Darkstone Castle puzzle

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The puzzles in Darkstone Castle are fairly simple compared to the solution to some puzzles in Elanthia.


In order to even enter Darkstone Castle's grounds, one must swim to the bottom of the pool, then kneel and pry at the gap with a weapon (after searching for the gap). The weapon has a chance of breaking, so most people simply find a kobold and disarm it of its short sword, then use that to pry the gap open. You will land in either one of two locations, as indicated by the map.
Red Portcullis
After crossing the drawbridge (which required pulling a lever to change the position of the drawbridge, crossing the drawbridge, then pulling the lever on the other side which repositioned the drawbridge to its original position and opened the white portcullis) and entering the white portcullis, there'll be a red portcullis. In order to enter the castle itself through this portcullis, one must simply kneel and kiss the portcullis.
Dark Caverns
The entrance to the dark caverns underneath Darkstone Castle is located inside the iron maiden in the southern portion of the castle. One enters the iron maiden, searches, then turns the bent spike that they find. However, those that are inside the iron maiden can be killed easily if someone outside of the iron maiden decides to close it on the one inside, which may be tempting if one takes too long to finish the puzzle, as only one person may enter the iron maiden at a time.