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A runestone is a stone with a magical rune drawn upon it. To determine which rune is on the stone, read it. They are commonly used as a component in the following spells:

Required Supplies

To create a runestone, one must acquire the following items, available at a local alchemist.

  • a brush (reusable)
  • a container of ink (X dips each)
  • a container of water (Y dips each)
  • a prepared stone or runestone upon which to draw the rune

Drawing Runes

Alchemists sell runestones which are ready to be drawn upon, however it is typically cheaper to create your own. To do so, treat a smooth stone or any gem with "stone" as its noun with an aish'vrak potion. You will see a "greenish-blue mist" rise from the stone, indicating it is ready to be drawn upon. To draw the rune itself:

  • Apply ink to the brush: DIP MY BRUSH INTO MY <ink container>
  • Draw the desired rune upon it: DRAW <rune name> RUNE
>draw geyser rune on my crystal with my brush
You carefully trace out the shape of the geyser rune with your thanot rune brush, forming a near-perfect depiction of it on the surface of your translucent crystal.
Roundtime: 10 sec.

>look my crystal
Scrawled on the surface of the crystal, you recognize the "geyser" rune.
  • You may draw two runes with each application of ink.
  • Then the brush must be cleaned before applying ink again: DIP MY BRUSH INTO MY <water container>. Water can be purchased at the Alchemist.
>draw sun rune
The ink on the thanot rune brush is dried, and will need to be cleaned off first.

>dip brush in cup
You dip your brush in a sturdy glaes cup, rinsing it in water.

>look my brush
The brush's bristles are clean and smooth.
  • The containers of ink and water can be consolidated by POURing containers of the same type into each other.

Using the Runestone

The number of charges, and verb to activate each runestone is based on the rune drawn upon it. Generally, you will need to RUB, WAVE, or CAST at them. For Spirit Servant, simply prepare and cast the spell (218) while holding the stone. Although no particular skills are required to write a known runestone, Arcane Symbols training is needed read and use one.

Runestones will always crumble when their charges have been depleted, and there is no method to determine how many charges remain.

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