Darlita's Tarot Deck

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Darlita's Tarot Decks were given out to about two dozen adventurers, maybe more or less, in the year 5099. These special decks were to be used only when her Gypsy Troupe scryed in scheduled sessions. Each deck was attuned to a gypsy.

To use the cards, which looked like a deck of enruned cards, you Tap, Tilt, Turn and/or Touch them.

Major Arcana of the Darlita's Deck

Image Alternate Name Principles Translations
Rainbow Justice Principle of Balance, Justice and Realignment The Rainbow represents the messenger of the gods.
Kobold Alternate Fool Principle of Cowardice, Paranoia, Clumsiness
Elf Emperor Principle of personal power and leadership ---
Jester Fool Principle of Courage, State of no fear Ecstacy and peak experience
Giant Strength The principle of strength, passion and lustre ---
Skull Death The Principle of letting go and moving forward Release/detachment
Halfling Temperance The Principle of integration, synthesis, synergy ---
Tree Universe The Principle of Totality Individuaation/Wholeness
Orb Judgement Principle of good judgement, discernment ---
The Coin The Wheel of Fortune The Principle of Opportunity Breakthrough and Prosperity
The Thief The Devil The Principle of Mirth Humor at what "bedevils" us
The Ghost The High Priestess The Principle of intuition, self-trust Self-resourcefulness
Steed The Chariot Principles of change Movement and the combination of stillness-activity
The Skeleton The Hanged Man The Principle of Surrender Breaking old patterns
Image Alternate Name Principle Translations
The Noble The Hierophant Principle of Learning and Teaching ---
Tower --- The Principle of restoration Renovation and the De-structing of old forms
The Hat The Magician The Principle of Communication and Timing --
Teardrop The Empress Principle of love with wisdom The Earth mother
The Pauper The Hermit The Principle of Completion Introspection and space
The Eclipse The Lovers Principle of Art and Craft of relationship The journey of the twins
Star -- The Principle of Self-suffiency and talent recognized by others. --
Moon -- The Principle of choice Authenticity vs Dutifulness
Cloud The Alternate Sun Overshadowing, the hidden child. There but never seen. Insecurity and fear
Sun -- The Principle of Collaboration Teamwork/partnership, co-operation

Minor Arcana of Darlita's Deck

The traditional translations of the various suits can be found here:





Abbreviated Translations are below.


The Cards of the Tarts Suite are the Element of Air.

They are the Cards of Intellect.

These are the tarts you can find:

You reach into the center of the deck and remove a single card. You look at the card, nod, then reveal it as the card bearing one tart upon it. Quickly you place the card back into your deck.

One of Tarts

Two of Tarts

Peace, stalemate, crossed swords

Three of Tarts

Sorrow, civil strife, tears

Four of Tarts

Rest after war, peace after fighting

Five of Tarts

Cowardice, gossip, warning

Six of Tarts

Things getting better, travel, escape

Seven of Tarts

Sneakiness, manipulations behind the scences, undercover

Eight of Tarts

Betrayal, feeling trapped, bound

Nine of Tarts

Great sorrow, tests and trials

Ten of Tarts

Disaster, death, overwhelming sorrow


Cups are the cards of the heart, emotions, and love.

They are the element of water.

These are the ones you can find:

One of Cups

Beginning of new love or healing

Two of cups:

Lovers, Partners, true love for brothers and sisters, partnership, serious love

Three of Cups

Celebration, pleasure

Four of Cups

Apathy, discontent and flood of emotions, sometimes gossip

Five of Cups

Loss of love, or loss

Six of Cups

Kindness, new relationship, blessings on an old one

Seven of Cups

Hopes and dreams, delusions and fantasies

Eight of Cups

Change in situation or path or goal, abadonment of position

Nine of Cups

Lovemaking, love, success

Ten of Cups

Soul mates, truest love, completion of love, total success


The Suit of Wands is the element of Fire.

Their Cards are the Cards of Energy, Art and Creativity

You can find the following Wands:

One of Wands

Beginning of a new adventure

Two of Wands

friendship, partnership, business partners, allies

Three of Wands

Offer of help, proprosals

Four of Wands

Celebration, romance, harvest, home

Five of Wands Strife, conflict, struggle to defend, bickering

Six of Wands Victory, success

Seven of Wands

Stress, strife, many suitors or competing issues

Eight of Wands

Speed, quick movement, moving, travel

Nine of Wands

Eventual victory, duty

Ten of Wands

Test by fire, pressure, caged,


The Elanthian Tarot Gems are the equal to Coins.

Gems are the element of the Earth

They can represent Wealth, gossip, Earthly things and Material Goods

The Gems you will find:

One of Gems

New financial deal or beginning

Two of Gems

Juggling two things at once, clash of opposing forces with good result

Three of Gems

Work, project, part time job, getting some money

Four of Gems

Power, greed, money, possession

Five of Gems

Loss, unemployment, money problems, destitution

Six of Gems

Charity, generosity

Seven of Gems

Ambiguous path, choosing between two different paths

Eight of Gems

Labor, craft, work, gifts

Nine of Gems

Wealth success to be comfortable but not overly wealthy

Ten of Gems

True wealth, family, love of family, inheritance