DRAG (verb)

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Drag will drag other characters or objects manually or automatically. There are some areas with natural or magical features that will prevent dragging, and some creatures (such as lesser and greater constructs or the lich qyn'arj) will interfere to prevent characters from dragging people or other objects.



DRAG {player|object} {direction}
DRAG {player|object} {portal}

DRAG {player} to set up target for autodrag
When a player chooses a target for dragging, their MOVEMENT style will automatically be set to autodrag, until they attempt to drag with an invalid target or type DRAG STOP, at which point it will revert to their previous movement style.

If a player is a group leader and attempts to drag, any other members of the group who have selected to automatically drag the target player will assist in the dragging, thus dividing the workload among those players dragging.  A roundtime will be added to each player dragging.

There is a maximum number of players which may attempt to drag a given target player, based on their relative sizes vs. the size of the target.