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Type System
Special case
System Magic
Special Case Playing cards

The DRAW verb is used in several contexts: card games, runestones, the summoning circles used in the sorcerer spell Planar Shift (740), and the fusion system.


Output of DRAW by itself:

DRAW <card name or number> <suit> while holding a playing card hand.
For example, DRAW two of spirits, or DRAW 2 s.

Output of DRAW when holding a brush to prepare a Runestone:

>draw (name of rune) rune
Which rune did you want to draw?

Output of DRAW when holding a piece of chalk in preparation to cast Planar Shift (740):

You can draw a summoning circle using the following command:

You can draw a destination pattern for spell 740 if you have a rune book in your hand, using the following command:
DRAW PATTERN <pattern number from book>
For example: draw pattern 5

Output of DRAW ON MY ORB when holding a fusion orb:

You can draw one of the following on your orb:

acorn, aegis, apple, arrow, asp, bear, berry, bird, blade, boar, bone, book, candle, cat, circle, claw, cloud, cross, crown, demon, dog, dragon, giant, globe, hart, heron, hook, imp, ivy, jelly, jewel, key, kobold, leaf, lemon, lion, lizard, map, moon, muffin, mug, needle, oak, orc, owl, peach, plume, pony, quail, quill, ring, root, rose, rune, saber, scroll, shard, shark, shield, skink, snake, spear, sprite, square, staff, star, sun, swirl, sword, talon, tear, thorn, throne, tiger, torch, tree, urgh, vereri, vole, wave, wing, wisp, wolf, wraith, wyvern, yam, yurt, or zombie.
You can DRAW <object> ON ORB.

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