Dunrith Malwind

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Dunrith Malwind
Storyline War of Nations
Nations on the Brink
Gender Male
Race Half-elf
Culture Vornavis
Status Alive
Hometown Vornavis
Relationship(s) Salnim Malwind, son
Athalia Malwind, daughter
Alias/Title Baron

Dunrith Malwind is the half-elf baron of Vornavis in the Turamzzyrian Empire.


You see Baron Dunrith Malwind.
He appears to be a Half-Elf from Vornavis.
He appears to be middle-aged. He has green eyes and fair skin. He has receding, light brown hair.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a golden baronial coronet adorned with emerald swans, a pristine white cloak trimmed with green velvet, a white-trimmed green silk surcoat, a gleaming emerald tunic emblazed with a white swan, a white leather belt with gold studs, a dark green leather scabbard bound in white gold, some snow white trousers with dark green striping down the legs, and a pair of bronze-buckled black boots.

Behind the Scenes

Dunrith has been portayed by GM Mikos, GM Auchand, GM Haliste, and GM Lydil.

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