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The diagnose verb can be used to determine what kind of injuries a target has sustained. DIAGNOSE <name> FULL can also be used by anyone with at least 100 skill bonus in First Aid to get a more detailed summary.

If a character has a First Aid skill of 200+, is an Empath, or is under the effect of Tend Lore (206) they can use DIAGNOSE FULL without any free hands. With a First Aid skill of 150+, they can use DIAGNOSE FULL with one free hand. A player with less than 150 skill bonus in First Aid will require two free hands to use DIAGNOSE FULL.


>diagnose Soandso

With a practiced eye, you glance over Soandso:
She is injured and bleeding.
>diag Soandso full
You start a careful diagnosis of her condition . . .
She has 127 health points, out of a maximum of 133.
She has a medium head injury, a major neck injury, and a medium left leg injury.

Area         Health per Round         Bandaged         Can Tend?         Tend Time

Head 1 No Yes 3s Left leg 0 of 2 1980s Neck 5 of 10 1927s

Roundtime: 5 sec.