DUES (verb)

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DUES is a mechanical verb. Its usage to members of houses in the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia system.


House member


    DUES PAY [amount] CLERK|[name]      - Pay dues amount to either a clerk or an officer.
    DUES CHECK                          - Check the status of your dues.
    DUES CLERK                          - Get locations of automated clerks.

Dues check:

>dues check
Person's House Dues Information
House's name
Dues Requirement:  Not Required.

Dues clerk:

>dues clerk
There are many locations where House Clerks reside:
    Wehnimer's Landing   - Moot Hall
    Wehnimer's Landing   - Ebonstone Manor
    Teras Isle           - Company Store
    Solhaven             - Town Hall
    River's Rest         - Purser's Office
    Icemule Trace        - Clerk's Suite
    Zul Logoth           - Munincipal Building
    Ta'Illistim          - Lost Home
    Ta'Vaalor            - Wyvern Keep
    Four Winds Isle      - Atrium


This command will only function for members of one of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia.