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This shop appeared at A Midsummer Night's Festival 2018. It traditionally appears at Ebon Gate and was opened upon request.
a large wooden wagon decorated with garlands of wildflowers, [Map Room #3], Lich #23846, go wooden wagon

WW Entry

[Weave and Wear]
Lining one wall of the spacious wagon is a narrow table covered with vases of various shapes and sizes all filled with bright flowers. Bunches of blossoms peek from inside baskets hanging from the rafters, their rich colors creating a brilliant canopy. Standing to one side of a small painted door is a large wooden crate overflowing with a wide variety of gardening tools.
Obvious exits: out


In the large wooden crate you see:

a pair of mithril shears 25000
a small mithril-tipped lathe with an ironwood handle 25000
a pair of narrow mithril scissors 25000
a slender forest green belt Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items of very small size
a pair of small mithril snips 25000
a slender mithril awl 25000

In the hanging straw basket you see:

a tiny white spring cress 1000
a sprig of green featherfoil 1000
a bright tangerine poppy 1000
a pink and white Blaestonberry 1000

In the hanging reed basket you see:

a group of small yellow narcissus 1000
a pale mazarine bluebell 1000
an apricot-hued dahlia 1000
a brilliant pink carnation 1000
a deep golden begonia 1000
some pure white trillium 1000

In the hanging rattan basket you see:

a cluster of small white candytuft 1000
a petite red ginger flower 1000
a cone-shaped coral aloe blossom 1000
a pale lavender aster blossom 1000

In the narrow crystal vase you see:

a grass pink orchid 1000
a small creamy white plumeria 1000
a tiny vanilla orchid 1000
a small pink slipper orchid 1000
a vibrant sanguine amaranth 1000

In the wide stone vase you see:

a full crimson rose 1000
a pale pink rose 1000
a dark magenta dog rose 1000
a long-stemmed deep crimson rose 1000
a sprig of dark purple lupine 1000

In the tall cut-glass vase you see:

a fluffy purple cornflower 1000
a large deep red amaryllis blossom 1000
a small pink almond blossom 1000
a tiny golden cinquefoil 1000

WW Door

[Weave and Wear]
Filtering through the skylight above, beams of pale light illuminate the small area inside the wagon. Draped over the rafters above, bundles of dried flowers fill the room with rich scents. Some shelves hang above a narrow wooden table, its surface covered with bits of leaves and flower petals. Bits of ivy drape down a small painted door from a narrow box tacked to its surface.

On the bottom shelf you see:

a white oak bead 1000
a water ash bead 1000
a tiny juniper bead 1000
a golden topaz buttercup 1000
a milky quartz rose 1000
a pale jade leaf 1000

On the middle shelf you see:

a woven doeskin thong 1000
some braided hemp 1000
a sheer lace ribbon 1000
a shimmering cobalt satin ribbon 1000
a narrow peach lace ribbon 1000

On the top shelf you see:

a twisted copper wire 1000
a fine vultite wire 1000
a thin vaalorn wire 1000
a braided silver wire 1000
a narrow bronze wire 1000
a twisted faenor wire 1000
a wide mithglin wire 1000

On the long rafter you see:

a grey stonechat feather 1000
a black anhinga feather 1000
a blue scrub-jay feather 1000
a white egret feather 1000
an olive vireo feather 1000
a blue heron feather 1000

On the short rafter you see:

a cinereous pintail feather 1000
a cinnamon wood duck feather 1000
a cobalt mallard feather 1000
an ebon swan feather 1000

WW Arch (no items)

[Weave and Wear]
Smaller than the other areas of the wagon, the work area is cluttered with boxes and crates. Various tools and materials are scattered over the surface of a worn, marble-topped table. A large chalkboard dominates the wall above. Pushed to the side is a small wooden bench, the floor underneath carpeted with bits of discarded blossoms and greenery.
                               ~~ Welcome ~~
                        To my place of fragrance and beauty!
                   I will be about to customize your purchases.
                                         ~~ Blodau ~~