Crusade (319)

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This spell is not yet implemented and may currently be under development. Information presented in this article is subject to change.

Crusade was planned to replace Divine Wrath (319). Divine Wrath would move to Spell Slot 335 and be made stronger.

The original proposal for Crusade would grant damage weighting for the caster's group on weapons and bolts. It would grant flares and critical weighting for weapons of those in the caster's group. It would affect all bolt/ball spells, which includes 306, 111 and the bolt version of 118 with both the damage and crit weighting buffs just like the Sunfist bane sigils do. It would not turn bolt spells into ball spells.

Due to player disagreement as to the usefulness of Crusade for clerics, Oscuro and Estild scrapped the original plan for Crusade and are reconsidering what will go in the 319 slot when Divine Wrath is made more powerful and moved to the 335 slot.