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Death masks are items that alter your facial feature description upon your death. When worn, they are invisible to other characters. The temporary feature alteration lasts until you are resurrected or otherwise returned to life. Off the shelf, they do not make any changes and must be altered in order to change your features. Generally only one line of features is altered per alteration session, so it can take several sessions to complete the mask.

>wear mask
You place a smooth death mask carefully on your face.  It melts into your flesh, vanishing from sight.  You can barely feel it on your face.

You are wearing a smooth death mask, which you barely feel on your face.

To see what changes the mask will make to your features upon death, remove it and PEER MASK

>rem mask
You feel around the edge of your face, finding a slight ridge indicating the edge of a smooth death mask.  You carefully lift the death mask off your face.

>peer mask
As you peer at the death mask...

You see someone vaguely resembling yourself, but dead.
She is tall and appears to be young.  She has vacant, lifeless green eyes and bloodless white skin.  She has messy black hair matted with blood on one side.

Alteration restrictions for death masks are fairly loose.

>analyze mask
You analyze your death mask and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item type should not change."

The creator has also provided the following information:
You can have the death mask altered, but it must stay a death mask.  Its features can be changed too, in the same fashion as normal feature alterations of the eyes, hair, face,
nose, and skin.  You can also have a distinguishing mark that is face-related.

You can tell that the mask is as light as it can get.