Cothinar flower

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Cothinar flower
Uses Healing, Alchemy
Climate Terrain
 ? Arid
 ? Arid Temperate
✓ Cold Damp
✓ Cold Dry
 ? Freshwater
 ? Hot Damp
 ? Humid
 ? Moist
 ? Saltwater
 ? Snowy Arctic
 ? Temperate
✓ Barren Scrub
 ? Coniferous
 ? Cultivated
 ? Deciduous
 ? Grassland
 ? Hard Flat
 ? Hilly
 ? Mountainous
 ? Muddy Wetlands
 ? Plain Dirt
 ? Riparian
 ? Rough
 ? Sandy
 ? Subterranean
 ? Tropical

Cothinar flowers are usually found in colder barren areas as they thrive in the winter and do not like having competition for their nutrients. Not as easily found as Acantha, they are still eagerly sought since they are quite a bit more potent in healing concussion damage.

When consumed, cothinar flowers share the properties of acantha leaves, save in that they are a bit more powerful.

Cothinar is used in alchemy for full health potions.


The beautiful white Cothinar flower is said to be a gift from one of the greater spirits. During the Undead War, human clerics of Kuon recognized that their skill alone would not be enough to turn the tide of battle. Admiring the properties of acantha and similar herbs, they prayed to their patron for a new herb that would work with similar skill and greater speed. In human legend, they successfully transformed the humble strawberry plant into something greater—the plant lost its berries, but gained the remarkable restorative properties that makes it so often foraged today. Cothinar flower placed into a bouquet symbolizes the power of wishes and dreams.

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