant Weight Special Abilities
a green-chased pure white cassock 31350 Robe Armor 7
a rippled blue silk cassock 31350 Robe Armor 8
a silver-hemmed soft black cassock 31350 Robe Armor 8
a ragged murky black cassock 31350 Robe Armor 8
a soft white crimson-chased cassock 31350 Robe Armor 9
a grey-edged flame red cassock 31350 Robe Armor 8
a silver moon-stitched cassock 31350 Robe Armor 8
Note: All prices were gathered by a Human Cleric. Actual prices may vary.

On the round table you see a glass of deep crimson wine, a cup of thick boiled fish stew, a bowl of clear kelp broth, a broiled spicy crocodile filet and a slice of grilled garlic eggplant.


Guild Master

Adrontus is the Guild Master of the Solhaven Cleric Guild.

Master Adrontus is of average height with steel grey hair that is all but gone from his head. He wears dusty leathers and a dark, stained cloak. Even so, you can tell by looking at Adrontus that he was once a great paladin. His body has been humbled by time and by wars, and he walks with a slight limp. An aura of benevolence and kindness seems to surround Master Adrontus.

Training Administrator

Imtris is the Training Administrator of the Solhaven Cleric Guild.

Training Masters

The names of the Master Hierophants in the Solhaven Cleric Guild are Rtesi, Diov, Takyant, Elgared and Reorzitiah.


Solhaven Cleric Guild Map