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Sir Cryheart Thaxin as seen by Stormyrain's player
Cryheart Thaxin
Race Human
Culture Honneland
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Order of the Silver Gryphon, House Arcane

Sir Cryheart Thaxin is a human warrior who first came to Wehnimer's Landing around 5095 from Honneland. He was recognized as knight of the Empire in 5103 by Baron Dunrith Malwind then sworn as Knight-errant of the Empire by Earl Eddric Jovery and again promoted for valor of deeds and constant leadership qualities by Earl Eddric again to Knight Banneret in 5115.


My story begins in the Earldom of Honneland. In the heart of this Earldom is the famed city of Immuron, named after the legendary Emperor Immuros. Immuron was an imperial borderland for centuries where knights and soldiers helped defend the Empire from attacks from the southern wastelands. The knights of this area helped establish tournaments in that region and held to the code of chivalry.

I was born in Immuron to Gael and Tara Thaxin. My father was a captain of the Silver Shields, the famed city guard. My mother was a scholar and teacher of history and lore. Nobility ran in our blood, but my family was not considered of the higher blood of nobles. I would many times watch my father drill the guards and during that time learned the art of using a weapon. Often my father would take me to the knightly tournaments where I got excited and imagined myself being a knight one day.

My father trained me to fight like a warrior early in my life. I learned the use of the edged and two handed weapons in attacking and how to parry. My mother educated me on the virtues of honor and wisdom. Together they taught me the ways of using wisdom first and how to use wit during battle.

When I reached my tenth birthday my father took me to the vast Wyrdeep forest in the northeast for a hunt of wild boar and the great brown bear. We entered the city of Krestle first and there I learned of the followers of Voln and the monks who pledged themselves to release the Undead. We entered the Wyrdeep forest the second day and after hunting a bit settled down to camp for the first night. A great brown bear attacked our camp later in the night and my father was mortally wounded. I attempted to stand over my father to protect him and stood my ground before the great bear, knowing all too well I would die in the attempt. As the bear advanced for his kill, I heard sounds of the wind coming from all directions. First one arrow hit the bear in the chest, then many, and finally several into his head. The bear fell over dead as if no life had existed before.

Imagine to my surprise when shadows moved in the dark, and then several bodies emerged from the forest. I was amazed to see elven folks appearing, the first elves I had ever seen in person. They had their bows still ready, but smiled at me, the little brave warrior. They made a makeshift carrier and carried my father to their encampment where I had been escorted as well. There I met an elven lord and several of the warriors. They healed my father with herbs and magics to which I had never observed before. As I eagerly sat around their fire I heard many tales of elven lore. There my father and I had developed a profound respect for the elven folks. We stayed at the elven camp for a few days. Before we departed the elven lord bestowed a gift onto me, elven plate mail with protective runes. He had given the plate mail to my father to give to me when I was ready to wear it.

When we returned I mentioned to my father I had became distrustful of Chaston’s edict. I informed my parents of my wish to travel north to learn more about other races. My father and mother told me of the pioneer town of Wehnimer’s Landing and how all races lived together there. After I had turned the age of sixteen and had learned all I could from my parents, I set forth north. In my travels north I experienced the cold and barren territory of Jantalar and the Baron Hochstib and the richness of Vornavis and the Baron Malwind.

I joined the Order of Voln after entering Wehnimer’s Landing, as the beliefs of that Order held a strange attraction after learning of the ideals in the city of Kestle. Later when I came of age I was invited by the city council to join the warrior’s guild, which I did and then trained diligently for many years to hone the skills I had learned early from my father. As a young warrior I met Lord Ruffelin at the guild. He approached me one day and asked if I had heard of the Order of the Silver Gryphons, whereupon I replied I had little knowledge. He invited me to join him as his guest at one of the meetings. To my surprise I met knights and members and squires, who immediately made me, think of home and my early dreams of being a knight. Later Sir Ruffelin asked me if I would like to join the Order as his squire.


Cryheart environment SSD.jpg
You see Sir Cryheart Thaxin the Knight Banneret.
He appears to be a Human from Honneland.
He is taller than average and has a muscular physique.  He appears to be ancient.  He has piercing blue-grey eyes and tanned skin.  He has shoulder-length, tousled golden brown hair with the slightest hint of grey at the temples.  He has an angular face, a prominent nose and broad shoulders.  A slight scar, barely visible, indents his left cheek.
He has a pair of small ivory bone rings in the upper ridge of his left ear, and a rampant silver gryphon tattoo on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a mystical jade dragon pin, a glowing pendant suspended by a leather cord, a silver clenched fist symbol marked with crimson streaks, an intricately woven wrist-cuff of owl feathers and luckbloom blossoms, a silver-edged emerald hair ribbon, a pair of Felcour duelling gauntlets studded with sharp steel spikes, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a quintuple orb brooch, a satin-lined cotton twill surcoat over some kroderine plate swirled with distorted blue and black tones along the backplate, a black cotton twill cloak, a black tower shield slung over his shoulder, a bear skin leather pouch, a sturdy leather weapons harness slung over his other shoulder, a rolaren mesh sack with a veniom clasp in the shape of a silver gryphon, a supple brindlecat hide herb satchel with a leaf-shaped eahnor clasp, a twining rose vine anklet, a pair of glossy black leather veil iron-toed boots, and a pair of golden spurs.

a veniom-hafted silvery rolaren waraxe

You look closely at Cryheart, examining a veniom-hafted silvery rolaren waraxe. This veniom-hafted rolaren waraxe is fitted with antique brass fittings and a silver-finish cast metal pommel adorned with a black silk tassel. The handle has a double-wound lanyard studded to the steel and the blade holds a razor sharp edge.

a perfect vultite greataxe

You look closely at Cryheart, examining a perfect vultite greataxe. The greataxe appears to be an exquisite masterpiece consisting of a tall, sharpened double blade and an expertly carved haft. Across both blades is engraved the image of a flying silver gryphon. Heavy vultite is fastened to seasoned maoral below a dome-shaped, ornately carved mithril haft cap, which serves to protect the haft-tip, as well as securing the blade. More than four spans tall, the weapon's lines belie a mix of ponderous lethality and graceful balance.

a black tower shield

You look closely at Cryheart, examining a black tower shield. With a striking silver gryphon set in a ruby circle in the center of the ebony glazed surface, there is a solid mithril rim framing the shield. Engraved around the rim of the shield is the motto: "Honor and Courage."

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