Cleric Guild (Wehnimer's Landing)

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The Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild is located down a cobblestoned trail leading to a wooded glade to the southwest of the North Gate.

Cleric Guild shop

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a featureless black tablet 16500 <2
a gold-inlaid mottled grey tablet 16500 <2
an ora-inlaid dark onyx tablet 16500 <2
an obsidian spidery-veined tablet 16500 <2
a gold-chased shadowy black tablet 16500 <2
a weathered pale grey tablet 16500 <2
a round rainbow tablet 16500 <2
a slender grey-green chalice 38500 <2
a gold-lipped deep black chalice 38500 <2
a gold-etched grey metal chalice 38500 <2
a slender cloudy grey chalice 38500 <2
a lute-etched rainbow glass chalice 38500 <2
a key-etched frosted glass chalice 38500 <2
a spindly crimson-veined chalice 38500 <2
some mottled grey-green prayerbeads 2750 neck <2
some gold-inset gleaming grey prayerbeads 2750 neck <2
some spherical grey crystal prayerbeads 2750 neck <2
some lustrous gold key-shaped prayerbeads 2750 neck <2
some gleaming rainbow-hued prayerbeads 2750 neck <2
some red-veined dark marble prayerbeads 2750 neck <2
an ora-twined soulstone pin 550 pin <2
a stylized onyx prayerbook 22000 VSA <2
a sickle-inlaid moss green prayerbook 22000 VSA <2
a key-inlaid dark onyx prayerbook 22000 VSA <2
a crystal-set drab grey prayerbook 22000 VSA <2
a gold-traced misty grey prayerbook 22000 VSA <2
a whorled vivid rainbow prayerbook 22000 VSA <2
Item Description Price Type Enchant Weight Special Abilities
a long black crimson-lined cassock 33000 Robe Armor 7
a deeply hooded muted grey cassock 33000 Robe Armor 8
a gold-edged dark grey cassock 33000 Robe Armor 7
a drab grey cassock 33000 Robe Armor 8
a key-stitched somber black cassock 33000 Robe Armor 9
a colorful rainbow-hued cassock 33000 Robe Armor 8
a black-veined dark crimson cassock 33000 Robe Armor 8
Note: All prices were gathered by a Human Cleric. Actual prices may vary.

On the round table you see a braised carrot, a roasted asparagus stalk, a grilled rolton rib chop, a cup of fragrant ginger tea and a goblet of dark crimson wine.


Guild Master

Miansen is the Guild Master of the Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild.

Master Miansen is tall and barrel-chested with shoulders as wide as an ox. Short, curly black hair covers the top of his head, while a thick, dark beard covers most of his face. Master Miansen is dressed in a suit of ornamental plate mail. The greaves and chest have been covered with elaborate gilded scrollwork. Over the left breast, the sigil of the Cleric Guild is formed by a series of brightly polished emeralds. The falchion at Miansen's hip is worked with a few simple runes and looks dull in comparison to the rest of his equipment, but you are quite sure that he knows how to use it.

Training Administrator

Rweiss is the Training Administrator of the Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild.

Training Masters

The names of the Master Hierophants in the Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild are Zindra, Otigres, Jytalian, Wyvisord and Ladestri.


Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild Map