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Type Spiritual/Mental Pure
Spell Circles Empath Base
Minor Spiritual
Major Spiritual
Prime Requisites Wisdom, Influence
Mana Statistics Wisdom, Influence
Physical Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Two Weapon Combat 12 / 12 1
Armor Use 15 / 0 1
Shield Use 13 / 0 1
Combat Maneuvers 12 / 8 1
Edged Weapons 6 / 2 1
Blunt Weapons 6 / 2 1
Two-Handed Weapons 13 / 3 1
Ranged Weapons 14 / 3 1
Thrown Weapons 9 / 3 1
Polearm Weapons 14 / 3 1
Brawling 10 / 2 1
Ambush 15 / 15 1
Multi Opponent Combat 15 / 10 1
Physical Fitness 2 / 0 3
Dodging 20 / 20 1
Magical Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Arcane Symbols 0 / 2 2
Magic Item Use 0 / 2 2
Spell Aiming 3 / 1 2
Harness Power 0 / 4 3
Elemental Mana Control 0 / 12 1
Mental Mana Control 0 / 3 2
Spirit Mana Control 0 / 3 2
Spell Research 0 / 8 3
Elemental Lore 0 / 20 1
Spiritual Lore 0 / 6 2
Sorcerous Lore 0 / 12 1
Mental Lore 0 / 6 2
General Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Survival 3 / 2 2
Disarming Traps 2 / 6 1
Picking Locks 2 / 4 2
Stalking and Hiding 5 / 4 1
Perception 0 / 3 2
Climbing 4 / 0 1
Swimming 3 / 0 1
First Aid 1 / 0 3
Trading 0 / 3 2
Pickpocketing 3 / 3 1

Empaths have the natural ability to transfer wounds from others to their own bodies. They then use their recuperative powers drawn from the spiritual realm of magic to heal themselves. They are rewarded by the gods and their patients as well for such selflessness. Their primary spells concentrate on self-healing, but they also have access to other spells more useful in combat. It is difficult, but not impossible for Empaths to gain skill in weapons and armor, though heavier armor types may adversely affect their ability to cast spells.

Professional Highlights

Empathic Healing

All empaths receive the TRANSFER ability, allowing them to take wounds from others onto themselves. They may then use healing spells from the Empath Base circle to heal their own wounds and scars, learning to heal more severe injuries as they gain experience (by level 18, an empath can heal every type of injury). Empaths below level 11 have a multiplier to the amount of experience gained from healing (2x multiplier at level 1 down to 1x at 11+).

Once they have learned the appropriate healing spells, they can also use the CURE ability to target specific injuries on themselves.

The IMPRINT ability allows them to transfer injuries even if the patient is not in the same room.

At level 25, empaths can learn the group spell Troll's Blood (1125), which heals blood loss and minor wounds for free over time.

At level 50, empaths can learn the spell Regeneration (1150), a once-per-day ability that fully heals all injuries instantly, then repeatedly over the next 30 seconds.

Combat Spells

Empaths do not receive the same variety of direct attack and disabling spells as other pure spellcasting professions, but their attack magic is very potent against specific types of enemies.

The primary hunting spell of most empaths is Bone Shatter (1106), a direct attack warding spell with a high chance of critical effects against creatures with internal skeletons. At lower levels, there is a massive TD pushdown which aids the less experienced empath.

The hybrid bolt/warding attack Empathic Assault (1110) relies on training in Spell Aiming and Mental Lore, Telepathy to be effective.

Wither (1115) is a high-level attack option that can be very lethal when used by empaths with exceptional casting strength and deep training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning.

Empaths also have access to the spells Fire Spirit (111) and Web (118) from the Minor Spiritual circle, both requiring training in Spell Aiming.

Control spells include Empathy (1108) and Sympathy (1120), as well as options from spiritual circles such as Unbalance (110) and Bind (214).

Higher level empaths can make use of Empathic Link (1117) to potentially attack multiple enemies at once.


Prime requisites for empaths are Wisdom (WIS) and Influence (INF), and both contribute to starting mana.

Casting strength for empath warding spells is governed solely by Wisdom.

Empaths' ability to MEDITATE for increased mana recovery is governed by Wisdom and Discipline (DIS).

Empath Statistic Growth Rates
10 20 15 15 25 20 25 20 30 25

Note: The table above shows baseline statistic growth rates. These values are actually modified for every race in GemStone IV, including humans. For more information, see the page on statistic growth rates.

Training Styles

Balanced spellcaster

Balanced spellcasters pick up a wide variety of magical skills, and can be excellent healers and rescuers. They are not as efficient as either pure warders or weapon swingers in combat, but still have enough tools to hunt well in many different environments.

Important skills for a balanced training style:

Further information: Empath training suggestions (guide)

Pure warding caster

These empaths specialize in offensive warding spells like Bone Shatter (1106), and usually wield a runestaff. They will need to be selective in what they hunt, as not all creatures are vulnerable to empathic warding spells. Against the right targets, their spells can be extremely deadly.

Important skills for the warding caster training style:

  • Training in core magical skills to increase runestaff defense
  • Training Harness Power at least once per level for increased mana. Recommended twice per level up to 40 ranks at level 20.
  • Training very heavily in Empath Base to increase casting strength (CS), with a target of raising the number of spell ranks to at least 21 above character level

The reason for training spell ranks to (level + 21) is that the first 21 ranks give +16 CS, while every rank thereafter gives only gives +0.5 CS due to diminishing returns.

Weapon swinging

These empaths will rely heavily on weapons, oftentimes specializing in heavier types such as polearms or two handed weapons. Melee combat may or may not be supplemented with offensive magic spells. Training in peripheral magical skills is usually kept to a minimum to spend more on skills that will aid in combat.

Important skills for the swinging training style:

  • Training once per level in a weapon skill of choice
  • Depending on chosen weapon style, training in Shield Use may also be an option
  • Training Physical Fitness at least 2 times per level to increase maximum health and stamina
  • Maintaining a 1 time per level training in Empath spells to increase offensive AS from Empath spells
  • Training heavily in the Major Spiritual circle early on, to learn Bravery (211) and Heroism (215) quickly
  • Training to fit into higher armors is an option for this training style, due to the less regular use of spells
  • Training in Combat Maneuvers as often as possible

Further information: Tsalim's two-handed empath guide

Combat Maneuvers

As a pure spellcasting profession, empaths have access to the following combat maneuvers:

CMAN Cost Per Rank
CMAN Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Combat Movement 2 3 4 5 6
Cunning Defense 2 3 4 5 6
Dirtkick 2 4 6 8 10
Disarm Weapon 2 4 6 8 10
Feint 2 4 6 8 10
Groin Kick 2 4 6 8 10
Precision 4 6 - - -
Retreat 2 4 6 8 10
Stance Perfection 4 8 - - -
Trip 2 4 6 8 10
Unarmed Specialist 6 - - - -

Empath Guild

The Empath Guild is available at level 15. Guild members have access to alchemy.

Alchemy recipes exclusive to empaths include:


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