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Topic: Cross Into Shadows
Message #: [168]
Date: 1/21/2014 12:16 PM CST
Subject: Inquisitor's Body Discovered!

Last night, while Marshal Khylon began to question more suspects in the disappearance of Rinhale, the local furrier, Dakris arrived outside of Moot Hall to help in leading a search party. Khylon delayed his work to help organized five groups, led by Dakris, Puptilian, Cryheart, Vrairdrick and Uskeye. Each group was tasked specific areas to search, such as the Burrow Way, Coastal Cliffs, Dragonsclaw Forest, Upper Trollfang, Wehntoph, Spider Temple, Mine Road, etc.

Each search party met some resistance from creatures in the wilds, seemingly angry at the mass intrusions, and sending out some of their strongest protectors. Eventually, Ondreian located a poorly covered pile of dirt in the Trollfang near bone golems and an old tower, calling others to join him. The search parties converged on the location and after some digging discovered the body of the imperial inquisitor, Rinhale Hurrst.

The bards Ariandae and Archales used their songs to gleam information from the corpse, revealing that Rinhale had last been alive in the forest, enjoying intimate acts with Alendrial, the wife of Councilman Stephos. A shadowy figure had come out of the woods and sliced open Rinhale's stomach, leaving Alendrial alone and in fear.

Upon learning of Alendrial being a witness to Rinhale's death, the town marshal Khylon quickly returned to town and took her into custody, for both questioning and her protection. Currently, no further developments have been reported regarding Alendrial. A very brave townsperson approached Councilman Stephos this morning, asking about his thoughts on Alendrial and Rinhale. A burning glare was his only response.

It is expected that Rinhale's corpse will be recovered by town guards this afternoon, and preparations made for the Estorian knights to escort the body back home tomorrow evening. The local militia is on high alert to respond to any acts of violence or unwarranted retaliation.

The whereabouts of Rinhale's amulet are unknown.


I hope you all had fun last night! There's so much more in store!

For those who got lost in the chaos, or couldn't see in the madness, below is the loresong of the corpse.

You vision blurs as the colors melt away to slowly be replaced by the interior of a small ramshackle room. You see a tall red-haired man sitting at an old wooden desk, mulling over a tome in his hands. He whispers something to a black coral amulet hanging around his neck. A small parchment slides under the crack of his door and he snatches it up, sniffing it slowly. Passionflower.

Your vision blurs as the colors melt away to slowly be replaced by the landscape of a dark forest, moonlight gleaming off the snow-covered tops of the modwir trees. The Lower Dragonsclaw stretches as far as the eye can see, and chimney smoke from Wehnimer's Landing rises up in the distance. A red-haired man stands among a grove of trees, his chartreuse eyes scanning the area before the figure of a woman approaches.

Your vision blurs as the colors melt away to slowly be replaced by a stretch of foliage, bordered by a thick line of modwir trees. The red-haired man slowly stands, adjusting his blue overcoat and pants. Glistening with sweat and shivering from the cold, a coral blue-eyed woman takes his hand and stands, pulling back her long champagne-hued hair. A sound comes from the forest, and the man turns suddenly.

Your vision blurs as the colors melt away to be replaced by the scene of a forest, dark and filled with the screams of a horrified woman. The red-haired man tries to run, just as a shadowy figure erupts from the woods and slashes twice at him, shredding his stomach. The man collapses instantly, falling to his face as the shadowy form steps back into concealment, leaving the coral blue-eyed woman behind, falling to her knees in fear.

-GM Kenstrom-
Wehnimer's Landing Guru
Human Guru
Giantmen Guru