Crystal Dome

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This Crystal Dome is a private property located just south of the maze on the Northward Trail on the Sleeping Lady Mountains, Icemule Trace region.


A strange, crystalline dome rises up out of the snow like a giant bubble, its surface a frosted white that sparkles in the light. All round it, snow is piled in drifts that vary in depth, some reaching halfway up the side which is a respectable distance. The storm sends sheets of flurries dancing around the structure, like frenzied participants in a wild ritual.
[Crystal Dome, Anteroom]
The anteroom is confined, both narrow and with a low ceiling which would cause a giantman to stoop. Walls of polished granite arch over a slate floor, its tiles imbedded with a design of linking circles. Opposite the snowy entrance hangs a heavy black velvet curtain. Small, scroll-shaped sconces extend the short length of the hallway, throwing circular pools of light on the floor, which echo the decorative inlay. You also see a sturdy wooden door and a rent box.
Obvious exits: none
[Crystal Dome]
Crystal walls rise overhead in a breathtaking dome. The ceiling is high above, and light from outside plays patterns across the thick, opaque crystal in swirls and eddies of color. Below, the floor is black slate, cut in large tiles from which heat radiates, warming the dome enough to sustain tree-height palms planted in huge terra-cotta urns. A circular staircase winds up to a platform hanging from the dome's center, and beneath it on the tile, a huge polar bearskin rug covers the floor. You also see an ebony credenza with some stuff on it and a black velvet curtain.
Obvious exits: none
Hanging Platform
[Crystal Dome, Hanging Platform]
Although not large, the platform seems like an airy perch at the top of the world. Light plays over it, shining through the thick crystal overhead. A banister imparts a measure of intimacy, as well as safety, and the platform hangs from thick, vaalin chains. Black and white furs carpet the floor, and a luxurious fur quilt covers a low feather bed. At the foot of the bed sits an ebony chest, inlaid with a golden scroll motif, surrounded by concentric circles in red, blue, black, green and white. You also see a circular staircase.
Obvious exits: none


The credenza is crafted of shining ebony wood, carved in elegant lines which echo the curves of the dome. On its front, inlaid in golden oak, is a golden scroll surrounded by delicately painted, concentric circles.
On the ebony credenza you see a jet and blue marble bookend, a pitch-black stargazing book, a jet and blue marble bookend, a cup of hazelnut cocoa, a gooey chocolate chip cookie, a wedge of creamy brie cheese, a frosted gingerbread cookie, and a mug of chocolate-laced coffee.
The staircase is a thing of beauty, crafted of shining ebony wood. It makes a double turn on its way into the heights of the dome.

Ambient Room Scripts

From the corner of your eye, you see a silver-furred flying squirrel leap from one of the thick vaalin chains supporting the platform above. The creature floats down in a lazy spiral, riding on the skin 'wings' stretching from its front to its back legs. It disappears within the tall palm canopy, leaving a few fronds swaying with its descent.
The dome darkens slightly as a low-lying cloud crosses the sky outside.
A tremor vibrates the dome's floor. With a soft grinding sound, two of the massive stone tiles slowly slide open to reveal the bubbling springs beneath them. A rush of warm, humid air fills the dome, over-taking the slight chill that was beginning to intrude. Then, obeying some hidden mechanics, the stones slide closed once again, leaving no hint of any more of a seam than the normal grouting.
A spotted lizard slinks from concealment within the palms. It pauses a moment, then darts up the winding staircase.
A tiny, silvery mouse suddenly leaps from beneath the bearskin rug and races headlong across the black tile. It quickly dives into the safety created by the group of massive terra-cotta urns.