Clovertooth Hall

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Clovertooth Hall is the ornate white marble structure just east of Icemule Trace Town Center and south of the East Road on Commerce Burrow, Sylvan Hollow. This town hall frequently functions as a central gathering point for matters concerning the residents of Icemule Trace.

The following services are offered in Clovertooth Hall:

  • The citizenship clerk
  • The town bondsman
  • The surname registry clerk
  • The registrar
  • The real estate broker
  • Deed sales
  • The furniture movers
  • Public locker space
  • The mayor's office and bureaucratic wing
  • Assorted artwork and artifacts on display
  • Four-wing gallery
  • Formal dining room for public use
  • Auditorium and backstage area for public use
  • Latchable conference room for public use
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