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Danay Mayfern-Furrlong

Danay was born to Thadeus Cornwell, a human, and Minae Mayfern of Ta'Illistim. Her parents were both scholars and ran a small but respected residential school in the village of Traynor's Crossing, found in a lush valley in the western foothills of the great Dragonspine Mountains. Danay was expected to follow in her parent's footsteps and continue the Mayfern tradition of running the school along with her younger brother, Caladan Cornwell. Danay however was much more interested in playing with her wood sword in the nearby forests than attending to her studies. Her childhood and young adulthood were filled with being an embarassment to her family as she consistently ditched her classes and neglected her responsibilities in favor of fantasies of being a great warrior.

She began to dream of the real possibility of a life of adventure when a traveling scholar visited the school when she was still in her teens. The scholar spoke of many mystical places he had seen in his travels. Another woman in the village named Thia, barely known to Danay, had also heard the scholar speak of far off places and made her own escape from her farming family, setting off for a frontier town called Wehnhimer's Landing. In the following years Danay would often overhear whispers about Thia's exploits, exaggerated and denounced by town gossips. The eventual death of her parents and her brother's willingness to shoulder the burden of the school finally allowed Danay the opportunity she had been dreaming of, and she too set out for the town of Wehnimer's.

The Landing provided all the excitement and adventure Danay had longed for. A tragic incident that involved the loss of her best friend in her youth still haunted her though, and led her to choose the path of a cleric, rather than the warrior she had always envisioned herself to be. Once eager to skip her schooling, she found herself driven to learn and became emeshed in her studies of the physical and magical arts.

When still barely able to hold vultite Danay was honored to be allowed to join the quest for Leya's shrine. Danay had worshipped Leya secretly since childhood (Leya was deemed very unscholarly by her parents) and was at last able to serve her goddess as she always wished. The quest was fateful in many ways and remains one of the most significant times in Danay's life. It was during that time Danay met her soulmate Shadowkatt, who she finally wed many years later in a private ritual at Leya's shrine. The frienships and alliances forged during the quest also eventually led to Danay taking the position as cleric Elder in the Amazon Tribe of Leya.

Danay continues to strive to perfect her fighting skills and learn as much as possible about the world around her. She has never once returned to Traynor's Crossing, calling the Landing home, while adventuring to far flung places such as Teras Isle, Pinefar and Solhaven.