Co-operative Houses of Elanthia

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The Co-operative Houses of Elanthia, (also known as CHE), is the formal organization to which the Great Houses belong. Its purpose is to establish a standard for behavior by the member houses. It is headed by Arch-Steward Lord Ruthiford Pennington. In 5115, Lord Ruthiford commissioned the building of Ebonstone Manor in Wehnimer's Landing to serve as organizational headquarters. It is located down a red-bricked pathway on North Ring Road one block west of Helden Hall.

The emblem of the CHE, as elected by vote in 2006, is a circular knotwork of conjoined hands surrounding a formidable manor.

Each of these Great Houses has its own grounds and provides various services to its members and, in many cases, to the adventuring community as a whole. Some events include service nights (spell ups, bounty help), games, lectures, and formal balls.

In addition, characters who join a house will have their locker(s) moved into the house structure and/or house annex, depending on the house, location, and subscription level of the account. In each city other than that where their grounds are located, each House is represented by a private room with locker access located in a public building, in many cases near the public lockers. Two examples of this are the Lost Home in Ta'Illistim and the upstairs of Hale Hall in Mist Harbor.


Each House sets its own induction schedule, membership requirements and joining fees. F2P accounts may not join a House.

Clerk Locations

Town Location
Wehnimer's Landing Ebonstone Manor
Kharam Dzu Borthuum Company Store
Icemule Trace Clovertooth Hall
Mist Harbor Hale Hall
River's Rest Purser's Office
Solhaven Town Hall
Ta'Illistim Lost Home
Ta'Vaalor Wyvern Keep
Zul Logoth Municipal Building

Members of the CHE